Almighty – Ch. 24

The Grand Tournament Commences

“Yang Tian, you must die!” swore Wang Long, wearing on his murderous aura. Wang Long, who had practiced a calm and tranquil character for years, dug his fingernails into his hands till they bled. A schemer in every way possible, he elevated his clan to their standing through his numerous efforts. Because of his misgivings, he leaked a minute trace of qi and blood out of his body. He was far more powerful than his two rivals.

Kung Lang: What’s the old fool up to?

Kuang Lang had heard about Yang Tian and Lin Yuan’s grudge with Wang Long but felt Wang Long’s reaction was on the excessive side.

Kuang Lang: How in the world is Lin Yuan e in Blood Refinement’s Ninth Layer?!

The only explanation that Kuang Lang could attribute to Lin Yuan’s breakthrough to Blood Refinement Ninth Realm was a miracle happening unto him.

As Yang Tian walked, he mocked Wang Xing, who was practically sluggish, with his gaze. He then looked up to the host on the platform high above. Hands in a cupped-fist salute, he announced, “Sir, this one is here to participate in the tournament as Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy’s representative!”

The host wasn’t too happy about Yang Tian cutting him off before, but he didn’t dare to give the boy grief due to Lin Yuan’s released qi and blood. Hence, he nodded. “There are a total of fifty-six clans participating in today’s tournament. The competition between those twenty and under shall now commence. “

The drummers resumed drumming. Next, the host announced the names for the tournament to officially commence. Yang Tian and Lin Yuan found themselves a place to sit.

Green Stone Town was fifty kilometres away from Wild Cloud City, yet Yang Tian kept up with Lin Yuan on their run the entire way and had energy to spare. Lin Yuan, consequently, knew that Yang Tian’s cultivation had surpassed his own. Lin Yuan was incredibly proud that Yang Tian was able to go so far on his cultivation journey within merely one year.

Noticing the treacherous gaze on him, Yang Tian glanced up to the spectator platform to see Wang Long. The two smirked – obviously with savage thoughts in mind. Neither of them hid their intent to kill the other.

“He must die. He must die!” Wang Long continuously repeated to himself. His brain froze on him when he thought about the fact that Yang Tian killed Wang Feng despite having only cultivated for one year.

“Not bad. It truly isn’t shabby for people of their calibre to found at such a small place. The most important factor in Blood Refinement is one’s foundation, not speed,” commented one of the three individuals watching from the distance.

“By the way, I heard Second Prince sneaked out. Has her returned yet?” questioned the man in white.

“I didn’t hear about it when I left…”

Hua Die slashed with her hand enveloped in a jadeite qi blade. Subsequently, she performed short bursts of movement. With the wind blowing against her, her clothes glued to her body.

“Tsk, tsk, perfect,” praised the lecherous man from before.

Yang Tian, shifting around to bear with the noon heat, caught all of the man’s obscure behaviour. His mouth twitched, and he glared at the man.

“Fall!” As Hua Die leapt up for a qi-enhanced kick, kicking her opponent out of the ring.

“Round seventeen, Hua Die win. Next, number thirty five-versus number thirty-six!”

“My turn.” Yang Tian warmed up his neck as he casually rose to his feet.

“Be careful, Young Tian,” cautioned Lin Yuan, patting Yang Tian on the arm.

“Worry not, Father.”

While watching Yang Tian ascend the ring, Lin Yuan glanced over at Wang Long. Having lived with Yang Tian since he was young, Liu Yuan knew the former’s personality well enough.

As soon as Yang Tian reached the ring, a young man in yellow leapt up to the ring loudly and flamboyantly. “Kid, you haven’t even got your movement down pact, yet have the gall to be participating in the grand tournament? I’ll give you a chance to beg for mercy. Get lost.”


The young man in yellow meandered over to Yang Tian with his hands behind his back, leaving himself full of openings as if he was a master. “Take this!” the young man in yellow lunged over, leaving a gust of wind in his wake.

The young man’s fist crept closer and closer to Yang Tian, wind around his fist scattering as if it feared the force of the punch. The young man in yellow smiled aggressively and aimed his fist at Yang Tian’s head.

Smash! With one front kick, the ring quaked. As Yang Tian’s qi exited his body, the young man in yellow flew straight out of the ring and plummeted onto the ground below.

First Stage Seventh Layer. One move and that was all they wrote!

“Who is he?” inquired Hua Die, with a frown. Upon closer inspection, she realised that Yang Tian was younger than her, yet possessed might that was in no way inferior to her own. Moreover, his control over his power surpassed her own.

“Miss, he is from Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy. I heard that they have a grudge with Star Martial Arts Academy,” whispered the maid next to Hua Die.

“We’ve got quality entertainment, then,” remarked Hua Die.

Wang Xing, gnashing his teeth, looked horrible compare to his usual self.

The checked on the young man trembling on the ground and spaced out. Turning back to Yang Tian, he announced, “Round eighteen, Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy wins. The next round…”


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