Almighty – Ch. 61

Mysterious Skeleton

“A divine lotus!”

Yang Tian stored the lotus into his interspatial ring upon hearing the voice. When he looked up ahead, there was a male in yellow not too far away.

“Big Brother Yang, he is from Yellow Dragon Valley,” whispered Yun’er, when she saw the “Yellow Dragon Valley” text sewn onto the party crasher’s yellow attire.

“Aye, good eyes, Miss. I am a Yellow Dragon Valley core disciple. May I ask for your honoured name, Miss?”

“Idiot,” muttered Yun’er, glaring at him. Yun’er had come across far too many men ogling her similar to him; however, she felt impatient this time. Thus, she reactively cursed him. Her voice was soft, but it did reach the young man.

Displeased, he lecherously violated her with his eyes then snickered before shifting his gaze to Yang Tian. “Hey, you, hand over the divine lotus. Leave the girl behind, and then you can piss off. Otherwise…”

“Imbecile…” Yang Tian simpered.  “Since you’re a disciple of Yellow Dragon Valley, I’ll collect the interest for today.”


While the intruder was planning his acquisition of the divine lotus, Yang Tian had bridged the gap to ram the former in the chest. By the time the young man’s sacred armour activated a tiny bit of energy, Yang Tian found his target. Yang Tian’s punch sent him flying with his shattered organs.

“Who are you?” He didn’t have what it took to fight back, not to mention his qi and blood having been blown away. “You want to kill me?” The man suddenly laughed as he watched Yang Tian walk over. “My father is an elder of Yellow Dragon Valley.”

“I’ll be waiting for him, then.” Yang Tian slit his throat with multiple light blades as he struck him with a palm. “A divine lotus, huh? I never expected something so prized.”

Divine lotuses were part of divine soul unique treasures and barely inferior to soul crystals. It offered the ability to enhance one’s divine soul’s energy in addition to helping with overcoming plateaus. Divine soul cultivation was an incredibly slow process, a fact that everyone on the continent knew. Low-grade divine soul herbs and potions had exorbitant price tags. The soul accumulation lotus could help nurture divine souls skip the fragility stage.

“Xiaobai has eaten one of the eleven lotuses. I don’t know how long the soul accumulation lotus has grown for, but a catch of twelve lotuses is insane.”

“Brother Yang, I don’t need these herbs, so you can have them,” stated Yun’er, smiling and blinking as she handed Yang Tian an interspatial ring.

Yang Tian shook his head and split the herbs into two halves. “Take these. They’re not often found outside. Use it to breakthrough to Warrior Realm; it’ll come in handy for your divine soul.”

Yun’er rejected Yang Tian’s offer for a while but accepted it in the end.

Noticing Xiaobai still sound asleep, Yang Tian surveyed the surroundings. “Let’s leave this place. A number of people are making their way here. The Inheritance is our priority.”

As they went along their way, they came across plenty of precious herbs, something of which had gone extinct. Lots of people tried to break the formation outside but to no avail. It took them four hours of travelling to finally exit the garden, where they arrived at some ruins.  Lots of the structures had crumbled, and various scars from battles remained.

The two of them, Yun’er in particular, caught the attention of many people. Hopeless, Yun’er also sported a black robe. Very few people dared to accost them. The people who teased them either left with a missing arm or leg.

“Brother Yang, check out that skeleton.”  Yun’er’s lit up when she found a skeleton. “The skeleton’s aura is the same as the aura I chanced upon a few days ago. I wonder if they’re related.”

“I would surmise it’s the skeleton of an elite cultivator.”

The fact that the skeleton was still emitting a trace of energy despite having been there for years indicated that the skeleton belonged to an adept.

Yun’er stepped forth as if she couldn’t control herself while Yang Tian was examining the skeleton. Yun’er never left him for a moment over the last few days they spent together. He, therefore, had to inquire, “Yun’er, what’s the matter?”

“Brother Yang, I feel as though the skeleton is calling out to me.”

“Calling out to you?” Yang Tian glanced back to the skeleton but couldn’t find anything odd. “Let’s check it out. If there’s anything off, stop immediately.”

“Uhm, Yun’er will be careful.”

As Yang Tian closed in on the corpse, the air started crackling. Some people dashed toward them.

While the Golden Jade Skeleton could be refined into a treasure, the adept’s fighting spirit still lingered. Assuming that he’d just let somebody refine him was wishful thinking. Even masterful refiners would think twice, evaluating if they were qualified to.

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