Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 641

World Manifestation Cycle Seal

The carved railing on the ritual platform stopped Mu Yu’s fall, while his black and white spiritual energy healed the damage the soul energy inflicted on his body. Nonetheless, Gui Ximing pressed the attack, forcing Mu Yu to lift Shadow Splitter Sword overhead to guard. Gui Ximing’s sheer strength drove Mu Yu onto the platform and to the edge of World Manifestation Cycle Seal.

Xiaoshuai and the dragon vine hurried to Mu Yu’s aid, giving the other five twins the chance to surround them from above.

“Let’s see you escape this time!”

Gui Ximing, smiling wrathfully, initiated the next round, prompting Mu Yu to retreat. Unexpectedly, the barrier that Gui Ximing couldn’t trespass let Mu Yu pass through without a single hitch. Meanwhile, the golden text created an ochre layer of light, bouncing Gui Ximing’s axe hard enough to have him stumbling backwards.

“How did you get through the barrier?! You didn’t even do anything!”

Seeing Mu Yu scratch his head, Seventh claimed, “He must have some item on him that’s acting as his ticket!”

“Kill the two fiend beasts!” instructed Gui Ximing.

Xiaoshuai and the dragon vine couldn’t cross through the barrier, not even when Mu Yu tried to pull them in from the other side.

“Try convincing people your mother isn’t a fiend beast after they see your face!” insulted Xiaoshuai. “Yours truly is a divine beast! You know how to write that? First, you horizontally stroke, like this! And then, you vertically rip it, like th-”

“It’s a vertical dot,” corrected the dragon vine.

“You trying to conserve ink or something? Get a spine, and stroke it!”

“I thought Primordial Yin Yang was what let me pass through. Having said that, I didn’t receive any signals from Primordial Yin Yang when we entered. Plus, I can’t imagine controlling Reverend Xuan Jizi’s formations. Wait… Is this what ‘don’t think’ means? Did Reverend Xuan Jizi take a page out of the fiends’ books with their popular barrier system?”

“It’s not,” replied Xiaoshuai. “If it was, I would’ve been able to cross the barrier already.”

“What’s the trick, then?” queried the dragon vine.

Mu Yu’s black and white spiritual energy weaved their way into the barrier when he touched it and then reversed into his body. “World Manifestation Cycle Seal seems to be connected to dark herb in some capacity.”

“Ghosties, I’ll tell you how to enter. Get some work done on your face until you look handsome,” provoked Xiaoshuai.

“We can’t enter, but you can come out?” mocked Gui Ximing.

The twins should’ve cast ghost spells, which were similar to formations, but Gui Ximing called them unnecessary since he didn’t believe Mu Yu could enter.

The eight-trigrams-shaped mountain peak carved onto the hand-sized World Manifestation Cycle Seal was meticulously carved, emphasising the details of the environment on it.

“Hmm, what’s that stone platform outside the small cave?” Mu Yu squinted. “That resembles a tiny stone table, bench and… old banyan tree. Xiaoshuai, you sure this is World Manifestation Cycle Seal?”

“Absolutely. It looks different from a distance outside compared to up close, but the qi is identical.”

Mu Yu cautiously reached for the seal. To his surprise, he could take it without any repercussions.

“Give it here, and I’ll spare you!” Seventh pressured.

“Who are you to decide whether I die or not? Come in here if you want it, tough guy.”

“We can wait,” stated Gui Ximing.

Indeed, Mu Yu had no solution for the stalemate, either. Mu Yu sat down on the platform, then examined the seal. “Translator, what does this say here at the bottom?”

The dragon vine read aloud the text, only to hear, “In humanity’s language now.”

“I control destiny, the power to plunge the world into anarchy, cycle of reincarnation and world.”

“Uh… Right, another word puzzle?” responded Mu Yu, thankful for the dragon vine’s ability to restrict who could hear it.

The dragon vine shook its head.

“Xiaoshuai, you recognised it, so… you know how to use it?”

“It’s dangerous. Only Old White Beard and Reverend Xuan Jizi know how to use it.”

“I need a manual for this… I’m pretty sure this seal is the key to Fiend-Sealing Tower.”

“Why don’t you read out what it says so that we can brainstorm together?” suggested Seventh.

Mu Yu wrinkled his nose as if to say, “Idiot.” He subsequently cast Gentle Wind Interlinked Hearts Formation to communicate. All Ghost Gate’s group saw were gestures and a plethora of facial expressions for the next while.

“Hey, why do you want World Manifestation Reincarnation Cycle Seal?” Mu Yu questioned.

“None of your business,” scathingly replied Gui Ximing.

“This is the key to Fiend-Sealing Pagoda, isn’t it?”

“And if it is?”

Catching Gui Ximing’s facial reaction, Mu Yu responded, “Oh, you want the pagoda to find that. I suggest you quit while you’re ahead.”

Dragon Vine: “Mu Yu, you know what they’re looking for?”

Mu Yu: “I wish. I’m just trying to fool them.”

“We just want to take back what was ours in the first place!” fumed Seventh.

“Oh? Take back what was yours? Have some shame, you thieves.”

“Who are you calling a thief?!  Walk-in Heart Genesis was ours to begin w-”

“Shut it, Seventh!” interjected Gui Ximing, casting his gaze onto Mu Yu. “You don’t have any idea what we’re looking for, do you?”

“Walk-in Heart Genesis.”


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