Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander – 18

Surprise Attack

“We have successfully arrived at our destination. Beginning camp construction. Please send transportation to assist our extraction.”

I was quite surprised M4A1’s team successfully reached their destination. The two members were separated at an area belonging to Sangvis Ferri. It was a blind spot for Strategic Area S09. We had satellites, but the tight patrols and large enemy numbers shouldn’t have missed M4A1’s team and allowed them to regroup so easily. The enemy was either planning to capture the entire team in one fell swoop, or they were off on another mission.

“Mm… Kalina, Kalina, please send the drones at our base out to a spot nearby M4A1’s team’s location. Yes, send them.”

In my opinion, M4A1 and her Team AR’s safety needed to be ensured. Griffon gave me a job, so I had to make sure they’d be safe. I called M4A1 again: “M4A1, I’ve sent offensive-type drones from the base over. You can set up their explosive radius. Once Sangvis Ferri surround you, remember to break out of the siege immediately.”

“Roger. Everything is normal so far based on what I can see. I believe Sangvis Ferri have not tailed us. “

M4A1 said she was confident, but I could detect uncertainty in her voice. I asked myself: “Shall I put my faith in M4A1’s abilities as a leader… or myself…?”

Something didn’t sit right with me. I removed my headphones and vigilantly looked over to the steel door I shut. Springfield was forbidden from approaching the office. T-Dolls only knew how to fight, not command… That was what I thought before meeting M4A1… Miss Kalina was a logistics officer. She should’ve been controlling the drones up in the sky.

“Who’s in the building?” I questioned myself.

I didn’t hear any voices, but my intuition told me someone was present. I stood up and pulled out a handgun from a drawer… The gun was useless against T-Dolls in the base; still, I figured it was better than nothing… I did my best to cautiously approach the door. I gently turned the handle to shut it but not lock it.

I felt a reciprocal force as I predicted. Whoever it was made sure to carefully push the door open. A gun entered as the door opened.

I grabbed the gun and yanked it over. Then, I wrestled the intruder over, locked them in a rear-naked choke and…

At least that was how it meant to go. In reality, I had a punch land flush on my nose… I was wrestled to the ground instead of yanking the gun. The pain left me in tears.

“Wow, now that’s an original greeting, Commander,” said the intruder, voice flippant.

She pulled me up while I was still stunned. I rubbed my eyes to reduce the dizzy spell. There wasn’t just one individual but four. To my surprise, the young girl who pulled me up didn’t have anything at her dress. She looked at me with a bright smile. I spotted a clear scar by her left eye. She had her vanguard UMP45 by her waist. She pinched my nose and said, “Remember to be gentler with me next time, nevertheless, Commander. Your nose will not like that feeling.”

“Y-You are…?”

“Yes, I am UMP45, leader of Team 404.  This is my younger sister, UMP9. This is HK416. This is the lifeless G11.”

UMP45, who just punched my nose in, didn’t show an apologetic attitude… I pinched my nose with one hand and shook their hands with my other: “Sorry, I’m still in the middle of commanding the frontlines, so I don’t have time to give you a welcome reception…”

“Huh? You are still commanding the combat team out in the field?”

UMP45 looked at me with her eyes narrowed. She sounded surprised. I didn’t know why she sounded surprised, though. I was aware that I didn’t look reliable on the field, and I was floored when I struck first just a moment ago. That being said, I was Griffon’s current commander. I didn’t think I was classified as useless.

“Oh, sorry, I am not questioning your abilities. We know all about you and your superb war achievements.”

Apparently, UMP45 read my mind. She quickly waved it off, though. In saying that, she maintained her nonchalant smile: “On our way here, you see, we noticed a large number of Sangvis Ferri signals in the nearby vicinity. In addition, they are racing here. I thought you were setting up defences. I did not think you were still giving directions to the team in the field. What are your commands now?”


“I am not lying, you know? So, Commander, do you plan to flee or await death?”


Same time on M4A1’s end…

“M4! I’m here, M4! Hahaha, I’m so glad! I was so worried about you,” exclaimed the black T-Doll, upon seeing M4.

She even hugged M4, and M4 reciprocated the hug. The two then looked behind them. The two were supposed to arrive together, yet there was only the black T-Doll.

“Phew… I’m glad you’re safe. SOP II, where is AR-15?”

SOP hesitated to reply. She looked to M4. Her red eyes darted back and forth subtly. Quietly, she answered, “M4, you must remain calm. Sangvis Ferri managed to eavesdrop on our calls. I don’t know how they did it… In order to delay our pursuers, AR-15 is buying us time.”

“Time? What time?” M4 froze. M4 scanned the quiet forest. There wasn’t even a Sangvis Ferri straggler, let alone a Sangvis Ferri army.

Sten and Skorpion were tense; however, they didn’t hear about any enemies. The drones in the sky weren’t caught by any enemies, ether. So, the question was, “Why did AR-15 need to stall for time for their escape?”

“They… have already set out toward your command centre. Sangvis Ferri’s local leader has already launched the operation. Take me back now. I’ll explain on the way,” loudly said M4, after grabbing SOP tightly.

M4A1 froze. She quickly picked up her communication device and shouted, “Commander! Commander! A big Sangvis Ferri combat force is heading your way! Commander! Commander, do you copy?! Do you copy?! Commander! We are on our way back right now! We are on our way back!”


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