Almighty – Ch. 60

Peculiar Lotus

“Yun’er, did you encounter anything inside?”

“I… did…” Yun’er clasped her hands as she mumbled quietly.

“Uh…” Yang Tian felt awkward when he saw Yun’er flush cheeks.

Thanks to the ordeal just before, Yang Tian’s mental strength enjoyed a nice boost. He quickly recollected himself and awkwardly coughed before training his eyes forward.

Up ahead was a vast forest that housed giant ancient trees.

“Is this place still part of Formation Sect?”

Seeing Yun’er still hiding her face and reminiscing her encounter, Yang Tian, unaware of what she went through, curled his lips. “Yun’er, we should go in, I think. I’d assume somebody is trying to get through the illusion formation by now.”

“Ah.” Yun’er jolted back to reality. “Sure. Let’s head in. Let’s head in.”

An hour later, a young man appeared. As he continued forward, uproar started at the light door, where people were filing in.

Approximately fifteen minutes later, Yang Tian was at a fork in the road. Xiaobai, who was quietly lying in Yang Tian’s shirt, hopped out to sniff out a bath and then wore on his gluttonous expression. Yang Tian smiled thanks to Xiaobai. “Picked up on some herb?”

Xiaobai wagged his tail and bounced up and down on Yang Tian’s shoulder.

“Xiaobai is awesome.” Yun’er gave Xiaobai a rub on his head.

Xiaobai had warmed up to Yun’er considerably after spending a few days with her.

Yang Tian peered down the path Xiaobai fixed his gaze down. “Let’s go.”

After crossing several roads, they caught the rich scent of herbs. The medicinal properties that had accumulated over the years were practically a congealed substance.

“There are so many herbs.” Yun’er grew up in a big school, yet even she couldn’t resist a remark because she couldn’t even see the end of the field.

“You said it.” Yang Tian, who was delighted, suddenly frowned as he surveyed the sides of every herb garden for he detected active energy. “Damn, all of the fields have formations cast on them, and they’re not low-level formations.” Sure, the formations had substantially weakened after being so old. By no means, though, was it going to be simple to dismantle or quick.

Xiaobai ran his eyes over the gardens and hooted softly a few times.

“Be a good boy and stay still.” Yang Tian pressed his hand on Xiaobai’s head.

Though Xiaobai could dismantle formations, it was too taxing on him. Plus, the ancient herbs were useless to them at their current stage in their cultivation journey. As such, there was no need to waste time.

“Yun’er, let’s leave.” Hopeless, Yang Tian shook his head and headed in, hoping he’d chance upon a treasure.

The place most certainly was worthy of being called the herb empire. There were more herb fields than one could count. Yang Tian could barely put any names to them. The people who came after the trio behaved no different to bandits, biting into the herb fields’ formations, pulling herbs out and so forth. There were lots of peculiar herbs to be found, and blood shed was commonplace.

Xiaobai suddenly started squirming and drooling.

“Come on.” Yang Tian let go of Xiaobai and let the little guy charge forward.

Yang Tian and Yun’er followed close behind Xiaobai. They arrived at an herb field estimated to be three hundred square metres. Lotus leaves floated on the pond at the centre. The herbs around were precious herbs, indeed, but were commonplace. The best was in the centre.

Xiaobai spat out balls that had a white energy more potent than the last time. The formation they had to dismantle this time was a lot tougher than the illusion formation. It took fifteen minutes before they made a hole.

“Let’s go.” Yang Tian dragged Yun’er, who spaced out, into the formation.

Xiaobai cast a white light on the hole that had yet to disappear. Xiaobai dove straight into the lake as soon as Yang Tian entered.

“Brother Yang, will Xiaobai be all right?”

“I think so?” Yang Tian was also a tad worried. Though Xiaobai’s origin was a mystery, Formation Sect had their own fair share of high-level Mutated Beasts. It was common for Mutated Beasts to guard treasures.

“Puah!” Xiaobai leapt out from the water right as Yang Tian prepared to head down. He shook out the water on him.

“What’s that?” Yang Tian could sense the abnormally potent energy within the lotus dangling from Xiaobai’s mouth. Its strangely clear scent rushed into his nose, even causing his heart to palpitate.

Xiaobai shaved off the outside of the lotus with his claws, gobbling up the exposed purple lotus. Xiaobai suddenly shivered in place before progressing to stumbling similar to a drunken man. Yun’er ran over to pick him up.

“That’s what you get for being a glutton,” Yang Tian teased, petting Xiaobai’s head.

Yang Tian knew very well how good Xiaobai was at absorbing medicinal properties, yet the latter passed out? Yang Tian picked up the purple lotus to examine.

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