Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander – 22



“M4A1…” Springfield, who was carrying a tray of food, gave M4A1, who sat at the door, a subtle smile: “Are you waiting for Commander to wake up?”

“Oh, no, I just, mm…”

M4A1 touched her hair to relieve her tension. She then placed her hands behind her. She stuttered, yet still couldn’t express what was on her mind. Nevertheless, Springfield noticed and read all of her subtle actions. Springfield wore a smile, but she actually already tightened her grip on the tray, bending it somewhat.

M4A1 held a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Even T-Dolls knew what flowers represented. WA2000 wasn’t the only one who was jealous when they saw their commander carrying M4A1 in his arms. Maintaining her smile, Springfield said, “I understand you’re very worried about Commander, but he’s fine. Don’t worry so much. Shouldn’t you be concerned with Team AR? Go and contact your members.”

M4A1 could read between the lines. She bit her lip and placed the flower on the tray. Quietly, she said, “You’re right… I need to contact Team AR’s members… Please pass the flowers onto Commander. Just tell him I’m grateful he protected SOP and me… Yeah, that’s all…”

Springfield nodded. M4A1 placed the bouquet of flowers on the tray but was reluctant to remove her hand. She knew she wouldn’t be able to grab hold again if she let go. She looked up at Springfield; the latter smiled back: “M4A1, Commander confessed to me last night. I’m enjoying my happiest day right now; you understand manners, right?”

M4A1 revealed astonishment. Resembling a captured rabbit, she mumbled, “Oh, mm, congratulations.”

M4A1 finally let go. She left as though she was fleeing. Springfield’s smile gradually vanished as M4A1 left. She dumped M4A1’s bouquet of flowers in the bin and snorted. Then, she smiled cheerfully again and knocked…


Hours later…

“Commander, how are you? Persica says you are already doing fine. While this is not the best course of action in consideration of your health, we do not have much time. Strategic Area S09’s Sangvis Ferri team suffered heavy losses in their last attack. We have the best opportunity to take back Strategic Area S09 before us. Therefore, we need you to return and lead a counterattack. The most important task is to rescue the remaining two members of Team AR. They are the elites among the elites. Do not make a mistake,” said Helian, shutting her document folder after.

Springfield walked up to Helian and took the folder. Then, she placed it on my desk. I thought Helian would comment on my relationship with Springfield, but she didn’t. It seemed as though it was perfectly normal to her.

“Understood. I will return to Strategic Area S09 to lead a counterattack once I have healed. I hope you can provide me with more T-Dolls for the mission. At present, I only have two small teams. It is honestly not enough.”

“You will be provided with more elite T-Dolls, so do not worry,” said Helian, nodding. She then directed her attention to Springfield: “By the way, Springfield, we have approved your job request. You will be appointed the cafeteria manager once you return to Strategic Area S09.”

“Understood,” replied Springfield, with a nod.

Surprised, I asked, “Springfield, you put in a job request? I don’t remember there being a cafeteria at Strategic Area S09.”

“That is why I need to ask you to open a cafeteria,” answered Springfield, smiling. “Humanoids need rest, as well. Would it not be nice to have a place where we can rest and chat? Moreover, that would allow us to have more time together. I will reserve a spot for you, Commander.”

“I think Miss Kalina will object,” I commented with a helpless smile.

With nothing left to convey or answer, Helian nodded: “I shall take my leave now. I hope to hear you have completely occupied Strategic Area S09 soon.”

I nodded: “I will do my best.”

Helian left. She never genuinely asked how I was doing… Well, I guess she didn’t have a reason to. Her command was motivated by a desire for me to hurry and get up. I enjoyed a carefree lifestyle with Springfield, but I was still working for Griffon. They even gave me my girlfriend. Therefore, I had to return to work.

M4A1 and Helian passed by each other. M4A1 bowed her head as a greeting, and Helian nodded before continuing on her way. Springfield sulked when she saw M4A1 come in. I asked M4A1, “What’s the matter, M4A1? Have you heard from other members of Team AR?”

“Yes…” replied M4A1. She licked her lips and nervously looked at Springfield and me. She nodded: “Yes… I have contacted AR15… AR15 and I have determined a rendezvous point; however… you have not recovered yet… If you cannot return to Strategic Area S09 yet, I will go on my own…”

“It’s important, so I’ll head back. Don’t worry about me. I’ll do my best to return to Strategic Area S09 and lead AR15’s retrieval mission. Protecting your Team AR is my duty. M4A1. Don’t worry. I’ll be going back soon.”


Current time on Team 404’s end.

“This is UMP45. That is correct, sadly. Judging from the status quo, Mr. Kryuger, M16A1 has already turned. Repeat: M16A1 has turned,” calmly reported UMP45, whilst the wounded HK416 carried out emergency first aid on UMP9.

“Is that affirmative?”

“Absolutely affirmative. M16A1’s cloud map has been altered. We can consider M16A1 a traitor. We cannot confirm what Sangvis Ferri have acquired, but M16A1 has become an extremely dangerous target. Please command all humanoids in Griffon to eliminate M16A1 on sight. Team 404 shall continue tailing M16A1. Please give permission to eliminate her.”

“Permission granted.”

“Roger that. Team 404, over.”


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