Almighty – Ch. 74

The Inheritance Gate

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When they crossed the long, long staircase, a gargantuan stone palace came into sight. There were six large doors: treasured items hall, pill room, foreigner affairs hall, Sky Palace, Mutated Beast courtyard, herb garden, hidden treasures hall and business chamber.

“Yun’er, which way do we go?”

A number of people did rush into the pill room and treasured items hall. Hardly anybody went to Sky Palace, while the other doors were amazingly popular.

After contemplating the query, Yun’er giddily answered, “Sky Palace.”

“Time is of the essence.”

They heard tragic groans and cries every now and then while travelling. Some people evidently killed themselves when they triggered formations somewhere. The formations in the inner court were different to the formations in the outer court. Most of the formations in the inner court were hidden killing formations. The average cultivator would die upon contact or be reduced to mush if they were unlucky.

“Damn, is this place a retreat away from the turmoils of the world?”

The four entering Sky Palace, two words that were always associated with melancholy since Formation Sect’s demise, noticed that the plants they passed by were particularly verdant. The hot spring creek was visible at all times despite the mist obstructing their vision. On the pavilions, terraces and open halls was ochre light. The purple bamboo forest was also always in sight. Every inch of the lawn was lush.

“There are formations everywhere here.”

“Hurry, people have entered,” suggested Yang Tian, upon detecting several people entering the centre of the palace.

“This plaque isn’t all that meets the eye. Should we?” Xing Hao grabbed the plaque with his hand.

An object that could suck one’s soul in without them knowing was anything but ordinary. Yang Tian, therefore, opined, “Yeah, no, don’t go triggering something, or we’ll have our hands full.”

“Ehehe, I was just joking.”

They spotted a large colossal statue several thousands of metres tall inside.

“This way.” Yun’er pointed to the left after checking their location.

They made their way past rows of stone statues, each varying in size, to reach the large light gate, where magical text hovering above, flesh and congealed blood below.

Yang Tian: “Yun’er, you sure this is the place?”

“Yun’er, what’s the matter?”

They watched as Yun’er walked toward the light gate without her soul. Eyebrows pinched together, Yang Tian went to grab her, but a hand suddenly gripped his arm.

“I noticed that the s door’s aura is almost identical to the aura Yun’er has. She received an inheritance, didn’t she?” Xing Hao queried.

“It is similar.” A wave of qi splashed them before Yang Tian could speak.

The magical text shone as if it was calling out. The sealed light gate gradually opened. An ancient and overwhelming qi blasted the group backwards. Once it opened, Yun’er stepped inside and disappeared out of sight. The light gate then slowly shut, and the overwhelming aura left.

A group that was big enough to shake the ground came rushing over. A few people lost their minds and charged into the light gate before Yang Tian could say a word. “Argh!” The people who set foot inside were reduced to crumbs – courtesy of the overwhelming gale. Thanks to the blood that spurted on their faces, they went from fired up to terrified in an instant. More people gathered on the scene, filthy, missing limbs or both. Clearly the formation inside put them through some pain.

“I’m sure they received the inheritance.” Li Hongtao’s group looked wrathful when they saw Yun’er missing from Yang Tian’s group. They didn’t get anything during the journey – unless being attacked by killing formations counted.

“Yang Tian, I remember there were four of you,” said Li Hongtao. “How do we open the gate? Shouldn’t you provide us with an explanation?”

“I don’t know how to open the Inheritance gate. Moreover, how am I supposed to know if it’s the Inheritance gate or not? If you want to know the answer, how about trying it out?” suggested Yang Tian.

“Quit with the slyness and honestly tell us how to get in. You three think you can take on all of us? If you don’t confess…” threatened Li Hongtao.

A fair number poised themselves to throw hands.

Yang Tian swept his gaze over the crowd then leapt into action, releasing his qi and blood that burnt. As soon as Yang Tian landed, Xing Hao followed suit, releasing the true potential of his qi and speeding toward a greedy group. Dan Qu loaded up his bow.

“If you want to let Li Hongtao play you like a fiddle, try it and see if you’ll be shredded,” exclaimed Yang Tian, sweeping his piercing gaze over the crowd.

A number of people recognised the ploy and left, thinning the numbers out.

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