Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 642

Another Truce

“It makes no difference even if you do the name because you’ve never seen it before,” claimed Gui Ximing.

Mu Yu feigned deafness, going back to conversing with his two allies.

“Encylopedia, have you heard of Walk-in Heart Genesis?” Mu Yu asked.

“No. Maybe it’s a heart? I wonder if it tastes good.”

“You’d even eat a heart, Rodent? That’s a disgusting Ghost Gate!”

“I’m an elite chef, so that’s not an issue.”

“I’ve never heard of Walk-in Heart Genesis. It sounds important to them. Even if it wasn’t, we can’t let them get their hands on it,” explicated Mu Yu.

“If we stay here, they can’t,” responded Xiaoshuai, taking out a drumstick from Mu Yu’s cosmic pouch and puffed on it to warm it.

“We have to get out, but we need to figure out how,” stated Mu Yu. Trusting Lian Hekong could protect him outside of the palace, he suggested, “Gui Ximing, you want World Manifestation Reincarnation Seal to enter Fiend-Sealing Pagoda, which I happen to want to enter, so how about I hang on to the seal, and we both enter the pagoda together?”

“I can just kill you, and then take the seal,” answered Gui Ximing, already commencing preparations to cross through the barrier.

Mu Yu whipped his hand, sending Gui Ximing’s ghost qi off with a crack of lightning. Gui Ximing countered with soul energy, forcing him to stop his attempt on the barrier.

Gui Ximing had to devote all of his concentration on dismantling the barrier in order to do so, but it was impossible for him to. Thoroughly deliberating it, he couldn’t see Mu Yu trying anything because he also needed to enter the tower. Besides, nobody was going to protect Mu Yu in the pagoda. Since they ended up in a stalemate again, he expressed, “All right, you can hang onto the seal.”

“All right, get rid of your spells and back off to where the pillars outside are, and I’ll come out.”

“Sixth died for nothing?” questioned Seventh.

“He won’t,” replied Gui Ximing, believing there were still innumerous chances to avenge  Sixth.

Gui Ximing did as per the agreement, dismantling his spells and exiting vigilantly. Mu Yu waited for Gui Ximing to cross a line he put in place prior to entering the palace so that he could ensure his own safety. Mu Yu spent a while inspecting the palace, hoping Reverend Xuan Jizi left some tests or something for him to get his hand on a manual; it just wouldn’t make sense to not leave any hints if he wanted people to take the seal.

“I’ll save you the trouble and have you know that I already have what you want,” Gui Ximing informed from the exterior of the palace.

“I knew there was a manual!” cursed Mu Yu, confused after finding nothing.

Mu Yu went back to the altar to grab the seal. Upon crossing the barrier, however, the palace trembled. The barrier’s text shrunk and shrunk, flying toward the cave half way up the mountain on the seal.

“Crap, if Gui Ximing comes back now…”

Mu Yu raced to the exit to discover the barrier outside had also vanished. There was Gui Ximing, standing on the steps.

“You must be looking for this,” teased Gui Ximing, showing some hybrid golden cloud and vortex.

Ghost Gate’s items were always black or red. Therefore, the golden object couldn’t have been theirs. Gui Ximing explained, “I found this in the palace. As I passed Reverend Xuan Jizi’s test, I’m the only one who knows how to use the seal. Now, defuse the formations you cast by the pillars.”

Gui Ximing followed behind Mu Yu, wearing his bloodlust as a coat. Mu Yu needed to redefine the course as the path back was reversed. Halfway through the moving pillars, Gui Ximing chortled. “Did you really think I’d cooperate with you?”

Mu Yu, aware of Gui Ximing’s intent and prepared, shifted his body to let a pillar separate them. “Did you really think you had me?”

“I told you I didn’t need you to get out.”

The pillars oozed ghost qi and soul energy, surrounding Mu Yu. Gui Ximing used a technique to record the route Mu Yu figured out on the way in, so he only needed to reverse engineer it to work out the way back. Even better, he had a chance to kill Mu Yu in the formation.

“I didn’t intend to lead you out.”

Whilst dodging pillars Mu Yu activated a formation he set up on then pillars and concealed prior, illuminating the ground in green light, taking them to a vacant plain.

“Damn it,” Gui Ximing cursed, being bounced off pillars until he was back to where the palace was.

“We could’ve both gotten out, but you just had to be a jerk about it,” remarked Mu Yu, leaving the formation on his own.

Mu Yu picked up Gui Yuzi’s soul item lying on the ground and then made his way to the stone bridge.


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