Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 473

Gentle Wind One Line to Heaven

“You named it?”

“Who else do you expect to name something I created?”

Ji Kaiming’s Talisman Shadow Mountains and Rivers Celestial Pole Painting was what inspired the more complex Gentle Wind One Line to Heaven. Mu Yu reasoned that, since Ji Kaiming could restrict movement to the sagittal plane, he could also take it further and limit more planes of movement. Initially, Mu Yu wanted to restrict Ji Kaiming’s movements in every plane. Unfortunately, that was impossible as a Body Severing Realm cultivator, forcing him to resign to accepting he could only restrict Ji Kaiming to a single plane.

Though startled initially, Ji Kaiming soon found his footing and gingerly closed in on Mu Yu, instantly discerning the crux of the formation. Though Ji Kaiming had yet to accept the reality that Mu Yu did conjure the idea in the spur of the moment, he was impressed enough to ask, “How did you create this formation in such a short time span?”

“Things are only impossible until someone does what’s considered impossible.”

Ku Mu’s “Profound Formations” detailed a unique way of casting formations in a way that shifted a trespasser’s attacks elsewhere, consequently avoiding a scenario where the trespasser could take down the formation in one fell swoop.

“Now that you’ve tied us together, you’ve only shortened the time it’ll take me to kill you.”

Ji Kaiming bound forward, aware that his talisman skills put Mu Yu’s formation skills to shame. He churned spiritual energy to his hand as white energy. Mu Yu advanced, leading with Shadow Splitter Sword. What was a single sword appeared to Ji Kaiming as nine swords executing different techniques that he couldn’t read.

Why did I see nine swords all of a sudden? Why am I afraid of a Body Severing Realm formation caster? Ji Mingkai doubted himself as he inched closer.

Mu Yu’s straight thrust penetrated through Ji Kaiming’s spiritual energy attack as if the sword was piercing through ice. Ji Kaiming reactively shifted his leg onto the outside of one foot to move laterally, but realised, Damn it, lateral movement is restricted!

Ji Kaiming hastily made a retreat and randomly drew spiritual energy to his arms for a block. Boom! Mu Yu put his bodyweight behind his thrust, stabbing through the wall of spiritual energy, Ji Kaiming’s crossed arms and all the way out the other side of his neck!

As soon as Ji Kaiming’s soul energy tried to make a break for it, Mu Yu’s Wood Spirit Sword sucked it straight in.

At the end of the day, a talisman without his talismans was the same as a swordsman without his sword. Unfortunately for Ji Kaiming, his opponent wasn’t just a formation specialist.

Rumble! Boom! Ji Kaiming’s Talisman Shadow Mountains and Rivers Celestial Pole Painting crumbled, dropping his corpse on the ground and returning Mu Yu to the real world.

“Xiaoshuai, you beat Jiang Xiangdi? How many times did you zap her? She looks more cooked than overcooked; I can’t even tell what her status is, haha. You can join the ultimate immortals now,” Mu Yu commented, surprised.

Xiaoshuai placed his hands on his hips. “Who gives a toss about ultimate immortals? I bet Big Earthworm knows who’s boss now.”

The dragon vine grumbled, “Mu Yu, why didn’t you let me fight?”

“Well, if you reveal yourself, you run the risk of being kidnapped to be used as potion material.”

Mu Yu was also worried that people would associate the dragon vine with the riot at Floating Celestial Island and then piece things together to identify him. Xiaoshuai, on the other hand, was napping inside Mu Yu’s shirt most of the time and a foreign face to most people.

Xiaoshuai proudly swung his colossal sword and declared, “Mu Yu, let’s go sweep the floor with the other talisman masters and wow Big Earthworm.”

“I’m going along!” exclaimed the dragon vine.

“Don’t kid around. We can’t beat them when we’re so heavily outnumbered. We need Formation Palace,” Mu Yu stated, shoving Xiaoshuai back inside his shirt.

Due to his colossal sword disappearing, Xiaoshuai huffed with his arms crossed.

Cheng Zhuo queried, “Mu Yu, did you seriously just kill a Spirit Severing Realm Greater Heaven talisman master? Also, the rod-”

“Don’t you dare say ‘Rodent’! My name is Xiaoshuai!”

Cheng Zhuo covered his mouth. Who’d want to be zapped as Jiang Xiangdi was?”

“We need to get out of here now,” prompted Mu Yu.

The talisman masters and formation casters were still locked in battle. Thanks to the terrain advantage, the formation casters were less breathless than their opponents; six Greater Heaven Stage talisman masters already bit the dust. Though Formation Sect’s defensive formations were out of commission, Formation Palace was sending out formations to keep Heaven Stage talisman masters from assisting in the clash.

The Heaven Stage talisman masters were dying to fight Formation Sect, yet not a single Formation Sect disciple was around upon landing.

Nobody, except Mu Yu, recognised the white light that altered Chang Tiancheng’s energy drastically and enhanced his talisman techniques.

I knew Third Heaven Palace was backing Chang Tiancheng! Mu Yu faced toward an aura he picked up and saw an individual glowing white floating above Formation Palace. Mu Yu stabbed his fingernails into his palm and grouched under his breath, “Third Heaven Palace!”


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