Almighty – Ch. 166

Peerless Might

A big whirlpool appeared inside the dozens of square kilometres sea of lightning. Obviously, it was attention grabbing. However, it was impossible to see the interior clearly.

Yang Tian’s blood vessels were visible. The aura he emitted was Total Annihilation Qi, which could be seen from the lightning he discharged.

“Hargh!” Yang Tian stirred the lightning cluster inside his body and absorbed heaven and earth vital essence from around him.

Above the sea of lightning was a huge viscous energy whirlpool of vital essence. New energy collected once he dispersed it by stirring the lightning whirlpool. It was no longer surprising to him. Instead, he focused on his blood’s change.

Ten minutes past.

Fifteen minutes passed.

An hour later, they were ready to declare Yang Tian dead.

Yang Tian’s inner thoughts were fundamentally asleep. He ignored the best treasure he had on him. The titan didn’t leave him with Ancestral Dragon Ring or Heavens Conqueror Manual but the countless “conquer” characters. The fighting spirit was the highest realm a martial artist was meant to pursue. Since ancient times, cultivators cultivated fighting spirit, which was then used to reach realms beyond.

The “conquer” characters emitted an overwhelming aura that rendered Yang Tian wary of it. Therefore, he never touched on them. Breaking through to Profound Connection Realm would allow him to understand what the “conquer” character implied.

A martial arts journey is about bravely forging forth. Once one starts to consider retreat, they will be up against an insurmountable barrier. The barriers will carry over to all other realms one reached.

Yang Tian, inside his sea of consciousness, opened his eyes to release his fighting spirit. That was the real Inheritance the titan left him with. He heard fighting in his head again, which was the sound of the cultivators fighting in ancient times. The sound of armies fighting shook the world. The sky was dark as though stars fell. It was Power. When the world came together, the Power that cultivators manifested held it all together.

Fallen Devils’ Ground’s silence broke. Devils cried and gods howled. The entire world crumbled beneath the fighting. Quirks manifested. A peerless might try to kill some unknown entity. A black crack revealed itself. A tornado started in the sky. Ten million dragons empowered with unmatched life force soared across the sky.

Fallen Devils’ Grounds landscape was rearranged. The entities sealed within the grounds unleashed their tremendous might, activating the three Celestial Weapons. Huge stars fell from the sky. The killing formations in the area manifested.

“God, that’s Falling Cloud Mountain Stream. Could a god have been born?!”

“Look, the three Celestial Weapons have woken. Are they sheltering a divine artefact?!”

“What’s down below? It’s vibrating the weapons!”

Since something would inevitably try to escape when the three Peak Celestial Weapons manifested, the various heavyweights would try and invade Falling Clouds Mountain Stream.

At Myriad Auction Company, Meng Yunxi looked at the rising quirk from a towering tower of hers.


A quirk with immense power manifested. A number of adepts from big clans left because falling there would cost them their clan. Others suspected Yang Tian caused the debacle, but there was self-denial at play.

Yang Xiao sensed the familiar, yet foreign, qi dozens of kilometres away. “Eld-Elder’s aura…?” Yang Xiao’s sealed bloody, tragic and more memories surfaced.

Many big ancient sects were extinct at this point in time. Even the grand dynasty on the Southern Continent lost their Inheritance in the terrifying and bloody calamity that saw the loss of many formidable adepts. In the end, an Almighty cultivator appeared to absorb Sun Continent’s energy and refine it into a war drum. With it, he drummed awake the Battle Souls that contributed to the blood spilt and sealed them in various locations. Yang Xiao didn’t know what happened after the calamity, but he remembered the drum was unmistakably called Omnipotent Drum!

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