Stepmom-con – Ch. 74

Chapter 74

King Bide had a meeting with several of his own attendants. They were researching the phenomena known as the ‘Silent Soldiers’ as well as doing more research on Roy’s history.

The Heroine had come to visit the Kingdom, but no matter what Prince Hunter did to try and show his strong side to her, Erisu just did not show interest at all and even began to avoid him. The Solig Royal family of the Beipan Kingdom were now trying to figure out what their next steps were.

An intelligence minister was near the King as he was going about the information.

King Bide:”What do we know about the silent soldiers?”

Intelligence:”We’ve fought a few and beaten them. They’re not living soldiers but we’ve confirmed that though they look like humans do. Someone summoned them and they are weak. If we can identify the summoner then anyone of the many heroes in the alliance should be able to charge through and eliminate him.”

King Bide:”We are sure of this?”

Intelligence:”Yes, we are. A summoner is usually weaker than his summons. If he summons so many soldiers then its quite obvious he is not strong physically especially since he does not show himself.”

King Bide looked at the others at the table who all nodded their heads in agreement. None of the heroes were here, only the closest and secretive advisors.

King Bide:”The next order of business is what information have we gathered on Roy.”

The same intelligence officer went through several papers and took out the report. He scanned it and then began to inform King Bide about their findings.

Intelligence:”Roy is confirmed to be the adopted son of four of the five exterminators. The four surviving ones as the fifth one has been lost in history and it is determined she had died due to being human with a short life span. It appears that he has no powers and no mana on him and he had recently been seen traveling with Sperra of the Beast Race through several lands. She keeps him close to her at all times.”

King Bide:”A weak man was somehow able to lure the heroine to become his fiance and was adopted by four powerful women. Do we know the origins of the adoption?”

Intelligence:”He’s the son of a woman named Emma Maple and an unknown transmigrator according to the reports. The transmigrator was someone whom they all met between twenty and twenty four years ago. Upon his birth, Emma was attacked and killed along with the father. Since then the four of them have been raising him. It is said he is eighteen but if we go by the death of his parents then Roy should be around 21 to 22 years old.”

King Bide:”Those are things that we will never be able to fully figure out since there was no one keeping accurate records. So do we have any other information on him such as where he grew up.”

Intelligence:”When he first arrived in Adventure City he had two friends. Hemo Teller and Pen Kibble who were seen departing from Adventure City in apparent bad terms with him. The two of them are failed adventurers and are currently in our country looking to do odd jobs.”

King Bide:”Bring them in and make them an offer, I would like to talk to them.”

Intelligence:”Yes your majesty.”

King Bide:”Alert Arla not to try pushing anything on Erisu for now.”

Intelligence:”Yes your majesty. Erisu is reported as growing more frustrated at her attempts to have her spend time in our Kingdom as well.”

Erisu was bathing with Sarai and Mana. All three were naked in a private tub away from everyone else. The two girls sat right next to Erisu, and while their mounds were smaller the closeness caused them to press up against Erisu on both sides.

There were six soft globes of female flesh in a row as they sat close to each other underneath the slight fog and steam. The largest pair was in the center while the pairs to the left and right were only slightly smaller. This was the girls private moment to talk to each other after everything that was happening.

Erisu:”Do you think this kingdom has enough defensible positions for a set up?”

Mana:”From a long distance standpoint the empty fields give clear vision for mages to launch spells, however the melee soldiers won’t have many advantages.”

Sarai:”I don’t know if I trust having the Beipan Kingdom at our backs.”

Erisu:”You’re not going to talk about Arla again are you?”

Sarai:”I’m sorry Erisu, but she is too much. She keeps trying to get us to go to her Kingdom and even came to Mana and I both individually to try and sway you to be with her brother Prince Hunter. I don’t trust them.”

Erisu: “I don’t know, I feel like she is just a girl who loves her brother.”

Sarai felt that Erisu was naive but she was also someone who had watched the hypocrites come to the church to pray and exalt their own righteousness. She was taught not to expose those lies, but as of now she was not a part of the church.

Sarai:”Are you saying you’re beginning to trust her a bit?”

Erisu wasn’t sure how to answer the question. In her mind Arla was always trying to be nice to them and she did not like attacking or speaking ill of anyone. She felt like Arla deserved a chance.

Mana:”I agree with Sarai. I think it would be better to have her off our team.”

Erisu:”If we do that then the Beipan Kingdom might no longer support us. The alliance might also be taken down because of that. Don’t we need the alliance against the Demon Lord invasion.”

The three girls could not think of a way to let it down softly due to the politics involved. While it was every country’s duty to provide for a joint defense against the Demon Invasion it did not mean that some countries wouldn’t use it to get what they want in the process.

In the Arcane Sanctum Mana had read the history books about how kingdoms would backstab each other over slights or even begin to provide minimum effort and chose to defend their own lands instead.

Mana:”Even if they are talking about their own destructions we can’t underestimate the greed of those in power. They would still be looking to gain their own advantage while the world stands on the brink of ruin.”

Erisu:”It’s fine, I think Arla isn’t that bad. Her brother was nice though I had to reject him. He was humble about it and didn’t keep pushing.”

Mana and Sarai sat next to Erisu not saying a word as the steam continued. The two nodded as they dried themselves off, clothed up and went to bed together.


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