Almighty – Ch. 230

Purchasing Divine Soul Herbs

The Chaos Physique and quirks’ appearances at Fallen Devils’ Grounds became the hottest topic in Demon Subjugation City. As for the mysterious small sword, it left a deep impression on everyone who saw it. The most newsworthy part of the event was the Chaos Physique holding the small purple and gold sword. They wanted to try operating a weapon using a quirk.

With his eyes beaming, Shangguan mumbled, “That’s an amazing quirk!”

Qin Shi, who was far from Falling Clouds Mountain Stream, stood with his hands placed behind his back. Eyes bright and purple qi on his forehead, he peered toward Falling Clouds Mountain Stream. Qin Shi was preparing to go to Pill Valley but was held up, specifically because Qin Zuying caused trouble on the Eastern Continent. Anyhow, he was calm, yet eager, for a fight. He had a good chance of defeating Yang Tian in their last exchange, though he wasn’t above admitting he was caught out several times. He asked, “Can we really not go in?”

“Your Highness, we cannot go in there. That place is the ancient Fallen Devils’ Grounds. Our clan once fought against their race. If anything unforeseen comes up, not even I will be able to stop them.”

“How did he get in? Since he’s ascended, I need to ascend, too.”

The elder sighed. Qin Shi wasn’t actually a match for the mysterious Yang Tian. Someone who had yet to reach Battle King Realm yet was able to survive Chaos Lightning was no ordinary man.

Qin Zuying exited a forest next to where the duo previously stood not long after they left. “Meng Tian” left him with many questions. The ability of his favourite treasure, Treasure Catching Golden Coin, dropped drastically.  Before he departed, he smirked insidiously. “Screw it. I still have a lot of things to do.”


Yang Tian and Yun’er walked side by side from Hundred Thousand Mountains. His body had evolved to be as mighty as a True Dragon. His aura, therefore, was sufficient to scare off Fierce Beasts around. They bumped into strangers on the way; however, people immediately put distance between them and the two.

Lots of people left their time in seclusion to head to the Pill Concoction Convention, hoping to score something from the rare opportunity.

Yang Tian surveyed the surroundings from the side of a lush mountain peak and then headed to the patterned rock resembling an illusion located up ahead. The two passed by it to enter the lush mountain peak. The place they entered was one of Myriad Auction Company’s secret places that led straight to the outer perimeter of Hundred Thousand Mountains. Only Meng Clan’s authoritative members knew of the place.

Meng Yunxi sat lazily in her usual room. She trained her eyes beautified with long eyelashes on the transportation formation the entire time. Her concern stemmed from her owing Yang Tian a big favour. The vitality spring water he procured for her helped save her clan elder. Most importantly, he helped her retrieve her father’s remains; she’d be at Myriad Sword Sacred Grounds, otherwise. Meng Clan and Myriad Sword Sacred Grounds were always friendly.

Meng Clan’s elder’s lifespan coming to an end was public news. That meant various powerful entities coveting the clan’s assets were preparing to spring on the juicy meat. When Meng Clan reached out to Myriad Sword Sacred Grounds for assistance, they named a condition: Meng Yunxi had to marry Wan Teng, thus beginning the game of karma.

Meng Yunxi was a woman as proud as Yuan Xia was. The former was her early twenties, but she had reached Battle King Realm and was a Rank Five alchemist. She was too proud to marry a man she only met once.

The formation lit up when Meng Yunxi was about to leave. Her eyebrows relaxed at long last, and she headed over to the formation.

The light in front of her twisted. As the energy emission grew, the light brightened. She was glad to see the two familiar faces. Yang Tian was just as glad to see her warm gaze. With a smile, he said, “Sorry for the long wait.”

Meng Yunxi glared at Yang Tian and turned her head away a tad. Eyes on Yun’er, she teased, “I don’t know who you’re saying was waiting for you, but I was worried you’d elope with Yun’er.”

Yun’er stamped her feet and fumed, “What are you saying, Sister Yunxi?”

Yang Tian was thankful Meng Yunxi informed him of Yang Ba’s predicament at the time. Had he been late, his brother would’ve been doomed. At the same time, he was grateful to Yuan Xia.

“Thanks for the help.”

Meng Yunxi curled her lips. Hand outstretched, she giggled. “No need to thank me. Now, my jade slip?”

Yang Tian took out an interspatial ring. “Haha, I’ve already got your payment ready.”

Meng Yunxi glanced up at Yang Tian once she caught the interspatial ring he tossed her. She curled her lips in response to his enigma act for she didn’t know what he was up to. She sent her divine soul energy into the ring, where she found herself stunned, though her expression was nothing surprising from Yun’er’s perspective. The ring contained a hundred thumb-sized premium-grade bloodstones. Once she adjusted her emotions, Meng Yunxi glanced over to Yang Tian. “Where did you get them?’

“Hehe, secret.”

Meng Yunxi rolled her eyes. “So, what do you want in exchange?”

“I need divine soul herbs. Lots of them.”

Though Yang Xiao said he’d eventually heal, Yang Tian didn’t buy it. The former’s Source was practically non-existent. Leave him in that state, and he’d be thin air in two years’ time.

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