Almighty – Ch. 38

Mysterious Bloody Figure

It was rare to find people or traces of human life on a desolate mountain. Accordingly, finding a stone palace in the middle of one was clearly odd. The first scene they came to in the vacant cave was essentially a field of moving stars. Yang Tian’s intuition told him that he would be executed on the spot if he harboured any ill will.

Yang Tian followed Xiaobai across four towering columns to the statue at the end of the palace that bore a striking resemblance to Xiaobai – except that it had an extra two wings on its back.

“Some deity must’ve constructed this statue. The pressure it emits alone is enough to erase anyone’s will to resist. Xiaobai, is this your ancestor?”

Xiaobai energetically hooted in response and snuggled up against the stone statue, shaking his head the nodding it the next instant. But nonetheless, he clearly showed yearning.

“Even if it’s not, I’m certain their relationship wasn’t ordinary.”

“Hoot, hoot.” Xiaobai hopped onto Yang Tian’s shoulder and fixed his gaze on the latter’s finger.

“Drip some blood onto the statue?” Yang Tian hesitated for a moment. Then, he bit his finger and dripped a drop of blood onto the stone statue. The stone statue immediately absorbed the drop of blood as soon as it made contact. Then, it emitted a bizarre red glow right away. Even the space they were in was bent. The increasing pressure was so intense that it hurt him physically. “What’s going on?”

Xiaobai rubbed his body against Yang Tian over and over. Like a blanket, a crimson energy swept Yang Tian into an ocean of blood. A bloody light covered an entire body on the ocean of blood. However, the aura was countless times more formidable than the stone statue.

“Where in the world am I? The fighting spirit here is so similar to the Fighting Spirit Ancestral Dragon Ring uses for suppression. How?”  When Yang Tian saw the bloody figure standing in the air, he couldn’t resist exclaiming, “Could he be Xiaobai’s ancestor?”

Only the supreme adepts were capable of leaving their soul behind after death. Souls weren’t eternal existences, so they would vanish once the energy used to support their stay was depleted.

Suddenly, a woman spoke in a voice that sent ripples across the ocean of blood. “Who are you?”

“Greetings, Senior.” Yang Tian placed his hands in salute.

The bloody shadow on Yang Tian disappeared in the blink of an eye. The bloody figure took control of Yang Tian’s life for that one instant. He felt that all of his secrets were revealed in that instance. Before Yang Tian had any time to recover from any of the tension, the bloody figure spoke to him again. “Go. Take good care of my child and complete your mission.”

Another bloody light zipped through the air and vanished into Yang Tian’s qihai.

Voice containing sorrow, yearning… countless emotions, the bloody shadow sighed and murmured, “God of Battle…”

When Yang Tian emerged in the stone palace, Xiaobai intimately hoped onto the former’s shoulder and rubbed his fur on Yang Tian’s skin.

“What exactly is this place?”

Yang Tian caressed Xiaobai’s fur while staring at the stone statue.

“My mission? What is my mission? I’m just an ordinary individual who wants to rescue his parents and protect them. I have a goal I’ve yet to accomplish. What mission am I supposed to finish? I can’t shake off the feeling that she knows about my clan’s incident. She’s Xiaobai’s mother. What sort of Strange Beast is Xiaobai? It’s not normal for him to have such a formidable ancestor,” quietly mumbled Yang Tian. “I’ll leave it for another day. Let’s get going, Xiaobai. You’ll join me on my journey in shaking up the continent, drinking and enjoying meat.”

Yang Tian suddenly halted in his tracks before going too far as he picked up on an energy signal. “Who would be here?”

Yang Tian hadn’t seen anything besides beasts on the mountain; it was his first time seeing a human on the mountain. It went without saying that he chose the longest path. He took cover behind an old tree and supressed his energy signal.

The nine-metres tall devil wolf was a beast covered in black bone spurs. It had four hooked fangs and was enveloped in a cold glow.

The bulky youth in black was roughly Yang Tian’s age and had a prominent jawline. He was a Half-Step Warrior, but his life force seemingly exceeded what a usual Half-Step Warrior would possess.

The devil wolf appeared afraid of the shiny sword in the young man’s hand. Many of its bone spurs had been slashed, and it was bleeding profusely. In saying that, the young man didn’t look much better off.

Yang Tian observed the young man for a while before shifting his gaze to the young girl on the ground. Going off her appearance, she, presumably, was fifteen. She was ghastly pal and shedding tears. She was in pitiful shape.

“I’ll be damned. Two Half-Step Warriors actually challenged a Level Two Third Layer Fierce Beast.”

A Level Two Fierce Beast would be on par to a Warrior Realm cultivator. For two Half-Step Warriors to deal that much damage to a devil wolf was enough of a reason for them to be hubristic in their age bracket.

“Hurry and get out of here. I’ll keep you covered. Hurry,” said the main in black, as another wound opened on his palm.

The young girl shook her head and sobbed. “Yun’er can’t leave, Second Brother.” The maiden wobbled a few times as she tried to rise and eventually fell back down.

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