Almighty – Ch. 845

White Jade Dragon Herb

The miraculous flower shrouded in mist was thirty centimetres high and glowing bright. Yes, the creature who gave the warning was the flower. Its ability to speak indicated it had cultivated earnestly for an inconceivably long time.

A foreign, phantasmal, middle-aged human man a foreign creature manifested thundered, “Hmph, come out, coward!”

A clear branch stretched out from the mist and shook the Earth. The branch was soft, but it was solid. All the comments from people angered the middle-aged adept. He aggressively glared at the branch and spat a flame at it. The flower had its turn to rage and repeated the same branch shake again, deflecting the flame. The adept quickly summoned a jade disc and set up a light barricade to deflect the branch. The branch penetrated through the barrier and thrust through to the other side of his head.

After witnessing the adept’s death, the foreigners left their ego at the door and descended to enter.

Yang Tian took a while, but he eventually spotted signs of a formation he didn’t want any part of. Soon, he noticed the flower’s aura was familiar. The flower jolted as if it thought of something and took off.

The scent of ancient herbs was prominent in the crowded area and soothing on the mind. There were a decent number of precious herbs ten thousand years old. A group of people gossiped and pointed at a peculiar precious herb. It was three metres tall, absorbed vital essence and cultivated sentience already. It took on the form of a human. Its body had split as if it was dying from old age, yet there were three red sprouts carrying vitality and vital essence growing. Supposedly, the herb was an ordinary spiritual herb that had a long lifespan.

Yang Tian glanced over to a tall platform and muttered, “There should be a real herb king in the interior area! Will I find divine herbs there?”

Yang Tian headed to the trade area instead of the interior. There were plenty of ancient herbs that had gone extinct and were hard to grow but few pills as the creatures didn’t know how to concoct pills. That was why adepts brought pills to trade. The trade area was the most crowded area.

“Sister Yuan, there are so many ancient herbs.”

Yuan Xia nodded.

Yang Tian joined the trading. He wanted some of the extinct ancient herbs. He quickly filled up the herb garden in Ancestral Dragon Ring.

Xiaobai rubbed his nose after waking up and before exiting the ring. He drooled at the sight of the herbs. He stared at an elder, who was actually an herb from spirit race, and drooled. The elder told him to buzz off when he saw Xiaobai’s drool. Xiaobai chuckled. Spirit race creatures possessed massive volumes of vitality.

There was an herb called white jade dragon herb. It was roughly fifty to sixty thousand years old and on the verge of death, evident from its split. It derived its name from its white colour and dragon shape. It was almost as precious as a pentachrome lotus. Legends said it grew up in a true dragon’s land, so it ostensibly shared some of the dragon’s Bloodline. Its Bloodline would be useful in power-up divine pills.

Yang Tian looked over to the white jade dragon herb and remarked, “I wonder if it can recover.”

Yang Xiao answered, “It should be able to because you have self-renewing soil.”

The small divine herb had recovered a lot thanks to absorbing the local Qi. She was nearly ready to wake. As such, it was safe to assume that the white jade dragon herb could also heal inside Ancestral Dragon Ring.

Yang Tian touched his chin and turned to the stand owner, who wore a grim expression because the herb was dying after all his effort. It was dying because its dao root was damaged when it failed to survive a tribulation when trying to upgrade to herb king.


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