Almighty – Ch. 39

Yun’er and Xing Hao

The young man enveloped his sword in his qi, creating a sharp blade before swinging it at his enemy. There were strange and mysterious patterns on the sword that looked purple. Although his qi and blood were weak, the pattern’s glow didn’t dim in the slightest, thereby granting him immense output.

“Could it be a Half-Complete Dao Weapon? Who are those two?”

Half-Complete Dao Weapons were weapons with Divine Patterns that had yet to fully emerge. While close to Dao Weapons in terms of ferocity, they were substantially superior to Mystic Rank Peak Weapons.

“I’ll find a way to escape. Go and call for help, or we’re both dead. Hurry!” belted the young man, slashing at the devil wolf’s leg at the same moment.

“Yun’er won’t leave…”Yun’er bent her legs and consumed a pill. She showed no intent of leaving. She clasped her hands tightly. Her valour and courage struck Yang Tian’s heartstring.

“Big Brother, are you all right? Do you know about Mom and Dad’s plight? Where are you now?” Yang Tian asked himself.

The devil wolf suddenly sped up substantially. It swung its tough front limb toward the young man’s back.

Though the young man in black wore special clothing, the devil wolf possessed herculean might. It sent the young man through threes before he finally stopped.

Despite remaining resilient, the youth scowled.

The devil world spun around and pinned its violent gaze on the young girl. It roared under its breath a few times and then charged toward her.

“Stop! Stop, you cursed beast!” howled the young man, veins almost popping.

Is this it for me, the young girl asked herself, legs quivering beneath her as the violent gust of wind approached.

“Consider yourself lucky.”  Yang Tian set Xiaobai down and dashed out from behind the tree.

Just when the girl shut her eyes to wait for the final blow, she heard an explosive sound. When her eyelids quivered, she found herself in a strong pair of arms and smelt the scent of a man.

“Stopping a Level Two Fierce Beast with sheer might when he’s not even a Half-Step Warrior? Impressive brute strength,” exclaimed the young man in black.

Yun’er: Who is he?

The devil wolf took a swing at Yang Tian’s head with its right arm.

“You sure you want to act tough when you’re already hurt that seriously?” jeered Yang Tian.

Yang Tian set the young girl down. Focusing more strength into his arm, he took to the air and twisted as he closed in on the beast’s teeth.  “Am I not going to get a hand here?” Yang Tian asked the young man in black after sending the devil wolf back in one punch that also numbed his arm.

“O-Oh.” The young man in black rushed over and swung his sword at the devil wolf’s vitals. “Thank you for helping us. I am in your debt,” gratefully said the young man, subsequent to cutting off one of the beast’s bones.

“No need to thank me. Just call me Yang Tian.”

“Brother Yang, I am Xing Hao. Thank you for rescuing my younger sister. We are indebted.” Xing Hao showed a smile of relief as he sliced off another bone.

Yang Tian nodded and stared at the aggressive beast that began to show fatigue from its injuries. “You think you can escape?!” He caught the fleeing devil wolf by the tail whilst pushing his qi and blood river, effectively discharging a crimson light from his body and increasing his strength. Consequently, he managed to snap all of the Devil Wolf’s bones.

Sensing its rear leg was caught, the devil wolf mustered up everything it had. Its body gradually slowed down as it struggled, eventually turning stiff.

There was only Yang Clan eight years ago, but they were exterminated by Blood Refinement Devil Palace. Escaping his thoughts, Xing Hao approached Yang Tian. “Brother Yang, this is my younger sister, Xing Yun’er. Thank you for helping us back there. I shall not forget the favour.”

“I just coincidentally passed by. There’s no need to mind it, Brother Xing.”

“Big Brother Yang, thank you. You can call me Yun’er,” introduced Yun’er, flustered and trying to tidy herself up.

Yang Tian touched his head and smiled when he smelt Xing Yun’er’s faint and elegant scent. “Hehe, no need to mind it.”

Noticing the Level Two Fierce Beast was dead, Xiaobai hurried out from behind the ancient tree to check on the devil wolf.

“What’s that? That’s outlandishly fast.” Xing Hao scanned the white fur ball.

“It’s fine, he’s…”

Yang Tian’s expression froze before he could finish. Xiaobai managed to tear open the Devil Wolf’s flesh with his weak claws. He dug out a Beast Core and consumed it.

“Oh, no,” Yang Tian exclaimed, before speeding over.

Fierce Beasts could consume Beast Cores to cultivate, but Xiaobai didn’t have any cultivation. Moreover, a Level Two Beast’s core contained extremely violent energy. To their amazement, Xiaobai was totally fine.

Yang Tian petted Xiaobai’s head and feigned anger. “You not scared you’ll die from consuming it?”

Xiaobai hooted a few times as he rubbed his white fur on Yang Tian’s arm.

“Wow, what an adorable little beast. Brother Yang, what sort of Mutated Beast is it?” Yun’er inquired.

When Xiaobai saw a pair of hands reach out to him, he swiftly climbed up to Yang Tian’s shoulder, bearing his fangs and waved his claws at Yun’er while hooting warnings.

“Quieten down, buddy,” said Yang Tian, after flicking Xiaobai’s head. “His name is Xiaobai. He’s my friend.”

“Aw, Xiaobai, is it?” muttered Yun’er, somewhat surprised.

Yun’er couldn’t resist the urge to try and touch Xiaobai again. Sadly, he bore his fangs again and jumped up and down on Yang Tian’s shoulder.

“Haha, he’s so smart,” remarked Xing Hao, laughing at Xiaobai’s behaviour.

“Hehe, Xiaobai is afraid of strangers and won’t let them touch him,” stated Yang Tian, rubbing Xiaobai’s head. “Brother Hao, Yun’er, I need to be on my way. Let us meet again.”

Xing Hao quickly yelled after him, “Brother Yang, how do we contact you so that I can repay the favour?”

“He called me Yun’er…” stated Yun’er, curling her black hair on her shoulder using her finger.

“Ahem…” coughed Xing Hao. Because he didn’t get a response, he waved at his sister. “Yoohoo, what are you thinking about? He’s already gone.”

“Stop being mean,” playfully cursed Yun’er, feeling her cheeks burn.

“Haha, hurry and treat your wounds. I’m certain Brother Yang has gone to Martial Arts Mountain given his talent. We might be lucky enough to run into him.”

Yang Tian didn’t continue cultivating his body on the way. Over the last ten-plus days, he had started to master Wind Splitter Palms to a certain degree.

Yang Tian had been musing over Xiaobai’s origins. The latter was amazingly fast and durable, but there was something weird that Yang Tian discovered. The energy from the Beast Core Xiaobai consumed would vanish, and Xiaobai’s physical body rapidly grew. Being able to cultivate one’s body merely by consuming a Beast Core was convenient, for sure.

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