Almighty – Ch. 67

Robbing a Divine Descendant

“Hehe, Brother Hao, I’ve arrived. You didn’t even wait for me,” said the refined young man. The two of them were acquainted by chance at Martial Arts Mountain. The two became friends after they joined hands to open places hiding secrets.

“Ahaha, well, I was in a rush. This is Brother Yang, my saviour. Come greet him.” Xing Hao pulled his friend over to passionately introduce him to Yang Tian.

“I am Dan Qu. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Brother Yang.” Dan Qu held his hands in a palm and fist salute.

“Haha, no need to be so formal with me, Brother Dan. Just call me Yang Tian. It’s you guys who are saving me today. I can’t be accepting bows from you now,” Yang Tian responded.

“Hey, hey, she’s my young sister. You don’t need to know her,” teased Xing Hao, glaring at Dan Qu.

“O-Oh…” Dan Qu hid his red face because he wasn’t too savvy with interactions out of his comfort zone.

“So we fighting or not? Get lost if you don’t want to fight! Don’t stand there being an eyesore,” exclaimed Xing Hao, grabbing his sword and glaring at their two enemies.

“You’ve set a new standard for arrogance,” insulted Li Hongtao, eyes trained on Yang Tian.

Li Xuan told Li Hongtao that Yang Tian had to go. Their clan’s reputation was on the line because Yang Tian and Li Qingxue once had a wedding arrangement.

“You take on Xing Hao. Leave the one in white next to me.” Li Hongtao made a beeline to Dan Qu.

“Dan Qu, I’ll let you take him.” Xing Hao gave Dan Qu a pat on the shoulder. Xing Hao then flashed his pearly whites at Huang Li prior to his charge.

Dan Qu, quickly finding Li Hongtao’s back, slashed the air. As Dan Qu spun around, he brought his bow out and pulled back on the string. Twang! A purple arrow was already mid-flight by the time the bow string was heard.

“He’s so fast.” Li Hongtao lunged back while throwing a dual palm strike forward, blasting two azure blasts back at the purple arrow.

The purple arrow earsplittingly pierced the azure blasts and continued speeding along its intended trajectory. Li Hongtao palmed several times before he could destroy the arrow. However, by then, he had already retreated over thirty metres.

Amidst the combat, Yang Tian consumed a number of ancient pills and entered Ancestral Dragon Ring to recuperate – keeping a pulse on the battle, of course.

Dan Qu kept up his heavy assault, firing arrows consecutively at the Mutated Beast carvings of Li Hongtao’s cauldron, rattling Half-Complete Dao Weapon – Heavenly Cauldron. Li Hongtao was kept in a passive position the entire fight up until now; however, he wasn’t a pushover, so he wasn’t in a terrible position.

Meanwhile, Huang Li basically spent the entire fight coughing blood and retreating due to his nagging injuries suffered at the hands of Yang Tian.

“Heh, runm my foot.” Yang Tian sensed Wang Long’s two fellow disciples trying to sneak the incapacitated man away during the tussle.

From his sitting position, Yang Tian leapt over to the trio and fired a punch. The two disciples steeled their resolve and collected as much qi and blood to their palms as they could. The jarring energy collision paralysed the two in place with red faces. Suddenly, they sprayed blood as if organs had burst before Yun’er dashed in to explode them.

Yang Tian strolled over to Wang Long, who was seething. Wang Long slowly rose to his feet. “Yang Tian, huh? Kill me, and you’re doomed.”

Yang Tian kept pressuring Wang Long with his qi and blood, forcing the latter to shuffle back.

“Yang Tian, you forced me!” Wang Long summoned a golden jade slip. As the energy dispersed, the interspatial jade slip cracked, while the dimension quaked.

“An interspatial jade slip.” Yang Tian propelled himself while summoning a river of energy overhead.

“Haha, delusional.” Wang Long’s strategy would save his life but at the cost of his sect’s reputation. There was never any precedence of a divine descendant being beaten out of Martial Arts Mountain.

“Was that a challenge?” Yang Tian elevated his river and restrained Wang Long’s body the moment the latter tried to jump into the other dimension. Smirking, Yang Tian snapped Wang Long’s finger he was about to break his jade slip with. “Thank you very much and goodbye.” Yang Tian laughed and then kicked Wang Long into the rift.

“Damn you, Yang Tian!” Wang Long’s spiteful and wrathful cursing could be heard as he was thrown into the small dimension, where he tumbled around endlessly.

“Brother Yang, nice going.” Xing Hao laughed heartily.

Yang Tian coughed a few times after smiling proudly for interrupting Wang Long cost him all of his qi and blood he just recovered.

Suddenly, a blaring sound came from Heavenly Cauldron. A purple arrow dozens of metres long shook the cauldron as it soared toward it.

Li Hongtao, being decisive, opted to retreat when his disadvantage was clear. Since his ally was calling it quits, Li Hongtao shielded himself with Earth Spirit Ancient Bell to withdraw.

“Don’t chase them,” Yang Tian warned. “We can’t stay here. Let’s hurry out of here.”

Nobody dared to stop them. When the four left, two individuals came out.

“Brother Murong, are we just going to let them leave?”

“What else can we do? Plus, we need the inheritance mark to open the central zone. Whether or not we can get it and whether or not it accepts us are two different matters.”

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