Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 640


Confident he could defeat Body Synthesis Realm souls, Mu Yu spawned plants to subdue them. They, of course, knew that was coming and deflecting all the vines with their arms enveloped in pure soul energy.

“Did you think Elder Gui Yuzi only had one soul item? Too naïve!”

Ol’ Seventh fearlessly advanced on Mu Yu, preparing a soul item for his assault.

“All right, let’s rearrange his face!”

“He’s already unrecognisable!”

Xiaoshuai and the dragon vine unleashed their lightning-combo attack. Mu Yu grabbed the five fragments of Xiaoshuai’s lightning sword and drew Shadow Splitter Sword.

Seventh fired white soul energy as a wall, blocking the explosive electric blast, simultaneously backing off with Seventh to ensure they were out of the blast radius, playing right into Mu Yu’s hands. Instead of blowing them up, Mu Yu hid above the explosion and batted the electric fragments toward Gui Ximing once the blast exploded.

“Stop him!” commanded Gui Ximing.

The hasty response led to Sixth and Seventh incorrectly estimating the range of the electric blast. Due to them being too close to the blast proximity, the blast smashed through their soul energy shields and zapped Sixth!

“How you holding up, Sixth?” asked Seventh.

“Can’t you see my ghost qi dispersing and soul fading?! Argh!” A zap forced Sixth to loosen his hold on his soul item. “I can’t take it!”

“Damn the son of a b-”

Zap! Seventh tried to take cover in Sixth’s soul item; however, the lightning from Sixth transferred to Seventh, thereby zapping him. Seventh was faced with another explosion from Mu Yu by the time he jerked his hand back, forcing him to flee into his own soul item, leaving Sixth victim to a second blast!

“Sixth!” cried Seventh, watching his ally fade into nothingness. “Curse you!”

“Seventh, I suggest you keep your wits about you,” provoked Mu Yu, hurling another electric ball at him.

Gui Ximing clamped down on his jaws to fight the pain he felt due to his link with Sixth, braying, “Mu Yu, I swear I’ll give you a painful death!”

“Heard that a gazillion times before.”

Mu Yu cast lightning into Shadow Splitter Sword, stuffed it back into a void and ejected at in Gui Ximing’s face. Seventh was still occupied with defusing an electric ball, therefore had no time to go to Gui Ximing’s rescue. Mu Yu’s fork strategy forced Gui Ximing to let go and back off, affording Reverend Xuan Jizi’s formation to repair the one third Gui Ximing erased.

“Why so angry? You killed your twin once before already, didn’t you? I’m just releasing him from this mundane world,” Mu Yu provoked.

“It would appear that I can’t take World Manifestation Cycle Seal unless I kill you first.”

“Wait, you only just realised that?”

Mu Yu activated a formation with his foot, firing Shadow Splitter Sword from a void again. Mu Yu noticed Gui Ximing suffering the consequences of forcibly pulling out of Reverend Xuan Jizi’s defence formation from the wild spiritual energy. As such, Mu Yu decided it was prime time to go after Gui Ximing’s life.

Gui Ximing released the rest of his twins equipped with a soul item each. Fifth bellowed, “I want him in pieces. Avenge Sixth!”

“Onward!” commanded Gui Ximing.

Mu Yu propelled himself vertically, then kicked Shadow Splitter Sword at one of the twins’ soul item. The twin knocked it back to Mu Yu. Mu Yu teleported his sword into a void and back out into his hand, carrying the momentum through to tag another twin. Unfortunately, Gui Ximing attempted decapitation, forcing Mu Yu to divert his attention.

Mu Yu spawned vines from beneath him, forming a wall to reduce the force remaining by the time Gui Ximing smashed his way through. Mu Yu timed his smash, diverting Gui Ximing’s axe to the side.

“Xiaoshuai’s Heavenly Lightning Strike!”

Xiaoshuai’s lightning sword kept the twins at bay but couldn’t make contact as they were Body Synthesis Realm cultivators. Had the dragon vine not backed him up, they would’ve already subdued him.

Mu Yu was stuck in defence against Gui Ximing and his two twins harassing him. Spotting Mu Yu’s exposed back, one twin jabbed Mu Yu in the back, sending him reeling.


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