Almighty – Ch. 66

Mysterious Young Man

The sonorous sound of the crimson fist smashing into the furnace rang repetitively. Wang Long couldn’t stop coughing blood as he lied limp on the ground.

“I thought this was Martial Arts Mountain, not the circus.” Yang Tian was out of energy for another fight; the only thought that came to mind was to flee.

Huang Li gave Yang Tian a smile. “Lady luck loves me enough to let me meet you here.”

“So? Don’t go hiding in your shell again as you did last time.”

“Still with the sharp tongue, I see. Now die!” Huang Li twirled his wrist and unleashed a barrage of palms aimed at Yang Tian.

Yun’er catapulted her hairpin over and replicated it simultaneously to thwart the shockwave locked on to Yang Tian.

“Hehe, so it’s you.” Huang Li gave Yun’er a death stare. “I’ll be kind today and turn you both into a dead couple.”  Huang Li rubbed his hands together, sending his signature Earth Spirit Ancient Bell into the ether. Earth Spirit Ancient Bell growled as it unleashed an aura blast toward Yang Tian and Yun’er’s heads.

“Don’t be scared.” Yang Tian grabbed Yun’er’s arm and looked at the dimensional jade slip in Ancestral Dragon Ring whilst smiling wickedly.

“Insolence!” Xing Hao howled.

“Brother Yang, my brother has arrived.”

Given that Xing Hao was markedly stronger than Yun’er, he could put a stop to Huang Li’s plans.

“Haha,” laughed Yang Tian. Xing Hao’s arrival allowed him to relax. If he used the dimensional jade slip, he would’ve been teleported to… He didn’t know where to, either.

“Damn it.” Huang Li vaulted and ripped a palm strike. Earth Spirit Ancient Bell rotated quicker, spitting out qi as it spun toward Yang Tian for the kill.

“Huang Li!” Xing Hao launched a shiny sword toward Earth Spirit Ancient Bell. As the sword pierced through the air, the markings began to sparkle, swiftly transforming into a huge sword thereafter.  As he rushed over, he hurled another sword in his hand. Then, he activated the divine markings. “Slay!” With a quick grab, the crystal-clear sword jolted before reducing to smaller vibrations. With every vibration, hundreds of sword auras sprayed Huang Li.

Earth Spirit Ancient Bells divine markings woke to decimate the energy blasts Xing Hao tried to spray him with.

“Let me show you why you don’t mess with me.” Xing Hao hurled a sword. “Blood-Stained Jade Sword Sundering the Nine Heavens!” Sword Auras convened to manifest as a sword a hundred metres long.

Not expecting Xing Hao to come bolting out of the gates, Huang Li hastily powered up Earth Spirit Ancient Bell and redirected it to stop Xing Hao’s onslaught. “Absorb!” His bell’s opening enlarged so suck the long sword in.

“Hmph, Slay!”

Xing Hao’s sword transformed into innumerable shining swords that went berserk inside the bell, dragging the blood out of Huang Li’s mouth and affording himself a window to rendezvous with his sister. He was surprised to see Wang Long on the verge of death as he passed by. After all, Wang Long was about his equal.

“You two all right?”

“I’m fine. Lucky you arrived in time.” Yang Tian quickly had a few pills to restore his strength.

“Brother, look.” Yun’er extended a hand out to flaunt the shining profound magical symbols with special energy flowing within.

“What’s that?” Instinctively, Xing Hao questioned, “Is that an inheritance mark? How did you get it?”

“I received an Inheritance.” Yun’er mischievously dimpled as she stored the magical symbols back inside her body.

“I’m surprised an Inheritance ended up with you after all the ruckus at the sect’s ruins.”

Seeing the three chatting and smiling, Huang Li wiped his blood at the corner of his mouth and fumed, “You three done over there?”

“Not learnt your lesson yet? You want try getting stomped again?” Xing Hao snapped.

“Don’t test me!” Huang Li looked away and shouted, “It’s time you come out, isn’t it?”

“Useless.” With every step, Li Hongtao expelled energy to crack the ground beneath him and staring down Yang Tian. “Yang Tian, I hope you’ve said your goodbyes.”

Whilst giving all he had to refine heavenly sovereign’s sacred heart pill’s medicinal properties, Yang Tian slighted, “Killing me won’t ever be part of your accomplishments.”

“Ahaha.  Leave the Inheritance and Yang Tian, and then you two can take a hike.”

“Talk about ego.” Xing Hao took a step forward and peered behind Wang Long. “The hell you hiding over there for? Get out here already.”

“Mm?” Li Hongtao frowned as he traced Xing Hao’s line of sight. He saw a man in white coming over from behind a rock. He looked irritated because he didn’t even detect somebody hiding there despite his advanced cultivation.

Unworldly, the sixteen year old covered his burning ears. The purple bow on his back was on par, if not superior, with Earth Spirit Ancient Bell.

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