Almighty – Ch. 711

Cultivating a Divine Skill!

Eerie cries rang out. Gales blew. Yang Tian’s glow was far-reaching. His strong will continued to rise. His limit was the fifth step. Ghosts cried on Fifth Step. Deities howled on Sixth step. The world faced annihilation on Seventh Step. Destruction knew no bounds on Eight Step. Divine Devil was the result of Ninth Step!

Nine Transformations Divine Devil Steps cost a lot of energy to use given Yang Tian could use Fifth Step to match an Omnipotent Realm cultivator at his level.

Yang Tian slowly opened his eyes and mumbled, “I can’t imagine how amazing the steps from Sixth Step onward are now. This is going to take me half my lifetime to master!”

Triad Divine Fire: “You’re an extraordinary individual to have learnt five steps in less than ten days.”


“Learn the rest when your cultivation improves. Forcing yourself before you’re ready will only harm your body and become a barrier stopping you from advancing your cultivation.”

“May I ask why Ninth Step does not exist?”

Triad Divine Fire shook his head. “That’ll depend on your luck. Not even Master found it in his lifetime.”

“I see…” Yang Tian touched his nose. Guilty if Triad Divine Fire’s fragmented soul vanished, he then asked, “Senior, are you able to heal your fragmented body?”

“I was supposed to be dead. It was miserable hanging on all these years. I’m finally liberated, hahahaha…” Seeing Yang Tian sigh, Triad Divine Fire said, “The clone outside is your enemy, I assume. I’ll help you one more time before I pass away. I hope you can fulfil your promise.”

Yang Tian wanted to stop Triad Divine Fire, but the latter already activated the bronze altar. The altar fired off blinding light. The girl from the devil race prepared to move, only to be interrupted upon hearing someone belt. Seeing the altar vanish, she thundered, “Damn it. I won’t spare you!”

Once the fire domain shut, alchemy geniuses emerged.

Dan Haotian sighed at the sight of the fire domain’s interior. “I told you to be careful… It would be such a waste if we can’t have him as part of our alliance.”

Yang Tian didn’t return right after he joined the alliance, leading to speculation of whether their champion died or went missing in the Fire Domain.

“He’s dead!” The girl from the devil race sniggered, then departed.

“He attained a big opportunity. He is fine…” said the mysterious girl.

“Really?” asked Dan Xueyi, surprised.

The mysterious girl nodded and sped off.

“Thank heavens…” Fist Elder was relieved to know he wouldn’t have to share poignant news with Tingting.

Great Elder headed in to the deepest area of Fire Domain. He wore a grave expression when he noticed the bronze altar was missing. With the divine fire gone, the fire domain and pagoda’s Source would lose their powers.


The altar already took Yang Tian off to an unknown place, so he didn’t know what happened at Fire Domain. Eyes on the ashes, he sighed. “I’ll take him home when I have time.”

Yang Tian stored the altar in Ancestral Dragon Ring and spawned a colourful divine fire onto his hand. Triad Divine Fire distorted the air and dried up a nearby lake. He summoned a fire dragon from the fire and sent it through a mountain, shattering it. He grinned, knowing he was capable of slaughtering Overautarchs at this point.

Yang Tian scratched his head, wondering what effects Triad Divine Fire had in alchemy. He summoned nine dragon heads. They blasted flames at a rank six herb he hurled into the air, reducing it to a liquid. Evidently, the speed he melted herbs had increased four to five times as well as producing a more pill liquid, increasing alchemy success rates. He reduced the time it took from half a day to two hours. It also added sentience to pills after cleansing them. Colour him thrilled. The greater the intelligence, the higher the quality a pill was.

Yang Tian took out Fire Pill Furnace and placed Triad Divine Fire inside, lightning it up. The furnace was still capable of more despite how amazing it already was.

Yang Tian played with the pill, then summoned a golden token with “Eastern State” carved on it to his hand. Chubby personally forged the Eastern Alliance token for him. It was capable of picking up other tokens of the same kind nearby.

Dozens of kilometres away from where Yang Tian was, Yi Xing was in hot pursuit of several people. He opened his third eye and fired crimson beams from it. His Crimson Devil Eye was much superior compared to before. He could view lots of unknown profound things!


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