Almighty – Ch. 79

Harvesting the Herb

If there weren’t structures around, the silver freckles on the ceiling of Star Palace would’ve convinced Yang Tian was standing under the night sky. What the branch did was turn stars into a unique treasure and then manifested it into Star Palace. That took skill beyond human comprehension to accomplish.

“Though they may be a branch, the current big sects nowadays can’t compare,” Meng Hao pointed out.

Meng Clan tried many times, but they never managed to reach the core of the palace to obtain the treasure within.

“This is Star Sect’s herb garden, though it now belongs to our clan,” informed Meng Hao, arriving at an herb garden half an hour in.

Star Sect specialised in the power of stars, which meant the majority of herbs in the world of cultivation was useless to them.

“Why are most of them shoots?” mumbled Yang Tian.

“The herbs in here can only grow in places with a supply of ancient qi. They won’t last out in the world. That’s the reason our clan planted some herbs,” explained Meng Hao, as he walked through the garden with a smile. “I can give you some of the herbs here if I want.”

“Oh… thanks.” Yang Tian chuckled. When he saw Meng Hao turn back, he added, “Can I take a few shoots to try and plant something?”

“Shoots?” Meng Hao was afraid Yang Tian’s focus had deviated from the job, but smiled anyway: “You can; however, you can only take some.”

“Thank you very much, Brother Meng.”

Although Yang Tian wasn’t sure if the herbs would survive in Ancestral Dragon Ring, it was worth a try for, if he could grow them, then he’d be wealthy.

Meng Hao watched Yang Tian passionately go from afar and uttered to himself, “And you’ll be crying a river when it goes awry.”

Yang Tian grabbed about a thousand different types of shoots over four hours and stored them in Ancestral Dragon Ring.

As the path in Star Sect wasn’t fraught with any dangers Yang Tian grew more and more befuddled, unable to comprehend why he’d be asked to go on a job if there wasn’t any danger. In the same vein, it was the indication that he needed to be vigilant.

About half a day later, the two arrived at the foot of a mountain, where a stone tablet with the words “forbidden zone” were carved on it sat.

“Yang Tian, our goal lies within.” Meng Hao peered at the peak and let out a puff of air, melancholic for a reason unbeknownst to Yang Tian.

These markings must’ve been left by adepts, thought Yang Tian, as he examined the stone walls around and ground ladled with tangled, criss-cross markings. The markings on the walls were adepts’ realisations with regards to martial arts. Alas, Yang Tian’s cultivation was too low to grasp what was there.

The thirty-thousand-plus metres cemetery was floored with some sort of jade and housed tombstones. Adepts were usually buried with some sort of treasure; imagine a cemetery of them.

Gazing at the cavern at the front of the cemetery, Meng Hao’s grief and resentment amplified. Riding along was a trace of resentment. Yang Tian didn’t pry; he just followed Meng Hao inside Treasures Room. As soon as the two entered, the fires on both sides lit up.

After just a few steps, Yang Tian cracked something he stepped on. He looked down to see bones of the dead. Lots of the quality bones were taken, while the “crumbs” were left behind. Forty-five minutes later, the two reached a huge silver light screen at the end.

“This is a boundary intended to guard the interior,” explained Meng Hao.

Boundaries required the caster to possess proficient control over space. That would require one to be a Battle Emperor. Based on the boundary’s appearance, the caster might’ve been in an even higher realm.

Meng Hao took out a silver talisman, the key to the door. “This talisman took the clan thirty years to produce and can only accommodate for two people at one time.” Meng Hao attached the talisman to himself, thereby generating a silver light from him and Yang Tian. “Let’s go.”

They felt a sensation they couldn’t fight against. After the silver light distorted them, they returned to their normal shape once they appeared on the other side. A heatwave struck them upon arriving in the red cavern.

A red sleeping Mutated Beast up ahead stood over thirty-metres tall. The red-scales beast with two criss-crossed horns had a dragon’s tail and golden flames for eyebrows.

“Father…” muttered Meng Hao, voice shaky.

Meng Hao plopped to the ground and went limp, while Yang Tian was stunned. There were still some garments remaining on the skeleton in front of Meng Hao.

“Am I here to carry the torch after your failure, Father?” asked Meng Hao. His goal was probably the beast’s dimension. Meng Hao sat on the ground for a long time before he collected his father’s remains.

Meng Hao took in a deep breath. “That’s a the fire unicorn horn beast. I don’t know how advanced his cultivation was when he was alive, but on Martial Arts Mountain, his cultivation was suppressed to only Level One Peak.”

“Brother Mang Hao, I think it’ll be difficult to kill him.”

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