Almighty – Ch. 433

Yang Tian Suffers a Critical Wound!

Arrogance was one thing, but allowing Yang Tian’s weapon into his sea of conscious was another thing altogether, thereby explaining the youth’s skill reveal.

The youth had a thumb-sized purple qilin horn. Its purple patterns rippled as it propelled itself at the red beam.

Yang Tian and company vaulted up to escape the confines of the purple energy below. Worried for his allies and confident in his ability to protect himself, he urged, “Hurry and leave.”

“Not a chance!” brayed the youth.

An individual identical to the youth bathed in holy light emerged from the youth.

Chubby: “How did I forget Overlord Body could be split off?”

Xiaoji: “Indeed, but at the cost of cultivation dropping a level.”

Yang Tian: “Overlord Body is similar to Dao Sutra.”

The glowing individual appeared above the crowd and palmed a holy light at them. They combined their might to guard the attack. Yang Tian sat down on the ground and dove into Divine Dragon Soul Sealing Ornament and snickered once he sensed the purple qilin horn trying to steal his divine item. The purple pattern penetrated the re beam. The youth, therefore, laughed as though he had it in the bag.

The dented red beam suddenly released a corner of Divine Dragon Soul Sealing Ornament and its ancient aura, consequently caisomg the qilin horn’s spirit, the purple light, to quake in fear. The red beam sucked the purple horn into itself. The youth had an ominous feeling when he witnessed his Divine Soul attacking artefact be devoured.

Divine Dragon Soul Sealing Ornament emerged from the red beam at long last. A small red dragon emerged and devoured the purple light. Once it was done chewing and devouring, it grew larger and stronger. As for the qilin horn, it lost its glow after losing its spirit. So accordingly, Divine Dragon Soul Sealing Ornament subdued it.

Losing his link to the qilin horn, the youth raged.

Longyang was surprised as it was the first time he witnessed the youth angry. He actually bowed to the youth despite being in Autarch Realm.

The youth fired a divine beam that parted air. Yang Tian could only quiver because he ran out of Divine Soul energy. His five Dao Physiques were wounded. His organs rumbled. His golden lake shook. He used Star Pagoda to grab Divine Dragon Soul Sealing Ornament using a star stream and bring them back.

The youth: Damn, the item that stopped my bone pagoda must be a divine item.

Seeing the energy ensnare those below and the youth vanish, Xiaoji exclaimed, “He’s using Void Divine Art!”

The youth reappeared in front of Yang Tian and struck with a palm strike. The qi breaker smashed into Yang Tian, cracking his bones and spilling blood.

Gu Lingyun laughed with a hideous expression due to anger, but loved it deep down.

The youth swiftly followed up and slammed Yang Tian on his back before anyone else could assist.

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