Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander – 27

Celebration Banquet

“Hng, hng, hng.”

Springfield cheerfully combed her hair and hummed a tune. She kept checking herself as she fiddled with her hair. She used to have her flaxen hair tied together in a simple style, but she combed it into a proper bun this time. I didn’t know where she learnt it from, but either way, T-Dolls were impressive leaners.

I lied on the bed with my head on my hand, silently watching Springfield put on makeup. Perhaps it was new feeling to me. I didn’t feel irritated while waiting for my wife to doll up as other men did. I, in fact, found her to be breathtaking. I could watch her forever; I just didn’t have that much time.

Our clothes were hung up on a hanger. I had a standard Griffon military uniform. The straight design reminded me of my former uniform. I received medals and accolades in my old uniform, but that was all in the past. Springfield’s blue dress sat next to my suit. She looked amazingly elegant, feminine and gentle in it, causing my index finger to be fidgety. To protect the dress, Springfield refused to wear it on the bed last night.

I was curious about a few things: “Was Springfield genuinely happy last night, though? She scratched my back until I bled; was that her aroused reaction? Do T-Dolls like intercourse so much?”

Springfield climbed onto the bed and gave my nose a light pinch. Smiling, she said, “I’m happy to see you looking at me that way. You need to prepare, nevertheless. We will be late, otherwise.”


I sat up and stretched my back out, only for Springfield to giddily push me off the bed. She picked up the lipstick by the side and applied it to her lips. I got ready much quicker than her. The only challenging part was fixing on my medals and badges. I didn’t have many, fortunately, so it didn’t take too long.

“Come here, Captain,” called Springfield.

Springfield added the finishing touch – my tie. She was done, as well. I held her hand and smiled: “Springfield, you look amazing. I feel so lucky to have you as my wife. I never expected I’d score such a pretty wife when I came here.”

“Hehe, you sure have a glib tongue, Commander.”

Springfield leaned onto my chest and caressed my face. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Then, she wiped the lip mark on my face with her handkerchief.

There happened to be a vehicle waiting for us from Griffon. Kalina was waiting by the vehicle. She opened the door for us when we came over. I let Springfield in first and said to Kalina, “Kalina, Strategic Area S09 will be in your hands while I’m absent. You and G36 need to hold down the fort.”

“Oh… I wanted to attend the banquet, too… Why did you not invite me, Commander?”

“Who would I entrust Strategic Area S09 to if you weren’t around?” I rhetorically asked. I scrubbed Kalina’s head and smiled: “I’ll bring back a present for you. When I get back, you can have a vacation. You can do whatever you like while on vacation.”

“Mm! Thank you, Commander! Come back soon, Commander!” exclaimed Kalina, moving aside and mischievously saluting me.

I got into the car and shut the door. Springfield smiled and commented, “This is my first time attending headquarters’ celebration banquet.”

“Same here…” I remarked in my mind.

Past celebration banquets were just the few of us sharing some drinks, and then going off on our own ways, as we’d have to enjoy another mission lasting for more days than I could keep track of the day after. I didn’t know how to dance, either. I planned to eat something, and be done with it. I just hoped Springfield could enjoy it.

WA2000 silently sat at the front with a viola case. She wasn’t remotely energetic as she used to be around Springfield. More precisely, she was very frigid to both of us. She didn’t want to utter a word to neither of us. Springfield didn’t appear to care, nonetheless. I’d go as far as to say that WA2000 didn’t exist to her. WA2000 accompanied us as our bodyguard, because I felt she was the most trustworthy. Finally, the wheels began to turn, taking us toward headquarters.

Springfield was very quiet in the car. She gazed at the scenery outside and quietly hummed a tune. I held her hand. I never felt so nervous even when I was up against Sangvis Ferris minions.

“Why am I suddenly feeling more and more nervous?” I asked myself.

The car stopped at what seemed to be an inspection station. They opened the door. I saw several geared up soldiers standing outside. I passed the soldiers my proof of identity as Griffon’s commander. I showed Springfield and WA2000’s ID, too. They checked our IDs, and then nodded to let us through.

The instant the car door shut, the prosperous scene of the city entered my sights. I hadn’t seen such a prosperous city in ages while working at Strategic Area S09. Seeing skyscrapers, street lamps and whatnot was dazzling and refreshing. There were no warning sirens or guns clanging. I, instead, heard vehicles moving and people conversing. Springfield gave me a smile: “Is this where humans live now? It’s different to what I used to think.”

“Mm, to be honest, I’m only just learning that now, as well,” I stated, and then dryly chuckled.

It had been too long since I last mingled with crowds. When I went to the camp to begin serving as a phantom, I was mentally prepared to never see the city again.

The car stopped at our destination. A young girl in black opened the door. She had an MP40 submachine gun hanging at her chest. She saluted me then helped Springfield out. My eyes beheld a stately European building. The ginormous spinning door reflected the golden sun that was highlighted by the fountain at the door.

The influential figures in resplendent clothing were seen going back and forth. I smelt power and money. I surveyed the surroundings with a blank look. I didn’t feel as though I belonged among them.

“Oh, Commander.”

I turned around to face the owner of the familiar voice. It was Miss Helian, who was dressed in a red-wine dress. She stood there with her arms folded and walked over to me when I turned around. I guess she could still manage red high heels after being used to being in boots.

“Miss Helian, you looked very pretty in your dress.”

“Let us not waste our energy on pleasantries. You’re already married,” ripped Helianthus, with an eye roll. “Come with me. WA2000, you go and report to the T-Dolls’ check ins. Springfield, you’re here with the commander. The people here are very interested in your battle epics. Commander, share things stories they would like to hear. That will gain Griffon more credibility, subsequently encouraging investments.”

“Mm, I’ll try my best. I can’t say I’m very good at story telling.”


Same time on A15’s end.

“I’ve arrived at 16Lab. I can establish a communication network with all T-Dolls here. This is where I needed to come to. Sorry, Persica but T-Dolls must make their own decision!” resolved AR 15.


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