Almighty – Ch. 846


The elder didn’t nod and finish the trade because white jade dragon herb still had some elixir in it.

“Can you grow it?” asked Yuan Xia.

Yang Tian smiled. “I’ll have to try either way. It’s a big win if I can.”

The herb could be healed with herb king elixirs. Yang Tian had self-renewing soil, though.

Yang Tian asked the elder, “What would it you trade it for?”

The elder smiled. “As long as I am happy with what you offer, I shall trade it.”

Yang Tian nodded and offered a ten-thousand-year-old precious herb.

The elder replied, “I have plenty of them. I’m from Herb Deity Valley.”

Yang Tian decided to offer two rank six high-grade pills. The elder was finally swayed. He clenched his teeth and hesitated before replying, “Okay, deal.”

“Haha, thank you.”

Yang Tian found a quiet place and sent his spirit into Ancestral Dragon Ring. He went over to the herb field where over thirty others were and planted the herb. The herb instantly shook and glowed. Yang Xiao poked the air. The Seven Leaves Udumbara Flower dropped a leaf along with her king liquid. The herb king went dim. It vibrated as it spat out energy. The eight leaves rustled and ushered vital essence over to replenished the expended herb king elixir. Correct, the Seven Leaves Udumbara Flower could treat itself.

The herb king didn’t complain about Yang Xiao taking its Source to resuscitate the white jade dragon herb because it didn’t want to leave the amazing self-renewing soil. Some herb kings would be irate if someone extracted their Source. They could possibly die from old age.

The nephrite dragon herb came to life. The soil below it stirred. Yang Xiao had Udumbara Flower absorb it forthwith. Udumbara Flower shifted over to the nephrite dragon herb. Earth Qi benefited nephrite dragon herb. The herb stopped leaking vital essence and began to heal

The pentachrome lotus rustled and showed signs of blooming. It shot out a drop of precious liquid when it saw Yang Tian and Yang Xiao treating the nephrite dragon herb. Yang Tian smiled as the pentachrome lotus had grown more potent. The lotus then offered another drip, healing the herb’s cut.

The herb manifested its quirk, a nephrite dragon. The dragon’s claws were shrouded in mist. It breathed out vital essence. It curled up its body. The dragon was clear. It healed autonomously thanks to the self-renewing soil. The herb could return to Herb King Realm and then ascend even further.

Yang Tian returned to his body.

A golden, flaming three-legged crow was there for a three-legged crow divine tree! The tree belonged to their race. Their race grew on the tree as children.

The crow asked, “Do you intend to protect this place when you are one of us?”

The divine tree didn’t respond. The crow was enraged. It wouldn’t have bothered with the tree if the tree wasn’t so amazing.

One of Herb Deities’ Valley’s adepts appeared. Sitting in Chaos in the sky, he stated, “This is Herb Deities’ Valley. Please show respect.”

“Get lost!” brayed the three-legged crow, unable to tolerate being told what to do.

The crow stomped down. The adept powered up and thrust a Chaos Qi palm. Their battle was epic and violent. Precious herbs in the vicinity were destroyed. The adept started to rage. A large-scale formation activated. Everything quaked. The deity-slaying formation seized the crow. The crow cawed loudly. The nine scorching suns, the crow’s Deification, manifested.

Yang Tian shook his head. Such an arrogant crow was bound to be subdued sooner or later.


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