Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 13

Chapter 13

The plan was for me to leave the next morning early so I wasn’t going to spend the night in the inner court with my mother. It was probably going to be the first night I slept alone … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 12

Chapter 12

My clothes were removed, she was strapped and she put oil on it. Lorana seems to know a lot about this for some reason as Mom seemed to be like an expert in using it.

“Son, mommy needs … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 11

Chapter 11

I was out again with Nier and Luna who seemed to both like walking around with me now.  We bought candy, gave it to the kids, the orphanage owner thanked Nier because the Valkyries intervened and she wore … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 10

Chapter 10

In volume 3 there would be an attempt on Troy’s life because the effect of Castor being freed was accredited to him. The attempt came from merchants who had taken Dark Elves captive and then forced Mera to … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 09

Chapter 09

“Son, you really enjoyed yourself with mommy didn’t you?”

Her tone seemed to indicate she had something to punish me with. She puts me down on her lap and holds me. There was a scary smile on Elizabeth’s … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 08

Chapter 08

My heart started thumping out of my chest as I kept thinking about what I was going to do next. I promised myself I was going to be shameless. This is the time Elizabeth is the most vulnerable … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 07

Chapter 07

I went to get some Castor coins, finding two that were slightly different.  Then went to the candy shop. Nier was following me as I bought a large bag of candy and then handed it to her.

“I … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 06

Chapter 06

Alice had a horrible glare at me knowing she had to follow orders as a Valkyrie.

“What is your ploy?” she asked.

“I want to tell you two things,” I said. “First is that it should be obvious … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 05

Chapter 05

The end of the month came. Mommy Vyvyan sucked my saliva, kissed me and violated my chest. First time going through it… the red eyes are freaky. I don’t think it was much different than described in the … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 04

Chapter 04

“Yes, but I want to tell her this directly otherwise she might go on a killing spree on her own subjects, I need to stop her from doing that while telling her. The only way I can do … Read more