Almighty – Ch. 709

Absorbing Triad Divine Fire!

Yang Tian couldn’t resist against the altar’s power. The girl from the devil race laughed hysterically as Yang Tian was sucked in. The mysterious girl frowned and focused on the altar. Nothing. She didn’t sense any killing intent.

The altar opened a door, revealing a path with runes. The girl from the devil race finally realised Yang Tian opened an Ancient Star Path, stopping her laughter. She raged, “Impossible!”

Her voice put a smile on Yang Tian’s face. Then, he wore on a stern expression. He called on his qi and blood to try and break free of the force pulling him in. He shouted, “I’m not going!” He wasn’t done in this domain. He still had things to accomplish. He didn’t want to go no matter what reward might’ve been offered to him.

Yang Tian finally summoned Heaven Restoration Divine Cauldron and fired off the pentachrome lights, shocking the altar. Apparently, the altar sighed. The door in front vanished out of sight. The force pulling him in disappeared. He smiled again. By the time he returned to reality, he discovered he was on the altar.

Despite not being reckless, the girl from the devil sect cursed, “How come he can go up when I can’t?”

There were colourful Celestial Flames around Yang Tian, yet he didn’t feel any heat. He speculated it was Triad Divine Fire’s territory. An elder gradually appeared up in the sky. He sat with his legs crossed. Yang Tian performed a propitious salute. “May I ask who you are, Elder?”

“You have many opportunities on the path before you. Are you willing to walk it?”

Yang Tian shook his head without hesitation. “There is a lot I have yet to do at home. I do not wish to go.”

“… You cultivate Dao Sect’s top scripture. Who is your shifu? Where did you get the Vajra Jewel imitation from?”

“Vajra Jewel… I obtained Dao Scripture from one of Dao Sect’s fallen seniors. With regards to Vajra Jewel, I obtained it from Dao Divine Mountain.”

“Dao Divine Mountain…” Voice more emotional, the mysterious man asked, “You have grasped Fortune; you must have been to Sky Palace. How is Priest Yuan Qingzi?”

“Elder Yuan is doing well. He passed on Celestial Dao Song to me.”

The mysterious man sighed. “That would make you one of Dao Sect’s core disciples, then. Though you did not join the sect, your Dao Scripture cultivation is enough to prove your affiliation. I’ll provide you with an opportunity, and you help me put my master to sleep at his hometown. What do you think?”

The request confirmed the mysterious individual was Triad Divine Fire. Rather, it was Triad Divine Fire’s remnant spirit fragment.

Yang Tian asked, “Your cultivation was advanced enough to open the Ancient Star Path and return in the past, correct?”

Triad Divine Fire shook his head and sighed. “I don’t have much energy left. I’ve been around as a fragmented soul for countless years. I’m near my limit. My master’s Divine Soul was vanquished protecting the altar. His long-time wish was to return home before he died.”

“I can help, but I have a lot of things to do and cannot set out in the coming days just yet.”

Wherever said hometown was, it had to be extraordinary.

“I understand. It’ll benefit you in many ways. Master’s hometown was where Dao originated.”

“Where dao originated!” Yang Tian thought, I have to go, then!

“However, you can’t let anyone else touch Ancient Star Path. I’d like you to bury it with my master. That will ensure he did not guard it for nothing.”

Yang Tian nodded. “I promise to fulfil your request.”

I wonder if this is the same person in Elder Gu’s story.

“My real body suffered grievous wounds a long time again, so I have been here since. My injuries have not felt any better, either,” said the Triad Divine Fire’s remnant spirit, showing he had lingering feelings in his eyes. He then smiled. “This is probably the only Triad Divine Fire seed left in existence. I’m entrusting it to you. I hope you are able to return it to its peak!”

That strong despite having suffered grievous wounds? Amazing!

Yang Tian rubbed his hands enthusiastically. “How do I do that?”

“Divine fire cultivation is simple. Just have it absorb other flame seeds. Your two Sources can also be fed.”

Yang Tian scratched his head with a frown. He didn’t want to feed the fire the two Sources that accompanied him. The Triad Divine Fire entered his body and headed to his Lightning Flame Dragon’s location. When the fire crashed into the dragon, tremendous energy was unleashed within his body.

The Lightning Flame Dragon belted. The clash between the three rendered Yang Tian feeling as if he’d explode. Energy instantly contained the three flames. A profound Dao Realm Source spawned. Dao voices erupted inside Yang Tian’s body. It resembled the state of the world’s Source at its infancy. It was helpful for grasping Source.

Triad Divine Fire: “Impressive grasping potential. I wonder why Master chose him. His talent surpasses divine children, but…”

Yang Tian sat at the centre of the altar and discharged profound Source.

The girl from the devil race: “He obtained Triad Divine Fire!”

The mysterious girl sighed with a frown.

Two days later, Yang Tian quivered without end. Dao sounds reverberated. He almost ascended to Autarch Realm, but he delayed it. He didn’t want to destroy the fire domain and have Alchemy Alliance trying to kill him. With the new Source, he could reach Autarch Realm peak in no time.

Yang Tian didn’t know if he was supposed to celebrate or feel bitter, because he fed Triad Divine Fire his two Sources. Despite how awesome the fire’s energy was, it was a long way from its peak.

Yang Tian looked up at the weak elder: “Elder… you…”

“Haha, I’m already heading to the grave. It’s pointless to live on, so why not make the most of my life and help you.”

Yang Tian felt tears well up. It turned out the elder generated the blank, primitive world for him.

Elder: “You still can’t bring out all of the divine fire’s potential; however, you can control it smoothly if you add your two Sources… follow me.”

Yang Tian did as he was told despite the many questions on his mind. They arrived at a dark, freezing and desolate place. The energy, however, was eerie.


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