Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 772

Judge’s Interference

“Human, today’s lesson is to stay in your own lane when you’re too weak for a league,” slighted Long Qi, taking out two golden dragon scales.

“That’s shameless! Ancestor Green Dragon forbade the use of external support and scales! Is this any way to make an example as a dragon?!”

Long Qi told the audience member, “Humans weren’t allowed to enter, yet there’s one here right now. Since we’re going to revise the rules, why can’t I use a dragon scale? I promise to kill you, Human.”

Long Qi’s power up blasted his sleeves off his arms and raised his cultivation through to Ascension Realm.

“Wait!” Mu Yu blurted.

“You want to beg for forgiveness? Well, if you beg on your knees, I can consider it.”

“Did you just say you want to kill me? Killing is permitted in this event?”

Long Qi tugged up a brow upon having his slip of the tongue pointed out to him. Nevertheless, once he had computed his status quo and the task the four leaders entrusted to him, he guffawed. “We don’t decide winning and losing in this ring; we decide life and death in this ring. Stopping is for a match between fiends. You’re human, so it doesn’t apply to you.”

“In other words, it’s fine if I kill him, Judge Jade Wyrm?”

“As Long Qi has said this is a contest to determine a victor, no bad blood will be spilt regardless of who dies,” answered Jade Wyrm.

“Right,” replied Mu Yu.

“Human filth, you done talking?” Long Qi brandished his claws.

“That makes things easier,” Mu Yu coldly remarked, removing the seal on Wood Spirit.

Long Qi felt fear flit through his mind upon locking eyes with Mu Yu’s black and white eyes. A stabbing pain in Long Qi’s chest snapped him back to reality. Still, he was addled how Mu Yu could reach him when the latter had yet to move his feet.

Thud! Long Qi crashed to the ground from mid-air and then immediately checked his chest, thinking, There’s no sword. Why is my chest bleeding, though?

Mu Yu flashed over to Long Qi and planted his foot on top of the latter’s chest, eyes returning to normal. “I didn’t respond to your provocations because I don’t like wasting my time with your kind. Most of the people who say those lines have a penchant for dying pretty fast. You should’ve taken your head out of your rear end sooner.”

Mu Yu drew Shadow Splitter Sword as he smiled wryly. “Also, humans over forty are old!”

“Stop!” shouted Jade Wyrm, launching himself toward Mu Yu.

Mu Yu brought down the executioner, and Jade Wyrm reactively extended an arm, catching Long Qi’s severed head.


Jade Wyrm needed a moment to process what just happened as he watched the blood trickling from Long Qi’s severed head. He then threw the head to the ground and brayed, “You worthless human!”

Jade Wyrm powered up and attacked Mu Yu, triggering Mu Yu’s black and white sword qi. To Jade Wyrm’s surprise, both of them staggered back upon collision.

“So judges are now going to interfere? This is one heck of a convention. Turns out the dragons have been taking first place thanks to the judges’ interventions,” Mu Yu mocked.

“Jade Wyrm, can you get any lower than that? Is Mu Yu right? Is this how you dragons have been winning every year?” raged the doctor.

“He killed one of us! I’m defending fiend pride!” contested Jade Wyrm.

“He’s the one who said, ‘We don’t decide winning and losing in this ring; we decide life and death in this ring.’ How do you justify attacking Mu Yu?” belted Mrs. Zhu, at the top of her lungs.

The dragons and primitive fiends began to fire their mouth cannons again, and there was no way the dragons could kill all of the primitive fiends. If they let the primitive fiends riot, it would not have been a simple task to quell.


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