Almighty – Ch. 794

Moon and Stars Hall

Yang Tian sensed tremendous energy surge behind them as soon as they left the area. He looked back to see Sun Divine Stone glowing absurdly bright to his joy. He was happy it could be helpful for his ancestor. With the divine stone, his ancestor had a significantly bigger chance of winning.

The kids travelling with Yang Tian were aware their shifu might not make it out alive, so their eyes were red. The Houtian Divine Body owner, Hou Tianhe, smiled. He hailed from a small village.

Yang Tian admired River Diagram. Something prohibited him from storing it inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. Yang Tian touched his nose. Chubby griped he couldn’t see anything inside the diagram, leading to him frowning. Xiaoji and the Houtian Divine Body owner couldn’t see anything, either. Yuan Xia was the only one who could see a number of profound contents. In the end, Yang Tian put the diagram in his chest.

Yang Tian asked Tianhe, “What plans do you have now?”

“I…” Hou Tianhe pursed his lips. “I don’t know. My father said I wasn’t allowed home unless I reached Immortal Cave Realm, though.”

Yang Tian couldn’t believe his ears. He stopped to think. He wanted to have Tianhe joined Eastern Alliance, but he gave up in the end. According to miracle stone, Tianhe’s potential would’ve been heavily suppressed if he joined the alliance.

Yang Tian: “Xiaojin, Xiaozi, I’ll take you to Eastern Continent. Then, your shifu will come for you.”

It would be hard to move about if Yang Tian brought the two cute kids with him. They nodded. “We will let you decide.”

Yang Tian suddenly jumped to the other end of his mood spectrum. “Since the devil race has resurged, it’s time I make a trip!”

Yang Tian planned to rescue his parents from the devil race’s grasp.

The five ghosts gradually faded. They arrived at Star River City, which was under Star River Sect’s jurisdiction, indicating they had travelled fifteen thousand kilometres! The septet entered the city. Everyone in the city was jubilant since vital essence had been restored.

The two kids instantly went from gloomy as could be to as ecstatic as could be. They looked around excitedly. Their cultivation was peculiar. They possessed enough might to blow away Autarch Realm adepts! Sword Void Elder took them in as disciples because he knew they would grow up to be amazing.

As Yang Tian searched for a latrine to seal the girl from the devil race in, Xiaoji quietly said, “Senior…”

“What is the matter, Xiaozi?” Yang Tian scratched his head out of awkwardness because he wasn’t used to being addressed as “Senior.”

Xiaozi looked at a store on her right-hand size and tugged her clothes. The store was called Star and Moon Hall. Yang Tian smiled with his lips pursed. “Did you want to go in?”

Xiaozi instantly nodded and, in a soft voice, answered, “Yes.”

“All right, let’s go.”

Yang Tian smiled and headed in. Xiaozi, who was roughly Xiaobai’s height, was exhilarated. Unlike Xiaobai, she was innocent.

Star and Moon Hall was decorated extravagantly. The interior was three square kilometres. The floor was purple and gold. Racks of items shone. The quality of items there was up to standard. A girl dressed in a silver robe approached the group. She was a looker. Yuan Xia’s beauty arrested her. After snapping out of her daze as she admired Yuan Xia, she politely said, “Welcome to the store.”

The girl was used to serving customers from big clans, and the septet seemed to be another one of those types. She inquired, “May I ask what you are looking for? Perhaps I can help.”

“We’re fine. We’re just looking around.” Yang Tian waved to indicate the girl could leave them to their devices.

“Sure.” The girl was disappointed since she was expecting a big order – as was common among young masters.

Yang Tian noticed Xiaozi staring up. “Xiaozi, do you want to go up?”

Xiaozi nodded. “Yes. I sense something up there calling me.”

Yang Tian looked up and made his way to the second floor straight away. Everyone on the first floor watched the group head up. Several people revealed bizarre smiles for the second floor was restricted to Almighty Realm cultivators and above. Those unqualified were killed. Star River Sect was strict with their customers.


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