Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander – 15


“Commander! What is this about?!” shouted WA2000, arms folded when she met me as I got off the helicopter.

“Umm… M4A1’s leg is hurt, so… I don’t have a choice…”

WA2000’s voice was probably louder than the helicopter’s rotors. I took two steps forward with M4A1 in my arms. I placed her on a stretcher prepared for her. She released her hold around my neck and grabbed my hand. I could see her concern in her eyes. I sincerely said, “Rest assured M4A1. I’ll report everything as it is to the brass. If Griffin gives their approval, I promise to save your team members.”

“Mm.” M4A1 obediently nodded, and then let the medical robot take her away to be repaired.

I passed my rifle and bullet-proof armour to Springfield. I hesitated for a brief moment before going up to grumpy WA2000. Smiling awkwardly, I said, “Umm, WA2000, we couldn’t have done it without you. You were remarkable out there.”

“Mm… Humph! That’s obvious! I’m an elite T-Doll!” exclaimed WA2000, blushing as she looked away.

I laughed in response. I cautiously touched her head, resulting in her shuddering. She frantically retreated and grabbed her head. She raised her voice and yelled, “Wh-What are you doing…? That was rude!!”

“Oh, sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself… You’re cute, after all.” I tried my best to explain myself to WA2000 due to her reaction.

WA2000 looked surprised. I had the impression she didn’t believe what I said… I didn’t think what I said was rude… Springfield came to the rescue. She patted me on the shoulder with a smile: “We shall go to settle down, Commander. By the way, you looked cool when you dispatched Executioner.”

“Ah.” I nodded. I turned around and said, “You all did well. Go and prepare. I’ll go and report to Miss Helian.”


“… Humph.”

I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not, but I was under the impression that WA2000’s snort was rather timid. I headed to the commander office and called up Helian.

“Ah, excuse me, Commander, I have intercepted the call, but I have a good guess of what you want to report. Just tell me; it has to do with M4A1 I presume?”

Persica showed up on the monitor instead or Miss Helian. Persica had her breasts exposed just as she did last time. I suppose she never bothered with her appearance… I reactively took a step back. Maybe her domes stressed me out…

“Ar-Are you sure Miss Helian would allow you to do this?”

“It’s fine. M4A1 is our 16Lab’s elite T-Doll in the first place, which is why it’s perfectly normal for me to be in charge of her safety. You looked cool out there when you rescued her. You’re the first human to take out one of Sangvis Ferri’s elite T-Dolls. Nevertheless, now is not the time to be praising you. I want to know how Team AR is doing.”

“Team AR, umm… I was waiting to report to Miss Helian, and await her command.”

“I’ll give you your command on her behalf, then. I’m sure your next mission will be to go and save them, anyway. Team AR comprises of Griffon’s best elite T-Dolls; they won’t give up on any of them. You need to go and save Team AR now. I’ll be waiting for your good news.”

“You… don’t want to speak to M4A1?”

“Well… no, no need. I’m confident in her, though. She also carries my hopes… I look forward to seeing what she does.”


Persica ended the call before I could speak again. Miss Helian didn’t pick up my call. I silently deliberated the situation to myself. I decided to contact Miss Helian before taking action, since she was my superior I reported directly to. I couldn’t thoughtlessly take orders from just anyone.


Present time at the equipment room…

After removing her damaged clothing, WA2000 then placed her rife carefully on the shelf. A professional would adjust and repair the gun where necessary later. She lowered her head and whinged: “Geez, the commander treats me as a child!”

Springfield flicked her hair and set down her hairdryer: “But you’re happy, aren’t you?”

“I-I am not! You saw how he carried M4A1! He’s a fickle man!”

“WA2000, are you jealous?”

“I’m not!” WA2000 went from ashamed to angry. She yanked open her locker and went to grab her clothes but was surprised by a small brown box inside: “What is…”

WA2000 blankly looked at the box. She carefully grabbed it. She felt a cold sensation on her fingers. A smile slowly, but obviously, crept up onto her face.

Springfield smiled and remarked, “What’s wrong? You seem very happy, WA2000.”

WA2000 slammed her locker shut. With her hands behind her back and hot flushes on her face, she replied, “Nothing! Nothing! Nothing at all! I’m not that happy! Nothing! I-I’m done, so I’m leaving! Hurry up, Springfield!”

“Ah…” Springfield meant to call out to WA2000, but the latter didn’t listen, swiftly leaving the room instead.

Spring sighed after WA2000 shut the door behind her. She looked into her locker and smiled. There was a box of ice-cream sitting inside her locker. She grabbed it and mumbled to herself, “Commander… is so nice to us. We’re all going to be jealous…”


That night.

“Commander, I have received your report. I shall now give you your new mission. We must locate the remaining members of Team AR as soon as possible. They are one of Griffon’s most important teams. We must do our best to not lose any members. We will provide you with an elite team as reinforcements. The plans will soon be sent to you. We will be expanding the roles of Strategic Area S09. Commander, thanks to your commendable efforts, your skills have been acknowledged by Griffon. Your future missions will be more difficult.”


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