Almighty – Ch. 63

Yin Yang Mountain Breaker

“You’re a coward hiding himself. Remove your hood.” Wang Long extended his claws toward Yang Tian, splitting trees without contact.

“I don’t want to scare you off.” Yang Tian launched himself off the ground, drilling a hole in the ground.

“You’re not worthy of having an Inheritance.” Unyielding, Wang Long stomped to propel himself as fast as lightning toward Yang Tian. As he moved, he discharged black and white energies simultaneously – Yin Yang Cultivation Sect’s signature dual qi, meaning yin qi and yang qi. He transformed the two qis into a fierce beast as he went to run it into Yang Tian’s chest.

Yang Tian summoned dozens of rotating energy blades. The scene resembled a series of thunderbolt attacks as he hacked and slashed the twin-headed beast. A quick strafe helped Yang Tian find Wang Long. From there, he pummelled Wang Long in the back with a crimson punch.

Wang Long conjured two black and white qi and blood on his back, keeping Yang Tian’s punches away from his body. Nevertheless, the shield he put up was tantamount to hoping an egg shell could stop a rock.

“What the hell is with his fist marks?” Wang Long fretted but had no time to think.

The shockwave generated from the dispersion sent both of them metres back. Cracks followed their trails and then spread further beyond.

Wang Long’s dual qis was particularly difficult to overcome, not to mention its abundance of variations. As a consequence, Yang Tian was unable to tip the scales in his favour.

“What style is he using?” Wang Long felt numbness throughout his body. When he traded with his yin qi, he couldn’t maximise his own attack. “You two, grab the other one in black. Get them alive!” commanded Wang Long.

“You asked for it!” Yang Tian spun to leap at the two with one kick for each, penetrating through the duo’s vacuum palms to kick both flying through ancient trees.

“Learn to take care of yourself first.” Wang Long blasted yin and yang qis through his two palms.

As Yang Tian turned around, he performed a slashing motion with one hand to rend the entities using energy blades.

“Brother Yang, you can focus on him. Leave these two to me.” Yun’er imbued her jade hairpin with energy, thereby extending it to one-and-a-half metres. She then raced over to the two and unleashed a barrage of slashes.

“She sure has a surplus of tools.” Yang Tian laughed, then let a punch rip at Wang Long’s vitals.

Wang Long fired back with dozens of yin and yang qi snakes.

The audience size grew as the battle raged on.

Yang Tian put Wang Long on the back foot. The two displayed Power, blasting at each other violently. Wang Long could sense that Yang Tian was still holding back. Wang Long delivered two palms simultaneously as he pulled out from the tornado and headed to an ancient tree. Yang Tian began to nimbly move his fingers to uncork a combo. Wang Long responded with a double palm attack; his arms turned white and black, essentially becoming two huge energy whirlpools. When Yang Tian began using his martial technique, Wang Long zipped over to Yang Tian, transformed his energy into two dragons and thrust them forward from the front – Yin Yang Mountain Breaker.

Out came two wyrms, a black and white one.

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