Almighty – Ch. 62

Inheritance Marking

Four men arrived before Yang Tian. Noticing Yang Tian’s qi and blood seeping from him, a lanky individual in the rear said, “Big Brother, the one in black is no pushover.”

“Why are you even afraid? We can’t be two with four of us?” asked the individual next to him.

“Shut up,” reproached their leader, having qualms about picking a bone with Yang Tian. Detecting energy flowing from the skeleton, the leader frowned and inwardly noted, “Hang on; there’s something weird about this skeleton.”

Since the four didn’t show any signs of attacking, Yang Tian whispered to Yun’er, “Hurry and go over to avoid any altercations. Should something happen, stop right away.”

With a nod, Yun’er walked over to the skeleton and noted the aura was similar to the aura of the elder who gave her the crystal ball. The second she instinctively touched the skeleton, it came back to life, suddenly increasing its energy ejected. Fast like lightning, the skeleton aimed for Yun’er’s.

“Crap!” Yang Tian quickly dashed over, but he stopped right after barely moving.

Yun’er suddenly levitated while releasing blinding-white energy that gradually amplified, changing the surroundings significantly. Small lines of runes – an inheritance mark – spread across her forehead.

“Now this is troublesome.” Yang Tian could take on the dozens who just arrived, but that wasn’t the end of them. Detecting movement from those who couldn’t wait, he stepped a foot forward and summoned his qi and blood from its slumber, generating a tornado around him as deterrence.

Seeing as the individual in black’s marking was almost complete, someone, who thought he was a hot shot, decided to attack. As soon as he budged, someone sneaked up from behind. However, he aimed for Yun’er.

“If death is your wish, I shall oblige.” Yang Tian shook the earth with a stomp. The tempest caught them in his endless barrage of energy slashes using his half-complete The Wind Invades the Nine Heavens. Some of them were unlucky enough to be caught in Yang Tian’s light blade, consequently finding their top and bottom separated.

“That was a warning. If somebody dares to think about it, don’t blame me for not holding back.” Yang Tian cooled calmed down his qi and blood after ceasing his output.

The mark on Yun’er’s forehead eventually disappeared before she slowly returned to the ground. She bowed to the skeleton and then brightly strutted over to Yang Tian.

“How’d you go?”

“The inheritance palace is in the direction of the main palace. The elder skeleton provided me with a complete map of Formation Sect,” cheerfully stated Yun’er, waving her fist.

With his gaze trained on the survivors of his intimidation tactic, Yang Tian nodded and coldly snorted. “Good. Let’s hurry.”

People didn’t know what ancient sect they were at based on the surroundings alone. In saying that, the heaven and earth herbs outside indicated that the sect wasn’t a low-ranking one among the ancient sects. The plethora of formations also piqued their curiosity.

Yang Tian may have been mighty, but the fiasco would’ve caught the attention of more skilled individuals who might be able to snag something.

“Martial Arts Mountain is shared among everyone from Eastern Continent. Don’t you think you’re being too overbearing, taking the Inheritance?” Of course, Wang Long had his cronies with him again. Despite him feeing Yun’er’s silhouette was familiar, it didn’t immediately occur to him that she was the one hiding in the black robe.

“Brother Yang, they’re from Yin Yang Cultivation Sect. They have a replica of Yin Yang Single Divine Furnace!”

Wang Long was stronger than Huang Li thanks to the famous Yin Yang Single Divine Furnace that could easily melt a human on contact in his possession, although it was a bootleg version.

“If you want to take it, then come take it. Why all the excuses? I know about your Yin Yang Cultivation Sect.” Yang Tian found Wang Long’s ethical facade distasteful.

“Witty, are we?”

In a quiet voice, Yang Tian cautioned, “Yun’er, be careful. Try not to reveal your identity.”

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