Almighty – Ch. 73

Accessing Central Zone

The majority of people on the stone staircase at the forefront of the palace were in teams, while those travelling solo meditated higher up. A cyan wall of light separated the inner court from where they were, and the corpses lying by the door deterred souls from attempting to cross the line.

Yang Tian skimmed the ground until he saw Li Hongtao and his companions.

“Huang Hu, Ba Li, Wu Fengchen, Fan Lin,” introduced Xing Hao, scanning the people next to Li Hongtao. “Colour me surprised. Who would’ve thought their conspirator party grew so large in two days. Guess that means they haven’t given up.”

Yang Tian shook his head. “It doesn’t matter if have more people. Things will change once an inheritance joins the picture…”

The majority of the people by the formation got up. With the stars’ arrival, it was time for the killing formation to activate.

Li Hongtao looked grim. He didn’t know how Yang Tian’s fighting spirit came to be, but he was well aware of how much damage Heavenly Lightning Pearl could inflict.

“Brother Xing Hao, I never thought I’d see you here. What a coincidence.” Yuan Ling approached the group.

Xing Hao turned and smiled. “Haha, Brother Yuan. I didn’t expect to see you here, either.”

“Haha, I came for the entertainment.” Yuan Ling shifted his gaze to Yang Tian and smiled. “You must be Brother Yang, correct?”

“Yea, this one is Yang Tian.”

Yuan Ling was a divine descendant of an ancient clan. In terms of combat prowess, he wasn’t any inferior to Li Hongtao and company. Considering the number of enemies Yang Tian had, an extra friend was always a welcome addition.

“I heard you caused quite the uproar in the ruins a few days ago, Brother Yang. Apparently, you even gave Li Hongtao a thrashing. You have my respect.” Like his clan, Yuan Ling always had an issue with Li Hongtao.

“You’re too kind, Brother Yuan. It was all thanks to my brothers. Else, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

“You’re too modest, Brother Yang.” Yuan Ling left after exchanging some casual praise.

“Who is he? He’s strong.”

There was nobody around the young man in black Yang Tian had his attention on. His eyes darted around until he saw Yang Tian. Puzzled, he smiled before shutting his eyes to rest.

When Yang Tian saw the young man in black shut his eyes, he quickly searched the crowds and muttered under his breath, “Does he know me?” There were five or six Yang Tian recognised to be as strong as Murong Jie or more, and there were more on their way. “A number of impressive individuals have shown up. Now it’ll be a challenge to obtain Formation Sect’s Inheritance.”

Li Hongtao took in a deep breath and then strutted over to Yang Tian, acting as though he presided over the place. “Yang Tian, since you’ve arrived, why haven’t you opened the formation? Are we all supposed to wait for you?”

The people around turned to look in Yang Tian’s direction after Li Hongtao’s taunt.

The man in black took another quick glimpse of Yang Tian.

Yang Tian muttered, “This joke is living proof idiots exist…”

“Li Hongtao, who did Yang Tian knock out again? I can’t believe you have the shame to run your mouth here. Hold on to your life carefully,” Xing Hao snubbed.

“Haha, that’s news to me. Brother Xing Hao, you have to fill me in later.” Yuan Ling joined the conversation.

“Of course. I’ll definitely share his heroic epic with you.”

Murong Jie stepped out from behind Li Hongtao., “Enough with the rubbish. Undo the formation. You expect me to plead you?”

“Idiot…” muttered Yang Tian, sending Yun’er an eye signal at the same time.

Yun’er nodded. She revealed the magical text on her palm and grazed the formation. As the text entered the killing formation, a faint energy began to ripple.

“Here it comes.”

The ripples intensified, resulting in the entire space shaking.

Upon seeing more people join, Yang Tian smacked his lips. “Be careful once you enter. If Li Hongtao and his buddies recruit more people, it’ll be troublesome for us.”

Tone somewhat sly, Xing Hao replied, “Hehe, don’t forget the place is littered with formations. There’s plenty to go around for them.”

A light door on the cyan wall of light gradually opened. The ancient aura escaped outside. Bathed in ancient qi dozens of times more potent than any he’d come across, Xing Hao’s pores were delighted. “Sheesh, they don’t call it Formation Sect for nothing.”

Meanwhile, a barely-detectable energy surfaced on Yun’er’s forehead.

“How about we head in now?” Yang Tian’s team of four headed in once the majority had entered.

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