Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 744

A Walking Embodiment of Problems

“Hello, my name is Mu Yu.”

Meeting the in-laws was inevitable, and the people in Sunshine Valley were family to Qiao Xue. Therefore, it was only right that they were concerned for her.

A furry, white old silkworm did a lap around Mu Yu, scanning the latter from head to toe and back within his personal space. “Kid, what’s so good about you? Your skin isn’t as white as mine. Tell me why you deserve to marry our daughter.”

“The last person I’m going to trust is a human. You know how to do needlework? If not, what is Qiao Xue going to wear?” Aunt Zhu, a fiend with spider traits, questioned, gesturing with a needle and thread.

“I don’t want a midget for a son-in-law,” a man a torso taller than Mu Yu complained, looking down at the latter, who was 180 centimetres tall.

“He’s too good looking. Good looking men aren’t faithful in love,” a middle-aged man with a favus on his head opined.

“Why do you clip your nails so short?”

“His head is too soft.”

“His brows are too thick.”

“His voice is too deep.”

“His eyelashes are too short.”

“Qiao Xue, why do you like him? He’s walking embodiment of problems,” Aunt Zhu complained, not hesitating to give Mu Yu an irked look.

“Come on, everyone. Mu Yu and I aren’t like that,” bemoaned Qiao Xue, lost for any other words.

“What do you mean when you’ve given him your virginity? Did he dump you after he enjoyed you? Tell us if he did. I’ll be first to fight him to the death,” asserted the old silkworm, rolling up his sleeves.

“Did he really dump you after taking your virginity? I’ll make clothing out of his skin!” brayed Aunt Zhu, readying needles between her fingers.

“I told you handsome men are philanderers. I’ll teach him what being faithful means.”

Mu Yu took Qiao Xue’s hand and swore, “I will not let Qiao Xue down, and I will take responsibility for my actions.”

“Get your hands off our Qiao Xue, you groper. When did we assent to you getting with her?” admonished Aunt Zhu.

Yielding, Mu Yu took all of the lambasting with a smile.

“Say something. Qiao Xue, why would you like someone so dense and idiotic?” griped the silkworm.

“Don’t worry. Mu Yu is trustworthy. Furthermore, he was the one who rescued White Ape and Ocean fiend kings. He will be staying here for a while. You can all resume what you were doing now,” stressed Qiao Xue, pulling Mu Yu along as they flew off to the end of the valley.

The group resumed what they were doing, except it was what they were doing a second ago – reeling off problems with Mu Yu.

Qiao Xue descended onto the staircase to her blue house suspended from the cliff face and ascended the corridor of the house decorated with green moss and red flowers on them. “Sorry about that. I know they are trying to persuade me to stay because they raised me from childhood and are trying to protect me.”

Mu Yu set his eyes on a hall, a kitchen to the left and Qiao Xue’s bedroom on the right hand side upon being welcomed into her house. “I’m a gentleman, and I never lied to you.”

“People don’t walk around with their character written on their sleeves,” responded Qiao Xue, opening the windows for light.

Using Water Spirit, Qiao Xue cleaned the entire house in a matter of moments, leaving everything sparkling new.

Mu Yu went to the balcony to find a small waterfall for a neighbour. Touring the suspended corridor, he found the house – as well as the scenery below – quite pleasant. Leaning on a rail in the corridor, he inquired, “Where do I sleep since you only have one room?”

“The corridor.”

“What if I catch a cold?”

“Cultivators catch colds? Since when?”

“I’ll be sharing the bed with Qiao Xue!” cheered Xiaoshuai.

“Fine, I’ll sleep in the corridor,” drawled Mu Yu, glaring at Xiaoshuai, who winked back.

Aunt Zhu and the old silkworm, Ol’ Tiantu, soon delivered food to Qiao Xue and, of course, criticised Mu Yu again. Mu Yu didn’t take it to heart; it was not as though their critique could bruise him or something. Mei Hu, who dressed relatively scantly, came around in the afternoon carrying a basket.

“Qiao Xue, Uncle Lang told you to drop by his place. He said Ancestor White Ape asked him to pass something to you.”

“Okay, I’ll go now. Mu Yu, wait here for me. Whatever he left is probably important. I’ll be back in a tick.”

Mei Hu approached Mu Yu, who was sitting in the corridor, to compliment, “You’re a handsome young man.”

Mu Yu glanced back at the beauty aptly named “charming fox”, then averted his gaze. “The frog doesn’t like me looking handsome, though.”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t take his denunciation to heart. My heart was racing when I first set eyes on you.” Mei Hu placed a hand on Mu Yu’s shoulder. “What do you think these feelings are?”

Mu Yu brushed Mei Hu’s hand off him. “Some heart disease?”

Mei Hu bent over and giggled by Mu Yu’s ears. “Wrong. I reckon I’ve fallen for you.”

“You’re probably at the back of the line, then, because I don’t remember seeing you at the front of the line of girls who have a crush on me.”

“I’m looking to cut in line. While Qiao Xue is out, how about we enjoy ourselves?” proposed Mei Hu, breathing into Mu Yu’s ear.

“How do we do that?”

“What do you think?” teased Me I Hu, leaning her head on Mu Yu’s shoulder.

Mu Yu jerked his shoulder free. “You want to have fun with me?”

“How about it?”

“Why not?”

Mu Yu boldly strolled into Qiao Xue’s room, Mei Hu following behind.

A few fiends staked out at a spider-web house opposite Qiao Xue’s residence.

“He’s gone into the room!” Aunt Zhu informed.

“I told you handsome men are unfaithful. I’ll skin him alive!” exclaimed the Uncle Hama.

“Wait! You have to catch him red handed,” asserted Uncle Tiantu.

“I can’t believe she gave her first time to a human! I always said humans aren’t trustworthy. He couldn’t even resist Mei Hu’s basic seduction techniques!” the big fiend fumed, having to crouch to avoid hitting the ceiling.

“Let’s show Qiao Xue the real him when she gets back, and then I’ll skin him for clothing,” suggested Aunt Zhu.

Hours later, the group of fiends stormed Qiao Xue’s place, bearing their fangs the moment they entered.


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