Almighty – Ch. 231

Rank Four Alchemist

Divine soul herbs were rare enough for Myriad Auction Company to want to hang on to the few they had, yet Yang Tian asked for a large volume.

As she twirled her black hair, Meng Yunxi questioned, “Is it urgent?”


Yang Xiao’s divine soul source needed to be stabilised as soon as possible. If delayed, it would be hard to recover even if he did have access to miraculous herbs. To further complicate matters, Pill Valley wasn’t necessarily Pill Flame Domain. That was Yang Tian’s absolute last hope.

“Given that Pill Valley is holding the Pill Concoction Convention, all of the divine soul herbs on the market have been bought up. Your timing is bad.”

“I should be able to exchange premium-grade bloodstones for them, right? I’m sure the wealthy and big clans would want them.”

That was a hefty price to pay; it was, in fact, a foolish idea.

“I would assume so. You know what? Let me try.”

“All right. I need to make the exchange within half a month because I’ll be heading to Pill Valley after.”

“Mm, you should still try your luck at Pill Valley. That’s where you’ll find all of the best herbs around. Plus, there will most likely be a fair number of divine soul pills owing to the Pill Concoction Convention.”

Yang Tian assumed Meng Yunxi would hold an auction as he watched her leave. In the worst case scenario, he’d have to take the biggest risk and trade the head-sized premium-grade bloodstones for the herbs.

“I need to find a way to get my divine soul to ascend if I’m going to be partaking in the Pill Concoction Convention. I won’t make the top ten at my current level.” Yang Tian sat in a chair and began to ponder.

Pill Valley was the most ancient faction in the East, on par with the ancient grounds and a leader on the Eastern Continent. Many others would eye things, if not involve themself, at the convention. Despite participants needing to be below twenty, Yang Tian wasn’t confident he could crack the top ten. Meng Yunxi, who was between twenty one and twenty two was already a Rank Five alchemist, so he had no business being overconfident. If some adepts could spend decades in seclusion, time wasn’t on his side, either.

Yang Tian spent five days inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, an equivalent of a day in the outside world.  Two days later, Myriad Auction Company held an auction selling divine soul herbs, Meng Yunxi’s own stash included, for premium-grade bloodstones. Meng Clan wasn’t happy to find out premium-grade bloodstones circulated in the outside world. Half of the hundred premium-grade bloodstones had been exchanged. People couldn’t bear to exchange their bloodstones. Therefore, she was under a lot of pressure. That being said, few people dared to pressure her for she saved their clan not long ago, empowering her with more authority than elders in the clan.

Yang Tian spat out a crimson divine glow inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. The big crimson furnace’s Mutated Beast showed signs of ejecting. He improved his divine soul energy on top of spending time concocting pills during the month within the ring. He eventually had a 70% success rate at concocting Rank Three pills. He also began attempting Rank Four pills, though he was much slower without Yang Xiao’s guidance.

The interior of the furnace was shrouded in clouds and brightened with brilliant pentachromic light. Yang Tian was amidst concocting a Rank Four, High-Grade Mystic Rank pill – Yellow Dragon Pill. He already broke numerous furnaces in order to concoct the pill. The interior of the current furnace was cracked. As a matter of fact, the pill showed signs of failure. He focused with all he had on it for four hours, ensuring he was calm and maintaining his energy.


Vital essence sprayed. The lid of the furnace popped off, and out came a coveted pill. Ancient qi in the vicinity swirled around the pill. Qi and blood within the pill surged as it absorbed the ancient qi.  Lightning bolts flashed. The pill rose into the void.

Yang Tian stopped performing hand seals and looked to the pill taking shape. Yellow Dragon Pill was finally complete and in his hand. “Haha, Rank Four alchemist.”

Yang Tian scrutinised Yang Xiao’s divine soul to find it was still continuing to weaken. Even though it was upsetting, there wasn’t much he could do. Hence, he returned to his physical body, where he was sitting on a bed.

Having golden rays warm his face eased his tension. As he ambled, he looked around to discover many new faces in the large courtyard. He heard a familiar charming voice that froze his facial expression. Once composed, he smiled eccentrically and chuckled.

Why is this a hobby of hers?

There were young men and women shouting as they trained at a training ground, and the majority of the maidens were maids. With regards to the training ground, it was made from a tough material known as black profound stone. Despite its toughness, there were lots of cracks on the smooth walls. The point was, those responsible for the damage to the stone were relatively strong.

Meng Lie, a handsome young man in white, occasionally revealed a refined smile, catching the attention of the maids below. was at the peak of Transcendent Realm – a step away from Battle King – despite his young age.

After triggering Harmony with Heaven last time, Yun’er’s combat abilities increased enough to rival Meng Lie’s.

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