Almighty – Ch. 25

Duel with Wang Xing

Yang Tian turned around and hollered, “Wait, Sir.”

“What is it?” responded the host.

“Mm, can I continue challenging people?”

The veins on Wang Xing’s forehead danced with more vigour.

“You can. The prerequisite is that you do not leave the ring. Having said that, the individual you challenge has the right to refuse.”

The majority of those Yang Tian set his gaze on averted their gaze. Finally setting eyes on Wang Xing, who was avoiding Yang Tian’s gaze, he smiled. “Wang Xing, come up!”

The people below were astonished to hear his challenge, not to mention his obvious killing intent.

Up on the spectator platform, Wang Long inwardly threatened –  if you harm my son, I’ll pull every bone out of your body, crush them to smithereens and feed your corpse to a dog.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re scared,” Yang Tian slighted.

If Wang Xing backed down, his status in the city would go down the drain henceforth. His fighting spirit would also rapidly rust. “Who said I’m scared?”

“Well, I suggested it, didn’t I?”

“Me? Scared of you? Who was the one running away with his tail between his legs days ago? I even nearly killed Lin Stupid Yuan.” Wang Xing’s legs felt heavy.

“At least, your mouth is tough. Fret not. Your old man will go hold your hand soon afterwards.”

Wasting no more words, Yang Tian dashed over. The pressure mentally crushed Wang Xing’s fighting spirit and had him taking short, shallow breaths.

“He’s comprehended ‘Power’.” Kuang Lang found himself stunned.

Those who could comprehend Power were undoubtedly the cream of the crop among geniuses. They were individuals who would make it to Warrior Realm without a shadow of doubt.

Power is the manifestation of one’s essence, energy, and spirit. Only those who forged an indomitable fighting spirit could control Power. As Yang Tian had only just begun to control it, controlling roughly thirty to forty metres of space was his current limit.

“Argh!” Wang Xing howled to fix his frayed nerves and due in part to the humiliation of freezing in fear.

“Eh? He does have balls down there. It seems that my control isn’t enough to turn it up. I heard Low-Tier Power can instantly crush those on the same level as yourself.”

Seeing Wang Xing draw a sword, Hua Qi ribbed, “So much for skill. He has even brandished Azure Energy Sword now.”

Azure Energy Sword was the Peak Blood Weapon that Star Martial Arts Academy won in the last tournament.

“Hmph, a win is a win. You two are being too fussy, don’t you think?” scoffed Wang Long, glaring at his two rival.

“Haha, if he can win that is.”

“Hmph, watch and see,” coldly retorted Wang Long.

“Yang Tian, let’s find out if your body is tougher than my sword,” challenged Wang Xing.

“You talk too much,” contemptuously responded Yang Tian.

Wang Xing imbued Azure Energy Sword with his qi and blood. The aura enveloping the sword, therefore, expanded. Eyes on the encroaching sword aura from above, Yang Tian hit back with crimson light blades on his fingertips.

A loud explosion followed a blinding light as they clashed. The moment the bright aura dissipated, Yang Tian stood erect and looked immaculate.

“Regardless of how superb a weapon may be, it’s just scrap without cultivation.”

Yang Tian appeared next to Wang Xing without the latter noticing. Sparks flew as Yang Tian’s fist shook Azure Energy Sword. The nasty vibration resulting from the clash induced numbness in the part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger on Wang Xing’s hand. His qi and blood began to blast its way out of his body, leading to him bleeding at the mouth.

“Hargh!” Yang Tian cracked the ring as he churned out more qi and blood. “Wang Xing, die!” Yang Tian slammed his fist on Azure Energy Sword while simultaneously kicking Wang Xing in the abdomen.

Wang Xing flew out, but Yang Tian pressed the attack, hammering Wang Xing in the head with his fist.

“Stop!” Wang Long leapt off the spectator platform, uncaging his aura as a Half-step Warrior as he took aim for Yang Tian’s head with both hands.

“Damn it!” Noticing Yang Tian’s plight, Lin Yuan jumped in.

“Stop him. Wang Long has lost his mind!” commanded Kuang Lang. If Yang Tian died, the inspectors from afar would give it to him. Alas, he was too far away to stop Wang Long.

Kilometres away, the shocked man in white prepared to go and assist. Nevertheless, his ally held him back. “Calm down, Second. Yang Tian is no idiot.”

“Old scum, I was waiting for you!” shouted Yang Tian, smiling violently. He suddenly used a vacuum technique to change the trajectory Wang Xing flew and hurled him into the way of Wang Long’s palms.

Blood rained. Bones shattered, and blood sprayed onto Wang Long’s wrinkly face. He looked at the headless corpse with a dumbstruck look.

“Mother of god… Wang… Long… killed his own son. That was brutal,” shakily remarked a man in the audience. The audiences’ expressions also froze.

“Yang Tian!” Rage virtually set Wang Long ablaze. His grey hairs wildly danced. His misery enveloped his mind.

“Haha, you like that, old man?” sarcastically asked Yang Tian, indifferently shrugging. “Doesn’t feel nice, does it?”


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