Almighty – Ch. 78

Opening Star Sect

As the surge of qi pouring out the door increased in magnitude, Yun’er emerged as an upgraded version of herself. Upon seeing Yang Tian spacing out, Yun’er bashfully admonished, “Brother Yang, what are you looking at?”

“Erm, uhh, nothing,” Yang Tian answered.

As the two were feeling awkward, Xing Hao took it upon himself to break the ice. “Yun’er, have you attained the Inheritance?” Xing Hao assumed she succeeded since he detected the change in her aura.

“I did, but…” Yun’er twirled her black hair and softly added, “I obtained half of the Inheritance.”

They looked at each other confused. “Half? What does that mean?”

“Shifu wants me to grasp all of the formations before I can go in obtain the other half. We can’t obtain the treasure inside the inner court. We need to fulfil the prerequisite of acquiring the second Inheritance.”

“Oh… That’s fine. As long as we can acquire it, then it’s fine. The treasure won’t grow legs and run away.”

Qing Yuan: Thundercloud acquired Formation Sect’s Inheritance, so I guess Eastern Continent can’t sit still anymore.

As the group indulged in idle chatter, the stone palace suddenly began to tremble. The inheritance door then began to glow the same colour as sunset.

“The formation must close now. Everybody in here will be sent out,” notified Yun’er waving her hand.

Qing Yuan took out a map, wondering where they were.

Yang Tian suddenly declared, “Yun’er, Xing Hao, Dan Qu, Qing Yuan, I have something to do. I might have to leave this place.”

Yun’er sniffled. “You need to go? Where are you going?”

Qing Yuan: “Yeah, we’ve only just met up. There are still about seven days. Arms Sect’s treasure trove will be opening soon. Arms Sect only opens once every hundred years. This Thundergod Hammer imitation came from their treasure warehouse. Lots of people are keen on getting into their treasure warehouse.”

Arms Sect could compete with Formation Sect in terms of fame. The former’s disciples were weapon and item refinement prodigies. In the past, they were the wealthiest sect on Eastern Continent.

Yang Tian needed to go for it pertained to Yang Ba’s disappearance. “I promised someone to complete a job. I’ll come back as soon as I can, so don’t worry.”

“All right, then. Be careful. Arms Sect has Dao Weapons, so hurry back.”

“I guess I’ll see you all some time after ten days.”

“Brother Yang, take care.” Yun’er was worried for Yang Tian as he had made enemies out of so many people already.

On his way to his destination, Yang Tian found a place to recover his expended qi and blood. Locating someone on the vast continent, particularly someone whose clan was almost exterminated, was borderline impossible. He, therefore, surmised the job wouldn’t be simple.

Subsequent to entering a concealed cave – the rendezvous point – two days later, he crossed a passageway about thirty kilometres long. Yang Tian froze when he saw the individual sitting on the ground in the cave. The individual in front of him was the young man in black who put Yang Tian on edge.

The young man opened his eyes. “Yang Tian, you must best surprised.”

“Very. I didn’t think it was you.”

“You can call me Meng Hao.” Meng Hao stood up and clapped his hands. Then, he went to the forefront of the cavern and gazed at the stone throne there.

“Meng Hao? You must be related to Meng Yunxi, right?”

Meng Hao turned around. “I don’t know why Meng Yunxi chose you. Nonetheless, when we get inside, I hope you’ll listen to my command. The item inside is of utmost importance to our clan. There is no room for error.”

“Haha, rest assured. I’ll do my best. I won’t hold back.”

Meng Hao pulled out a thin green veil that emitted an ochre colour and a draft. “Haha, this Ten Thousand Year Ice Silk stores an enormous amount of energy within. When I open the secret room, the energy fluctuation will be quite a bit.”

Meng Hao threw the veil up and infused it with qi and blood. As a result, the ochre glow dispersed. Soon enough, Meng Hao’s energy ran dry. Meanwhile, the veil’s glow had expanded enough to light up the entire cave.

“Boom!” With a stifled shout, the thin veil abruptly expanded hundreds of times larger, thereby covering the entire cave. Next, it vanished without a trace.

Yang Tian: Hiding its energy fluctuation, that’s a treasure for you.

Yang Tian couldn’t sense any oddity; it was as though the veil didn’t exist.

Meng Hao observed it for a while. Satisfied, he nodded. Then, he brought out two green pearls the size of fists. He placed one pearl in each of the two slots the size of two fists on either side of the stone throne. Once the throne came to life, so did the pearls, with their lights shining.

The throne rumbled as it slowly shifted. A ray of light illuminated the empty seat. A star light gate gradually appeared among the sky of stars shown. Meng Hao threw some odd object into the gate. Nobody would’ve been able to open the treasure trove even if they located it if they didn’t have the item.

Ancient sect doors appeared before him. Only Star Sect specialised in using the power of stars. Their best skill was Overpowered Star Body. Star Pills’ name was a giveaway, but it was Star Sect who formulated them. Unfortunately, the sect was no more in the outside world.

Reading Yang Tian’s mind, Meng Hao smiled. “It is Star Sect’s ruins. It’s just a branch, though. The items inside have been plundered. Let’s go. I hope the treasure can still be produced,” stated Meng Hao, sighing for some reason.

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