Almighty – Ch. 68

Harvest Bonanza

Quirks grew stronger alongside one’s cultivation, but significant power and luck were mandatory ingredients to even have a chance of obtaining one. Yang Tian was only in the initial stages of consolidating his quirk. Hence, it wasn’t too useful to him in the meantime. Legend had it that some ancient adepts’ quirks included splitting the earth, summoning winds to levitate, generating loud sounds to produce illusions, summoning thunderclap to shake the world, creating oceans, performing seals through yin and yang, bringing chaos upon the world to lead it to destruction…

Having said all that, those were all legends. There had yet to be any gods among men. Some said that there were no reverend cultivators in existence anymore.

“Brother Yang, have you already recovered?” inquired Xing Hao, smiling when he saw Yang Tian open his eyes.

“Pretty much. Sorry for making you all wait.” After a day, Yang Tian fully recovered his cultivation and improved a decent bit – courtesy of the ancient pills.

“Don’t say that, Brother Yang. They couldn’t open the core zone even if you just cultivated here until Martial Arts Mountain comes to an end.”

“He’s right, Brother Yang. The mark I have on me is required to get past the formations to get to the heart of the sect. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to get passed the formations,” informed Yun’er, flashing the runes on her hand.

“I see.” Yang Tian took out an interspatial ring and grinned when he examined it.

“A high-grade interspatial ring? It’s a pity Wang Long didn’t form a divine soul. Fortunately for you, you got a handsome pickup.” Xing Hao laughed.

“Hehe, let’s see what’s inside.” Yang Tian entered the ring. Half of the three square kilometres was packed with goodies, including a plethora of ancient pills.

Yang Tian had his sights on the Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace imitation. The furnace’s flame were extinguished, and the markings also went into hiding.

“Brother Yang, I suggest you don’t use it. Their sect’s symbol is on there. If you use it, they’ll track you down.”

“Worry not, I have my ways of avoiding their detection.” Yang Tian flashed an ambiguous smile. Since he could isolate a demonic pill inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, there was no reason he couldn’t do the same with a Half-Complete Dao Weapon.

Yang Tian split the Ancient Pills into four equal shares. “Let’s split the pills evenly. Don’t feel bad about it.”

“All right, then,” replied the three, Ancient clans were always facing a shortage of ancient pills, so of course they could do with more.

After splitting the pills, a light-red mark caught Xing Hao’s attention. The more he saw, the happier he was. “What’s this? Brother Yang struck it rich… This is Yin Yang Cultivation Sect’s immortal’s cave on Martial Arts Mountain!”

“Say what?!”  Practically every ancient clan had an immortal’s cave, which was left behind from previous generations. Puzzled, Yang Tian scratched his head. The cave was most probably emptied out already. “But what good is it?”

“You’ve put me on the spot, so I can’t explain it too well. You’ll find out once we pay it a visit.”

“That’s fine by me.” Yang Tian then checked out the two remaining jade slips. One of them was Yin Yang Cultivation Sect’s cultivation method.

“Brother Yang, that’s a hot commodity. Do your best not to look at it,” Xing Hao warned. The top factions on the continent would make sure to protect their cultivation methods, so there could be an adept’s divine sense hiding within.

“This is… Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps.”

The last jade slip was Star Rank, Mid-Grade footwork style Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps. Mastery of the technique allowed one to traverse the air and create seven clones of themselves. That made it as formidable as a Star Rank High-Grade Movement Art. The version of Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps that was carved onto the jade slip was done so in the moment. The authentic version was taken. Nevertheless, it was enough for Yang Tian to master the art.

“Hahaha, Yin Yang Cultivation Sect spent a fortune to buy it from Myriad Auction Company, only for it to land in your lap. That’s hilarious.”

“I… though I heard of Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps somewhere before.” Yang Tian happened to be lacking in a footwork discipline, and he found one right away, not to mention the fact that it was worth a lot.

While standing outside the cavern they took shelter in, they could feel a flow of energy.

“Ten kilometres east from here is the outer court. There are pills to be found there,” enlightened Yun’er, referencing the map she found on the skeleton.

“Pills?” Their eyes lit up.

Perhaps they could only figure out how to undo the formations once they accepted the Inheritance.

Over the hour they commuted to the east, Yang Tian caught sight of a number of decently strong treasure hunters, and the places were emptied out, yet there were no signs of scuffles occurred.

Some people had entered already entered the colossal, stately palace before the quartet. Inside the corridors across the main hall were stone doors. A fragrance grazed the tip of their noses.

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