Almighty – Ch. 165

Extinguishing the Flame

The bell rocked the void, frightened people and destroyed the environment. Li Xuan violently convulsed. He found himself incarcerated in a void. The sound battered him. His chest thumped violently, and he struggled to breathe as the bell wounded him.

Qing Tao muttered to himself, “Is Yang Tian an ally of the Western Continent?”

The Western Continent was the demonic beasts’ kingdom. They were even able to transform into humans despite their cultivation sitting below Great Demon Realm.

Xiaobai snatched Li Xuan’s pill, then raced back to Yang Tian. Xiaobai stared at the pill whilst drooling. He cried when he sensed just how potent the contents inside were. He could tell he’d need to sleep for a very long time if he consumed its contents. He thought and thought, eventually settling on handing it to Yang Tian with both hands as if he was giving the latter a gift.

“Hahaha,” laughed Yang Tian, abdomen cramping as he took the pill.

Li Ying threatened, “Yang Tian, this old one suggests you hand the pill over… else, you’ll be buried here!”

Yang Tian performed a palm and fist salute. “I am grateful for the gift. I shall repay the favour someday.”

Yang Tian glanced back at Li Xuan, whose consciousness was fading, and evilly glared at him. He then shut his eyes. The last few strikes weren’t too powerful, but Li Xuan’s body crumbled. Xiaobai’s bell inflicted fatal damage on him.

The oppressive and dark sky lit up as lightning flashed. The dark clouds began to quiver as the oppression intensified, forcing the people present to witness the terror. The sky looked as though the lightning devoured it. Thunder clapped, almost splitting ear drums. The mountains and rivers quivered. Rocks levitated from the ground. The lightning rampaged, providing blinding lights. When the lightning dove down, it emitted a destructive power! The destructive energy within the thunder could destroy everything and is almost on par with Chaos Lightning.

Lightning snakes savagely dove down.

Yang Tian: Would Ancestral Dragon Ring be able to handle it?

Li Xuan passed out when he saw the incoming lightning bolt.

The lightning bolts zapped Yang Tian. The gully broke apart, giving the impression it was fragile. The mountains and rivers in the distance were shrouded in lightning. His skin split. He could feel his body melting, his divine soul having its life zapped out of it, and the annihilation took a mere second.

Ancestral Dragon Ring quaked. It proved its might by protecting Yang Tian’s body. Still, he felt unspeakable pain, evident from his scrunched up face, veins surfacing and beast-like groans. The life-extinguishing pain mentally tormented him. It was impossible to maintain his essence, Qi and spirit.

The purple lightning boldly absorbed. The surrounding lightning didn’t fear Lightning Source.

Wrath of Heaven was a form of punishment. The sea of lightning spread

Yuan Xia: “Wrath of Heaven isn’t easy to overcome. This lethal type is even worse. If you can transcend, you’ll trigger Destruction Deity’s Lightning! Nobody can escape its wrath… Nobody ever succeeded…”

Li Xuan died via burning. There wasn’t a single trace of desolate era’s Li Clan’s core disciple. A gust of wind blew his ashes into the air.

The ruthless rampaging lightning created a deep gully dozens of kilometres deep in the ground, and Yang Tian was next.

Yang Tian observed the lightning that Lightning Source absorbed. Then, he discovered the absorbed lightning would create more. Meanwhile, Wrath of Heaven absorbed the energy in the vicinity.

Yang Tian: Why is my Blood not budging?

The vitality that could destroy everything invaded Yang Tian’s body. Though Ancestral Dragon Ring held together his physical body, the destructive qi that could destroy everything didn’t stop.

Yang Tian clenched his teeth in his attempt to control his crumbling determination. He forced himself to his feet. He couldn’t allow himself to pass out. If he stopped putting up a resistance, the consequences would be dire.

Last time, I used Devouring Heaven and Earth to stimulate my blood. I guess I’ll give it a go again!

The lightning in Yang Tian’s body boldly circulated. He sat down in the sea of lightning. “Heavens Conqueror Manual, Forbidden Art, Devouring Heaven and Earth!”

Yang Tian’s body rapidly expanded as if he was pumped with air, only gradually slowing down once he reached over three hundred and thirty metres. He could tell he was at his limit. He bit down on his lip and generated a suction force to absorb all of the lightning around into his body.

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