Almighty – Ch. 844

Herb Deities Valley

Yang Tian finished the wines a month later. All the wine left the entire ring interior with its aroma. He lit up the entire area golden with his golden body. His breaths sent tremors through the surroundings. He had powered up. Arm muscle contractions shook the air. His Divine Soul shook and emitted potent energy. He manifested a shining golden dragon from his back; its scales rattled.

Yang Tian opened his eyes. His upgraded eyes were incredible. He watched the large dragon in the void that had yet to awaken its true power. After it vanished, he got up. He saw something others couldn’t in the vicinity. It was Heaven and Earth Rule; he was wowed. He still had a long way to go before attaining Divine Eyes.

As soon as Yang Tian returned outside, he saw a Mutated Beast pulling a war chariot across the sky. It turned out Herb Deities Valley had opened. Jiu Bingyan couldn’t believe he didn’t know what Herb Deities Valley was. He smiled helplessly when his ignorance rendered her speechless. To be fair, how was he supposed to know the power hierarchy in Great Desolation? Anyhow, she went on to explain their history and affiliation with divine herbs.

Yang Tian asked, “Is my brother’s Twelve Universe Killing Formation on par with the formations inside?”

“Yes. I told you it was among the best killing formations in the primordial area, so it’s capable of slaying deities.” Yang Xiao nodded but said, “It takes a lot of divine materials to create them, however. For that reason, they’re only activated when one’s life depends on it.”

Yang Tian: “Divine materials!”

“They’re rare materials now, but big clans during the primordial era that passed down Inheritances had them. It’s not easy to break the Inheritance. It takes a big investment to break it.”

“Brother Yang, let’s visit Herb Deities Valley.” Jiu Bingyan wasn’t a genius, but Yang Tian could enter with his cultivation.

Smiling, Yang Xiao said, “There’s no harm in going. We can’t go to Long-Lost Divine Realm at the moment, anyway. Your cultivation might benefit from the visit.”

“All right.” Yang Tian nodded. Since Yang Xiao praised it so highly, Yang Tian figured it was worth a visit.

Yang Tian travelled via the sky. He passed by many venerated individuals. Foreigners and ancestors also headed there. They didn’t dare to try anything funny because there were too many humans there.

Face hidden behind a veil, Yuan Xia pointed and said, “It’s right up ahead.”

There was colourful steam whisking into the sky from the big valley. Yang Tian spotted a divine fire circulating on a tree. Every leaf contained dao essence. The golden flames distorted the air. It was called a Sun Divine Tree. It was one of the valley’s guardians and possessed intelligence.

Watching the people approach, a creature demanded, “Stop there!”

People fell from the sky. Flying was forbidden there. The killing formations would kill anyone who attempted to. Yang Tian’s trio descended as they were told. The foreigners, of course, ignored the warning.

“Stop! You are not allowed to fly here!”

The adept shrouded in mist soared across the sky. Thanks to his upgraded eyes, Yang Tian identified it was a miracle flower!


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