Almighty – Ch. 23

Coming with a Flag

The fiery morning sun’s first rays of sunlights that reached Wild Cloud City woke up literally the entire city.

Today was every academy’s most important day.

The general trend was to gather power. As such, all those in Blood Refinement Realm put their nose to the grindstone and trained in hopes of establishing themselves at the tournament. To be fair, it was also the elders’ chance to make a name for themselves. If they could make it into the top ten, then they would be promised a rapid rise through their martial arts journey. If they could condense their own fighting spirit, then they would effortlessly reach Warrior Realm.

At the centre of Wild Cloud City, the rings that had Mystic Iron Water poured into them so that they could handle a full-power strike from a Half-step Warrior had been set up. Elder Kuang Lang, lord of Wild Cloud City, kept his eyes shut while the audience clamoured below the ring. Joining Kuang Lang on the spectator platform a hundred and fifty metres from ground level was Wang Long, attired in a black robe that reflected his gloomy attitude.

“Wang Long, I heard Wang Xing has almost reached the Ninth Realm. Your son is a favourite to win this time. I shall congratulate you beforehand.” Hua Qi, patriarch of one of the city’s biggest academies, had a nip of tea.

“Haha, he’s still got a long way before he reaches the Ninth Realm. He’s far from your lass,” replied Wang Long, waving it off with a crafty smile.

“Haha, you’re being too modest, Old Wang.” Hua Qi heaved a melancholic breath. “I haven’t seen Ol’ Feng in a while. My hands are getting itchy due to not having sparred in days.”

Wang Long’s heart skipped a beat. He shifted his gaze to Hua Qi and smiled. “Second Brother has gone out on business recently. He will be back in a few days. If your hands are itchy, how about I give you a round?”

“Haha, you jest, Old Wang. I am no match for you.”

Kuang Lang suddenly opened his eyes and contracted his brows. “Quiet. Hahaha, my people used to be born weak and frail. The large clans used to oppress us. Later on, our ancestors created a cultivation method to harness our potential. Our clansmen hide treasures in their bodies. Thanks to heroes in past ages expelling outsiders from the clan, blood was spilt outside our domain. Sun Continent is my clan’s domain!”

The story was recorded in ancient records, but the historical traces from the battles were long gone. The strong had the power to crush everything with a click of their fingers, and the entire world had their eyes on them.

Kuang Lang continued, “Green Sun Empire is one of the most powerful empires in the east of the continent. Although Wild Cloud City is just one corner of the entire empire and the weakest cities among them all, our emperor is wise. He grants us a large pool of resources as a reward at every Martial Arts Academy Tournament. Some young prodigies also see themselves enjoy a meteoric rise if the empire sees value in them.

“… The top ten places in this time’s tournament will win one thousand Low Grade bloodstones and ten Blood Pills. The top three will win one thousand Low-Grade bloodstones, one hundred Mid-Grade bloodstones and thirty Blood Pills. The overall winner will win three thousand Low-Grade bloodstones, one thousand Mid-Grade bloodstones, twenty Mid-grade Blood Pills and one Peak Blood Weapon!”

The prizes this time were rather too generous; there was more offered than last time.

When Star Martial Arts Academy won, they managed to establish a strong foundation at Wild Cloud City. As a matter of fact, they showed signs of surpassing the other two big academies.

“Ignorant motley crew. A few pills and they’re already so smug.” Three candidate inspectors bearing “Green Sun” on their breast pocket area in the distance stood with their hands behind their backs. Their qi and blood were several folds more potent than Kuang Lang’s. Whether or not a contestant would rise up in the world and enter the vast world of cultivation was up to their discretion.

The man in a black robe next to the first speaker laughed. “Third, that’s not fair of you to say. It’d be a miracle to find a Warrior in this small place.”

“True. I’m eager to see what level their geniuses are. I hope we didn’t come here for nothing, or we won’t even get a serve of soup.”

Martial arts Academies Tournaments were Green Sun Empire’s talent selection system. If they could find young men with outstanding talent, they, as the ones who found them, would be rewarded handsomely.

“The tournament shall commence. Competitors, please come and draw lots. Each clan is only permitted to send out one member!” announced the tournament host.

Young competitors, including both girls and boys, took to the ring as instructed. When one particularly competitor landed in the ring, her enchanting body immediately attracted.

“That’s Hua Die. She’s stunning. I heard she’s almost broken through to the Ninth Realm. She’s a famous figure among the three biggest academies.”

“Tsk, tsk, if she could lend me her body for a night, I’d happily die for it,” said a man with a thick back and boulder shoulders, lecherously molesting Hua Die with his eyes.

“Haha, Brother Hua Qi, your daughter has improved yet again,” a man in green next to Hua Qi counted.

“Brother Li, you’re exaggerating. Your son has improved by leaps and bounds,” Hua Qi replied, though proud to hear the compliment.

Wang Xing, adorning a white robe, conveyed, “Long-time no see, Die. You’ve improved again. I’m sure you’ll come out on top today given your skill.”

Hua Die pulled her eyebrows together. “I still can’t compare to you even if I did improve. Also, don’t call me Die from now.”

Wang Xing had noses up his rear ever since he was a kid. All he had to do was send a signal if he ever wanted a woman. He, however, always bit the bullet around Hua Die. The man who thought every woman was his couldn’t accept that.

Wang Xing: Keep up the high and mighty act. Once I take home first place, I’ll have you beg for me on your knees…

“Registrations are hereby compl-“

“Wait, Sir!” yelled someone in the distance.

Two figures came sprinting over from the distance. Their big flag that bore “Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy” in gold caught people’s attention.


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