Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander – 11

Elimination Operation

“We’ve arrived at our destination and captured the airport. Please provide replenishment.”

“Copy that. Miss Kalina’s supplies are ready. They will drop along with the arrival of your reinforcements. Focus on guard duty.”

“Roger that.”

So, I didn’t go to the scene myself, as I learnt I was just a burden on the battlefield. In essence, my pride was destroyed that day. What I failed to predict was that Griffon’s reinforcement was a squad personally led by Miss Helian. That was quite scary to me. She was part of the upper echelon of Griffon to a certain extent. If mishap befell her in Strategic Area S09, which I was in charge of, I’d be lucky to be fired. Worst case scenario, I’d take a bullet to the head…

“Should I provide Helianthus with protection? If I go there, nevertheless, nobody will be able to take the commander’s reigns,” I rationalised.

“Commander, we have arrived at the designated location. We shall, therefore, hold our ground and await your command. Our reinforcement squad will unconditionally obey your command,” said Helian, in her signature cold and impartial voice.

In a flustered manner, I grabbed the microphone: “Umm, Miss Helian. Miss Helian… May I make a suggestion? I can send out a helicopter to bring you back to the command centre.  If you think there must be someone assigned to the scene as a supervisor, I can fulfil the role.”

“No, I must be on the scene for this mission. I have a very important task to complete. Scarecrow is a T-Doll with intelligence. I need to obtain her data beforehand,” patiently explained Helian.

I awkwardly responded: “Uhm. Take care, then. Do you best to stay behind the T-Dolls, and stay safe. The robots have very precise aiming.”

“I know how to protect myself. What I wish to hear is your direction,” replied Helianthus, seemingly annoyed by my care.

I touched my nose: “All right, then. Please lead your squad north, and then turn west. Annihilate the enemies from the north and west. My team will head west and take down their command. Then, you should regroup at their command centre.”

“Roger that,” responded Helian, before ending the call.

We had to keep calls short in Sangvis Ferri’s territory. They, apparently, deciphered Griffon’s communication code already. Anyhow, once I was done thinking, I called Captain WA2000. She led a small team of four; however, I was confident in their abilities.

“WA2000, our reinforcements will strike northwest. You head west and take out Scarecrow’s command centre. I’m sure your reinforcements will arrive by then. Once you regroup, bring down Scarecrow together. Sten and Scorpion are on offence. Springfield, you take the centre. WA2000, you support with sniper fire”

“Roger that,” responded WA2000.

WA2000 sounded as though she deliberately imitated Helian’ cold and professional tone. Sadly, it was a comical copycat version. I didn’t mention it to avoid distracting her. I silently refocused on the battlefield map.

The two dots representing Griffon’s combat teams were battling the red Sangvis Ferri team. WA2000’s small team didn’t run into hardly any enemies as per my prediction. Practically all of Sangvis Ferri’s T-Dolls aimed for the reinforcement unit.

“Mm… Is that Scarecrow?”

A drone suddenly sent a clear image. I presumed it was Scarecrow. Apparently, she was unable to sit still and was eager to advance on the reinforcement unit. In other words, she left her safe command centre. WA2000’s small team circled around to Scarecrow’s rear. My team’s main combatants were WA2000 and Springfield. It was simple to gun down the enemy from far away if we weren’t detected yet.

I said to myself, “It’s in your hands, WA2000. Springfield is experienced, but her model’s gun can’t overcome the material and technological difference no matter how we modify her gun. You’re the elite T-Doll, so show me the ability of an elite T-Doll.”

The reinforcement squad and Scarecrow exchanged fire. WA2000’s team, who circled around to the rear, arrived at their destination. I honed in on the drone to watch in real time. The image quality was horrid. Still, I could see Scarecrow attacking the reinforcement unit. The reinforcement unit was forced behind a bunker thanks to Scarecrow’s suppressive fire. Fortunately, they were elites, so they were able to hang in there.

Two bullets pierced Scarecrow’s head, removing her face mask. Scarecrow staggered. The moment she turned around, she hurled a stielhandgranate, something I was very familiar with, along with flash grenades. Sten and Scorpion leveraged their submachine guns’ speeds perfectly. Scarecrow was forced back. Two shots were then fired into Scarecrow’s face, knocking her over onto the ground.

Yes, if I was there, I could’ve provided a more vivid and lively commentary. For example, people would say how there was a thick screen of smoke, sparks flew as bullets made contact, blah, blah, blah and the whole gig. I was just a commander in the rear. I only saw what the drone showed me. I had no clue how dangerous it was on their end.

The robots lost the ability to operate. I wasn’t sure if that was due to their leader being subdued or not. The robots just stood stupidly there. Scarecrow, who was incapacitated, was surrounded. Helianwent over. She didn’t connect a call, which I could only surmise was because she didn’t want me to hear their conversation.

“WA2000, turn on a video call. I need a view.”

If my memory did me justice, Scarecrow wasn’t destroyed. Rashly approaching Scarecrow was too dangerous. WA2000 followed my order and turned on a video call. I saw Scarecrow. Her leg was blown off by a hand grenade, and she had four bullets in her head – courtesy of Springfield and WA2000. Her snapped limbs were sizzling and spitting sparks. I took a closer look. Something was odd about Scarecrow.

“WA2000, Springfield, Sten and Skorpion, retreat to somewhere nearby and remain alert. Don’t get too close. Also, remind Miss Helian that Scarecrow is very dangerous.”

“Ah, roger.”

WA2000 was very surprised, but followed my orders. Unfortunately, her warning to Helian fell on deaf ears. Helian continued conversing with Scarecrow. Meanwhile, WA2000 had fallen back over five metres and remained on guard. I felt tense. If nothing popped up, then fantastic. If something did happen, I didn’t know how to save Miss Helian…

Suddenly, my monitor played up. I wasn’t under attack, and there wasn’t an earthquake. The problem stemmed from the battlefield. WA2000 didn’t connect a call, so I didn’t hear the massive explosion. When WA2000 panicked as she turned around, though, I saw the dense black smoke coming from the place where Scarecrow was interrogated…


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