Almighty – Ch. 37

“Quake” Word Technique

Time flew by and winter blew in snow.

Indifferent to the draft that fluttered his clothing, Yang Tian treaded through the snow whilst cultivating simultaneously, leveraging the cold to expedite his progress. He had gotten used Broken Sword’s – as he coined it – weight, but he noticed its weight ever increasing. He, therefore, developed an interest in its origins. He hoped he could find some information pertaining to it on Martial Arts Mountain, but he didn’t hope for much.

Two and a half months of toiling saw his body grow twice as sturdy despite still being in Blood Refinement Eighth Layer. He stressed solidifying his foundation recently to prepare for Heavens Conqueror Bronze Physique, which was up next.

The goal was to break through to Warrior Realm and temper “Heavens Conqueror Bronze Physique”. What is Heavens Conqueror Bronze Physique? The ability to harness natural lightning.

Plenty of cultivators with insane abilities could summon lightning, but barely any of them survived to tell the tale.

Behind Yang Tian was the white beast that stole his rabbit thigh, shuffling its way forward, thereby leaving a gully in the ground.  However, the heavy snowfall quickly camouflaged it. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t notice something moving behind them.  He detected its presence long ago, but he didn’t want to bother. Whenever he grilled meat, he’d prepare another share for the beast. Admittedly, ever since the small beast joined him, it added a touch of fun to the dullness of cultivation, which he welcomed.

Yang Tian found a cave to take shelter and set his sword down. He took out a roll of shoddy paper to start a fire then took out the meat he prepared. The small beast wagged its small tail and watched on with its gleaming eyes from the entrance.

“Xiaobai, here.” Yang Tian tossed a piece of meat from the thigh over to the beast.

Xiaobai was the name Yang Tian gave the small beast, deriving from the fact that is was small and white. Small and white, therefore Xiaobai, two words that perfectly captured his appearance. Xiaobai was quite fond of the name. He tried many different approaches to capture Xiaobai, but the little runt was unbelievably astute. Thus, Yang Tian surrendered.

With a leap, Xiaobai caught the meat with its claws.

Once he finished eating, Yang Tian silently cultivated. Sometimes a breeze that was barely detectable would seep out from his qihai, a sign of progress. Given that Yang Tian’s treasures were embarrassing compared to treasures of prominent clans, yet he was able to produce such results, he had complete confidence in Heavens Conqueror Manual. The quirk he attained was a result of his insight.

“Quake!”  The qi and blood river suddenly quaked repetitively.

Yang Tian was only at Blood Refinement’s Eighth Layer, yet he achieved fantastic results when he had only just touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of comprehension. In turn, that guaranteed him plenty of benefits in battle.

Unlike others, Yang Tian could use his qi and blood to bind space. Others would have to reach exceptionally high levels in their cultivation journey to achieve the same feat. Needless to say, the area which he could control wasn’t that large.

The energy within the river gradually decreased, absorbed and released. Yang Tian continued to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Quake Word Technique.

Yang Tian laughed and then started a fire to grill meat when the sun took the stage. Xiaobai leapt to his feet and began drooling. After their meal, Yang Tian smiled and pointed into the distance. “Xiaobai, I’ll have to leave this place in a few days’ time. Do you want to come with me?”

Xiaobai shook his furry head vigorously and hooted softly. Judging from Xiaobai’s reluctance to leave, Yang Tian felt reluctant to leave him behind. He developed a bond with Xiaobai after spending so long with him.

“Xiaobai, if you want to eat this, come with me. I have to leave soon,” explained Yang Tian, pointing at the bone on the ground.

“Hoot, hoot,” replied Xiaobai, doing circles in place and looking unsettled but still sweeping his eyes over the bones. He ran over and bit Yang Tian’s robe.

“You want me to follow you?”

The way Xiaobai wagged his tail put a smile on Yang Tian’s face. The latter quickly put away his sword and jumped to his feet.

The two finally stopped at a large mountain range once night fell. Xiaobai hooted and tugged Yang Tian’s leg to signal for him to go into a cavern.

“What is this place?”

There was a perturbing energy from within. The closer they went to the cave, the greater the magnitude of the energy. Yang Tian clenched his teeth when he saw the manner Xiaobai bit onto his clothes.

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