Almighty – Ch. 167

Thunderous Drum Skysong

The power emitted around reminded Yang Xiao of Omnipotent Drum and the sound of war, which was sealed with his memories. Nevertheless, the Almighty cultivator enraged the heavens when he took the energy from Sun Continent. The heavens did kill Almighty cultivators before, but they failed to stop him.

Yang Tian had no idea what happened. His mentality was chasing after the sound of battle. Suddenly, he stopped and looked up at the starry void that felt familiar. The titan over thirty thousand metres tall was the one who taught him the nameless boxing style. The titan treaded on the sky and emitted the overwhelming aura as he remembered. The titan’s body glowed as did his eyes. That aura was enough to tear open the void up ahead.

Yang Tian asked if the titan was his ancestor but didn’t get a response. Discontent, he kept chasing after the titan to ask. Alas, the titan didn’t respond.

The song brought the sky down. The titan summoned small drums in the voids nearby and drummed away. Yang Tian sat down on the ground and tried to comprehend the indomitable will. The titan revealed a tinge of nostalgia when he turned to see Yang Tian in silence. Satisfied, his nostalgia vanished. When he opened his eyes, Yang Tian vanished from the plane. The titan shut his eyes, albeit looking lonely underneath the starry sky.

The tremendous power vanished. Several Almighty adepts’ backs were drenched in sweat. They didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what happened. In saying that, they saw the changes to Falling Clouds Mountain Stream very clearly. The majority of them attributed the landscape shape shifting to the division of Fallen Devils’ Grounds, which invoked the energy that passed through the area.

Qing Tao and Qing Shan were aware Fallen Devils’ Ground was an ambush Yang Tian set up. That was why their clans were still debating attacking the place. They could confirm the tremendous power that shape shifted Fallen Devils’ Grounds came from Yang Tian.

Despite being an Almighty adept, there were many secrets in the world that Qing Tao wasn’t informed of. Yang Tian had become another mystery added to his list.

Yuan Xia: Fallen Devils’ Grounds was sealed since ancient times. It’s where devils’ remains are buried… Devil Deity Palace no longer exists, though… Why would devils resurface? Why? Could a calamity be imminent? Almighty cultivation methods are supposed to be extinct, so how does Yang Tian have one? Since he has one, what does that imply?

In the meantime, Yang Tian pursued the combat song. The combat song was the will, one that didn’t die with its owner’s physical body, of a cultivator from ancient times. While that was happening, he released fighting spirit from his body, which seemed to amplify the sound of the dagger-axe and onslaught.

The bright sea of lightning remained active, resembling a silver river pouring down onto the earth. Then, drumming abruptly started. It came from the combat song between heaven and earth. It seemingly collapsed the sky as it spread out.

People sat down to try and comprehend the song.

A fighting spirit was born as the thunderous drumming. Qihai’s roiled. The volume amplified as the combat song amplified.

Yang Tian manifested a phantasmal small drum quirk overhead that went along with the combat song – Thunderous Drum Skysong.

The requirements for manifesting quirks were to be a high level Battle King adept and possess excellent luck. With a quirk added to one’s arsenal, they could expect an increase in combat prowess. Thunderous Drum Skysong was the best quirk for eliciting combat aura and was known for its tremendous might. The combat song back there gave Yang Tian a big boost. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to manifest the quirk.

Admittedly, it wasn’t difficult to form Thunderous Drums Skysong. Having said that, utilising it was a completely different story for the user needed to grasp it to a certain level, adhere to the ancient cultivator’s will, fight until they lost their minds and didn’t fear death.

Yuan Xia: He sure knows how to deliver surprises.

Yang Tian’s qihai underwent a drastic transformation as he roamed the world. The dagger-axe sounded out again. His fighting spirit in his qihai evolved. Every drop of blood was powered with infinite fighting spirit.

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