Almighty – Ch. 432


Yang Tian transferred his golden energy and ushered vital essence into Star Pagoda to extend it to over a hundred metres tall. When the youth saw it, he glanced over to Yun’er with a lecherous grin before bursting out in laughter, believing he could make off with the items and Yun’er.

The youth blasted black lights at the river of stars, resulting in loud clashes. Each “boom” resulted in the ground under Yang Tian’s feet cracking and him sinking in. While Yang Tian grimaced and bled from his nose, the youth snickered. The latter was annoyed Yang Tian kept getting in his way. Y

ang Tian’s Nine Layer Star Domain wasn’t enough to make up for the difference between their levels. The youth busted the layers of stars and advanced on Star Pagoda. Meanwhile, his allies were unable to assist due to being confined.

Gu Lingyun, who was in front of Ancient Sacred Ground’s single-armed elder, prayed Yang Tian would die.

Yang Tian roared and blasted countless Chaos Sword Auras from within. The youth snorted condescendingly and summoned the bone pagoda to the air. He fired down a grey mist to intercept the Chaos Sword Aura, then soared over to position itself above Star Pagoda.

Yang Tian’s pupils dilated as he fired a powerful red beam from Star Pagoda. Instinctively feeling threatened, the youth commanded his bone pagoda to intercept the red beam. Amazingly, the beam blasted the bone pagoda aside with a slight graze. The youth sensed his pagoda’s spirit quivering in fear.

The red beam didn’t slow down in the slightest; it tore through a light barricade to continue toward the youth’s forehead. The youth unleashed an aura from his forehead, opening a hideous and diabolical eye from his forehead, leaving jaws gaping. Only Chubby remarked, “World Eye? Big deal; I can use it once my cultivation improves…”

Xing Shan and Xing Hao were thoroughly impressed with Chubby’s previous performance.

The red beam from the eye clashed at an ear-splitting volume with Yang Tian’s red beam. Yang Tian activated Divine Dragon Soul Sealing Ornament to borrow his divine soul energy. The ornament raced out from a hole previously created from the red prison.

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