Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 472

Theory (Part 2)

Ji Kaiming demonstrated why he was the strongest cultivator among his Greater Heaven Stage talisman masters against Mu Yu, giving the youth a hard time in spite of the youth having faced other cultivators on par with him.

Mu Yu had to stop every now and then to cut the homing arrows on his tails. Nonetheless, his sword qi swings was only enough to repel the arrows.

Usually, Ji Kaiming’s opponents let their panic-stricken minds propel them toward him with reckless abandon, a result of not being able to fly and had their movements limited, once he trapped them in his technique, reasoning that killing him would dispel the technique. Mu Yu, conversely, started running toward what appeared to be a shortcut to death and found a flaw to exploit. Owing to Mu Yu’s strategy, Ji Kaiming was forced to control the arrows. The problem was the arrows didn’t perform as well when they weren’t flying according to their original course.

Mu Yu hiked up the corner of his lips. Ji Kaiming didn’t make light of him; however, he let his desire to kill Mu Yu led to Mu Yu leading him by the nose. By the time he realised his folly, it was too late to put the arrows back on course.

Mu Yu abruptly halted and looked over his shoulder.

“Too tired to run anymore? Die, then!”

Ji Kaiming’s arrows’ course of flight lacked structure as it should’ve had. Still, the sheer numbers were enough to trap Mu Yu.

“Really?” Mu Yu looked disappointed in Ji Kaiming.

Ji Kaiming checked Mu Yu’s surroundings again after seeing the latter’s visage to discover Mu Yu was standing where he started running from, meaning Mu Yu just took him for a lap. The hail of arrows pressed on at full velocity, only for Mu Yu to suddenly disappear.

“How did you teleport in my talisman technique?!”

“Why do you people always think their techniques are infallible for some reason?” Mu Yu reappeared behind Ji Kaiming.

Though the arrows had locked on to Mu Yu, his sudden teleport threw them off. As a result, the arrows collided with each other, causing the arrows to create an explosion and devastating the landscape. The explosion was a feature that Ji Kaiming installed into the arrows.

“How did you…?”

Mu Yu shrugged. “If I can’t use spatial formation techniques from the air, I can just teleport along the ground, can’t I?”

“How did you locate the ground? The surroundings ar-“

“You used the trees and light to mislead my vision, didn’t you? It doesn’t always work. Just because something is hidden, doesn’t mean it can’t be found.”

Mu Yu tapped his foot, revealing the formation lines he drew whilst running.

The lines Mu Yu drew were for marking in his quest to locate the ground. Upon activating Heavenly Star Formation, he’d be able to teleport to spots he marked with his feet instead of teleporting upward.

“Footprints? Damn it!” Ji Kaiming quickly pulled himself together and condescendingly said, “Even so, you can only teleport to your footprints. You can’t get close to me with them. Moreover, you’re dead wrong if you think all I have is arrows in here.”

“And you downplay my formation techniques for some reason.”

The formation lines Mu Yu drew around Ji Kaiming lit up, activating the spiritual energy lines. Ji Kaiming hastily tried to stop them spreading to him to no avail. Mu Yu subsequently stepped forward and teleported behind Ji Kaiming. He drew Shadow Splitter Sword from a void and blasted Ji Kaiming with a burst of sword qi.

Ji Kaiming teleported himself away using his knowledge of his world as opposed to dimensional travel. Mu Yu’s formations overpowered his talisman, so his superior cultivation wasn’t enough to stop Mu Yu’s formations. As long as he was outside of Mu Yu’s formations, nonetheless, the formations were no threat – at least, that was how logic worked. Ji Kaiming looked over his shoulder to see that he didn’t actually escape the range of Mu Yu’s formation.

“You think you’re the only one who knows how to trap people?” Mu Yu rhetorically questioned.

“Trapping a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator with you is the epitome of idiocy.”

“Guess we’ll find out.”

Mu Yu shrunk the various formation lines into a single strip connecting him and Ji Kaiming.

“What’s this?” Ji Kaiming tried moving fruitlessly.

“In your talisman technique, you limited it to just ‘length’ and ‘width’. In my formation, there’s only on ‘length’. I call this ‘Gentle Wind One Line to Heaven.”


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