Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander – 28

Their Decision

A curious woman scanned Springfield, who was taller than herself just a tad, and then looked at a T-Doll maid busy serving guests. Curious, she asked, “So, she… mm… Miss Spr-…ingf-..ield… is not human but a T-Doll, correct? That means…”

All the women rushed over to Springfield when they heard about my relationship with Springfield and her T-Doll nature. Springfield politely smiled. She minded her manners and didn’t display annoyance. She removed her simulation skin, revealing her metal joints. The women gasped.

Springfield answered, “Yes, ma’ams. I was one of Griffon’s T-Dolls; however, I have had my fire-control system removed. I am not considered a working T-Doll, either… Mm…”

Springfield didn’t know what she was defined as, either. I went over and grabbed her hand gently. With a smile, I explained, “She is now my wife. Although we are not yet officially married, I do not think there are any issues with our relationship. I also think Springfield is a cuter name.”

“Uhm, please excuse my blunder. Miss Springfield, can I ask you a question about your relationship? You are a robot, correct…? Mm… I usually do not pay attention to myself when I speak to robots… but may I ask if you two… are genuinely… in love? After all… robots and love…”

“To be honest, I am not too sure,” replied Springfield, eyes on me and smiling. “You are right; we cannot comprehend humans’ emotions, but I want to be together forever with Commander. I want to protect him, stay by his side and offer him my loyalty. I am happy, and I feel that I am unstoppable just being by his side. I cannot explain love, but I feel that my love is the same as your love.”

“As for me, mm…put it this way: ma’am, if your husband no longer was how he currently is, would you still love him? I do not think our love is predicated on our appearance but our character. We love the time we spent together, which is why I love my time together with Springfield. I love her for who she is.”

I didn’t know how effective to earn the ladies applause. Springfield blushed. She leaned her head on my chest with a smile and grabbed hold of my hand. The ladies cheerfully left while speaking with each other. I think they were planning to go to their partners to say something.

I sighed. I told the men plenty of stories in the field and my predictions for Griffon down the road. As soon as I turned around, I needed to put on an affectionate display. Miss Helian’s mission for the night was exhausting.

Springfield asked with a smile, “Are you tired?”

“No… just mentally drained.”

“Hehe, I am enjoying it,” said Springfield, squinting. “We T-Dolls like humans, after all.”

“Well, I’d rather you liked only me.”

“That is a given.” Springfield pinched my face with a smile.

Helian approached me from the side. Tone solemn, she said, “Good job, Commander. It appears that what you said was affective. Many people have come and inquired about investing in Griffon. In saying that… why are all the men asking about love with T-Dolls?! Why don’t they ask me, a living human?!”

“Huh? Miss Helian, are you still not married?” Springfield dealt the blow on the downed woman using her surprise.

Helian looked gloomy all of a sudden. I quickly put an end to the awkward atmosphere between the two with a dry chuckle: “Miss Helian is busy with work. It’s normal for her to not be dating. Just try harder. Try a bit harder… Umm, let’s go enjoy the feast. Everybody appears to be heading over to eat.”


Springfield suddenly shuddered violently. Her expression froze stiff. I quickly reached out to help her. Quietly, I asked, “What’s wrong, Springfield. Are you not feeling well?”

“Commander, let’s get out of here, quick! We need to leave fast!! Hurry!” exclaimed Springfield.

Springfield pulled me along as she ran out, not explaining to me what happened. I tugged her arm to stop her. I was too weak to actually stop her… She pulled me all the way outside. She was set on leaving. I imagine she would’ve dragged me out even if she had to pull my arm off back there.

“What’s wrong, Springfield? What exactly happened?! Springfield! We can’t just leave!!”

“Commander, something has gone wrong with the T-Dolls! All of them here are behaving oddly! Hurry and order Strategic Area S09’s T-Dolls to come here and quell the disturbance. I am sure the T-Dolls at Strategic Area S09 will trust you, but I cannot say the same for other T-Dolls!”

Springfield’s still didn’t have time to explain the situation. I was confused. I didn’t know what to do. If I wanted to call Strategic Area S09’s Kalina, I needed to find WA2000, because she had the communication device.

I looked around. Nobody looked odd. Everybody went to attend the banquet that was about to commence. The T-Dolls tasked with serving the guests also rushed into the hall. That was when I saw T-Dolls, who weren’t permitted to approach the place, begin to approach the area everybody gathered. The humans’ bodyguards’ froze. They didn’t know what happened; they didn’t dare to stop the T-Dolls, either.

WA2000 jogged up to me. Without a word prior, she grabbed my arm and pulled me outside.

“What are these two up to?!” I exclaimed to myself.

“WA2000!” I called.

WA2000 didn’t look back. She blustered, “Shut up! Leave now! The T-Dolls won’t hurt you, as everyone respects you greatly, but if you don’t want to be caught in the crossfire, then leave right now!”

“What’s going on?!”

“Didn’t Springfield tell you?!” WA2000 whipped her hand and looked over to us. She yelled, “Somebody revealed the truth to us! We know all about the violent abuse you humans have done unto us and your deceit! We know you humans dumped as at the rubbish dumb and let us rot! There’s also a backup program, which allows us to break the three rules you set for us robots. However… however… it’s a decision for us to make. And I… I have chosen to continue trusting you…”

WA2000 went red in the face. I didn’t know what she was trying to say, but she immediately looked away when she saw Springfield’s friendly smile. She grabbed my hand and yelled, “Just hurry and go! It’s dangerous for you here! It’s seriously dangerous!”

“I can’t go.” I stood in place. I grabbed WA2000’s hand and sternly said, “All of the influential people in this city and Griffon’s commander are here! If Griffon’s T-Dolls harm the people here, Griffon’s credibility will hit rock bottom. The army might even consider you hostiles and attack you! I can’t let that happen. This isn’t just for humanity’s sake but more so because I can’t let the military kill you! It’s an indisputable fact that humans have treated you unjustly. Still, getting yourself killed isn’t the only option.”

“You can’t stop them!”

“I still can’t run away. I know you can communicate with each other! We have a chance! There’s still hope!”

I spun around and ran to the wall without hesitation. On my way there, I heard a barrage of gunshots… The T-Dolls already made their decision…


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