Almighty – Ch. 710

Presented with a Big Opportunity!

Yang Tian heard beast oil lit up. Old bronze lights were lit up. He found himself in a stone room sealed years ago. There were paintings on some walls that emitted cold auras. Triad Divine Fire sighed. “That is Nine Transformation Divine Devil Step, a divine skill Master used when he was still alive! Whether or not you can learn it will be on you.”

Yang Tian was elated. “This must be the technique that hit her back there. I never thought there would be nine transformations. Unfortunately, there are only eight of them on the walls.”

“It’s incredible enough to be a clan-guardian divine skill for the biggest of clans. One transformation may be missing; however, you’ll be able to do plenty merely grasping a few steps.”

Yang Tian walked up to a wall and sat down. He stopped moving when he saw an individual inside. The individual murdered millions with a single step, creating long rivers of blood. Each step shook Yang Tian. Yang Tian bled from his mouth. According to him, the individual was superior to Fengzi when he was alive.

Triad Divine Fire wasn’t surprised Yang Tian was wounded. Anyone with a weak will would be controlled if they looked at the wall. Yang Tian was able to see within thanks to the will the adepts left.

Yang Tian sat underneath his grasping dao divine tree in Ancestral Dragon Ring. He closed off everything to begin learning the first step’s divine essence. With the assistance the flower provided, Yang Tian had a much easier time learning the skill. Thankfully, the flower’s Great Dao divine essence was a lot more potent compared to before.

Yang Xiao had recovered a lot and was trying to use the energy to bust through his plateau.

Three days later, Yang Tian emitted killing intent on the scale of a cold breeze.

Triad Divine Fire: “How? It took master five days to learn the first step. He learnt it in half a day?”

The mysterious girl was completely blown away. The girl from the devil sect looked hostile and more eager to kill Yang Tian than ever.

Few divine skills from ancient times were passed down. Only knowledge from big sects was passed down. Still, it was hard to find a complete set of skills even in that scenario. To obtain a divine skill from the mythical era, such as Nine Transformation Divine Devil Steps, was extremely lucky.

Five days in the outside world went by.

War cries and war resonated throughout and endlessly, shaking the entire void. It was so amazing Yang Xiao’s healing sped up despite it not targeting him.

Triad Divine Flower: “Unbelievable. He learnt he fourth step in only five days! Can he learn the ninth step? Not even Master could.”

Yang Tian had his grasping dao divine flower and transformation using Fortune Celestial Pool to thank for his learning speed. Learning eight steps would grant him the power to destroy an entire area effortlessly.

Yang Tian shifted his gaze from the fourth to the fifth painting. Someone screeched. Killing sounds played. He juddered. His ears ached. He bled from his mouth. He unleashed his dao recital voice. His eight deities recited scriptures. He discharged energy. The dao voices fought back against the devil sound from the wall.

Triad Divine Fire: “The fifth step must be his limit. He’ll suffer critical injuries if he keeps going. Every step is going to take a long time from now. I wonder if he can create a miracle.”

The fifth step was far more difficult than the fourth step. Yang Tian’s vital essence clashed with the painting. His pores sprayed. His aura changed. His Vitality Wheel Eye rumbled. His breaths were comparable to roars. He needed to learn to control divine might. The more divine skills he knew, the fiercer he was. Some divine skills required one to learn Rule first.

“It’s almost time to close…” The mysterious girl looked up at the amazing Yang Tian. “How lucky. I wonder if he can find Sky Source!”

The girl from the devil sect opened her eyes. “What?”

The mysterious girl departed as if she teleported.

“Hmph.” The other girl only heard Sky Source mentioned.

The man in white almost slew the heavens back then… That was a battle of cataclysmic proportions. The world crumbled. Clans outside the domain were shaken. Everyone worshipped him. All of the big clans decided together to erase it from history, so few knew what he obtained from the battle.

The girl from the devil sect snickered. “You won’t be getting out!”

She was dead set on killing Yang Tian for the items even if she had to reveal her real body!


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