Almighty – Ch. 80

Vitality Spring

“Brother Yang, the truth is… the treasure in here is… the vitality spring water.”

Legends had it that the ultra-rare vitality spring water benefited one’s body and extended their lifespan. One drop of vitality spring water could fully heal any wound – barring a number of special wounds.

“Inside is vitality spring water. My father came to obtain it. It would be pointless to send more people up against the fire unicorn horn beast for its flesh body doesn’t decay. I didn’t come here with any wishful ideas.” Meng Hao then turned to look at Yang Tian and smiled. “You can do it, though.”

“I can?”

“I remember you can seal a void for a second, right?”

“I can. That being said, I doubt it’d serve much to that monster.”

“A short moment is fine. While you go in to obtain the vitality spring water, I’ll hold back the freak. I only need five drops. Five drops is sufficient.”


“Fret not. As long as you can get through the stone door at the rear, it won’t dare to follow after you. When you exit, you’ll have the interior’s aura on you, meaning the monster won’t dare to harm you.”

Yang Tian didn’t dare to risk his life for the giggles. Furthermore, he wasn’t friends with Myriad Auction Company. All they had was an agreement between them. “Are you positive?”

“Absolutely. Look, if we’re both dead, we won’t be able to take the vitality spring water back. How does that help my case?”

“… All right. I’ll trust you. In saying that, what happens if the vitality spring water isn’t there?”

“If it isn’t there?” repeated Meng Hao. “Well, I’ll have to chalk it up me, my clan and my elder sister’s destiny being lousy…”

Meng Hao summoned a large black sword and equipped golden armour covered in divine markings and talismans. “Let’s go.”

At roughly thirty metres away from the Mutated Beast, it opened its eyes slowly to see two outsiders. Golden pearls landed on its head.

“Do it!”

Yang Tian threw a scroll at the beast’s body. The birds, flowers and insects on the enlargegd painting latched themselves onto the beast. Yang Tian then rushed forward with his qi and blood river ready overhead. Once the beast was completely enveloped, Yang Tian yelled “Quake!” incarcerating the area with his qi and blood. Then, Yang Tian sprinted full pelt toward the large door still sixty-six or so metres up ahead.

The beast finally tore the painting apart with its sharp claws. When Yang Tian was almost at the door it guarded, it began to panic and let fear get to it, impelling it to pursue him.

“Hold it right there, you cur!” Meng Hao’s jet-black sword rotated in the air, lengthening the aura on it by a hundred metres as it shot down toward the beast’s skull.

The beast raged then resumed its pursuit.

Fifteen metres…

Twelve metres…

Yang Tian’s blood boiled as he pushed his body to its absolute max. The moment the beast caught up to him, the black sword attacked the beast again, cutting off his pursuit.

“Argh!” The fire unicorn horn beast didn’t stop the sword’s attack, allowing it to impale him in the abdomen so that it could seize Yang Tian.

Yang Tian shoulder charged the door down without any hesitation the moment he broke free.

The beast unleashed a mad roar as it bled profusely from its abdomen.

“Haha, show me what you’ve got.” Meng Hao couldn’t hold his resentment back any longer.

The beast zoomed over to Meng Hao. Using its heavy and strong leg, it threw a kick toward Meng Hao. Meng Hao called the black sword back, positioning it across his chest. With a clang, ge was launched dozens of metres away and bleeding.

“I’ll make you pay for killing my father.” Meng Hao leapt up and powered up the black sword.

The beast shot two golden beams from its eyes, deleting the black swords divine light in one go with its immense might. The golden light continued its destruction, shooting Meng Hao flying once again and breaking multiple talismans on his armour.

On the other side of the door, Yang Tian got to his feet and hurriedly surveyed his surroundings. He was cognisant of the fact that Meng Hao wouldn’t last long.

Xiaobai quivered as he closed in on the water.

“Greedy little guy. Is he about to wake up?” Yang Tian brought Xiaobai out. The little guy bounced up and down cheerfully whilst hooting when he saw Yang Tian. “Eh? How come he’s not changing?”  Yang Tian petted Xiaobai’s forehead and hastily ordered, “Hurry, there’s a treasure around.”

Xiaobai straight up ahead.

“He’s faster than I remember.”

crossed a long corridor and dashed to a platform. As soon as they climbed it, a powerful vitality that could drive one insane hit them in the face. Xiaobai resembled a small white hedgehog running inside.

“Don’t go sneaking that stuff inside into your mouth.” Yang Tian was afraid Xiaobai would finish the entire thing after he got a taste.  Upon reaching the top, Yang Tian blurted, “You kidding me, son? How is this ‘a few drops’?”

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