Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 743

Sunshine Valley

Seeing as Xiong Zhong, the guard’s leader, did not even bother with Mu Yu, they did not know what to do. Eventually, one badgered, “Boss, are we really just going to let that human go for hitting Jiao Xinghua?”

“Yeah, didn’t you tell us to heckle the human and even frame him?” another guard whispered.

“Get back to your posts! Didn’t you hear Jiao Longxing? Our rules only apply to fiends. Our task is to guard the city doors, not to bodyguard a foppish disciple. When will you lot ever wise up? Your parents raise you up to carry people’s shoes? Is that any way to repay your parents?”

Is he possessed? When did he learn to speak with that much grace? What happened to all the uncouth language? wondered the stunned guards.

“Guard Xiong Zhong, are you going to turn a blind eye to a rioter at your door?” vociferated one of Jiao Longxing’s servants.

“Who are you to be yelling in my face? Come here. I’ll enlighten you. Did your parents raise you as a lapdog? Can you look your parents with your head up? Life is like chicken drumsticks…”

“Hoo, hoo, gahahaha! Hoo, hoo, oxygen! Oxygen!” cried Xiaoshuai, laughing hysterically as he and the dragon vine forced Xiong Zhong to lecture the fiends. They weren’t wrong.

The simple reason Mu Yu could cast Divine Soul Formation on Xiong Zhong when the latter’s cultivation was superior was owing to the difference in combat skill.

Qiao Xue saw a massive crowd at the city doors by the time she came back and heard Xiong Zhong giving an uncharacteristic speech. Upon finding Mu Yu, she asked, “You all right? Did they pester you?”

“No, we got along just fine. Xiaoshuai is sharing life wisdom with them,” replied Mu Yu, flashing his white pearls.

Qiao Xue figured out what happened when she looked back at Xiong Zhong. “Let’s get out of here. We can’t stay in the imperial city because only the four factions are in the city. Let’s go to my place.”

“Aren’t we going to see Green Dragon and Ocean Fiend Kings?”

“Neither of them is present. Even Uncle White Ape has left. Ostensibly, they went somewhere seven days ago.”


“No wonder why the guard demanded a token from you,” commented the dragon vine. “I bet they knew Ocean Fiend King wasn’t in the city and were trying to give you a hard time.”

“Give you a hard time?”

After hearing Mu Yu’s recount, Qiao Xue fumed, “Jiao Xinghua is a troublemaker who usually hangs out with Long Xingyun. You didn’t do anything to him did you?”


“Good to here.”

“He probably will be bedridden for the next half a year, though.”

“I thought you said you didn’t do anything. This is just great.”

“I don’t like when people start on me.”

Knowing Mu Yu’s personality too well, Qiao Xue saw no point of lecturing, thus dragging him off to the other side of the forest and toward a mountain range, where timber houses were lined up along the side of the cliff face.

“I heard North Shore Abyss’ Jade Wyrms’ leader is furious about Long Xingyun’s demise and is looking to avenge his son.”

“Tell him to go slaughter Ghost Gate, then. What does it have to do with me?”

“Nobody knows how his favoured son died besides us and Long Yeli. Do you think Long Yeli would provide a faithful report when he was tasked with protecting Long Xingyun, yet came back alive when Long Xingyun didn’t?”

“How much could he distort his lies? Ocean Fiend King knows Long Xingyun tried to steal his body, doesn’t he?”

“Ocean Fiend King isn’t present, though. North Shore Abyss’ Jade Wyrms’ leader isn’t going to seek Ocean Fiend King’s testimony, either. He’s looking to blow off steam.”

“I got this. I’ll take responsibility for the death of any fiends,” Mu Yu responded, cracking his fingers.

“The four factions aren’t pushovers. I wouldn’t be worried for your safety if Grandpa Green Dragon was around, but that’s not the case. Jiao Xinghua was only sent to test your abilities. I suppose you’ll find out what I mean soon. Did you ever consider Dragon Vine’s safety?” reproached Qiao Xue, somewhat frustrated with Mu Yu.

“I’ll just slaughter anyone who comes after Dragon Vine. As a bonus, I can help Water Spirit collect bloodlust energy.”

“Exactly. I’m also sick of those bootleg dragons,” proudly added the dragon vine.

Qiao Xue shook her head. “Anyhow, stay with me at Sunshine Valley until the fiend kings return. There are no fiends carrying true dragon blood there, so it’s safer.”

“Sounds good. I want to share a bed with Qiao Xue,” voiced Xiaoshuai, wagging his buttocks from Qiao Xue’s bosom.

“Xiaoshuai, if you be a good boy and don’t thoughtlessly hunt fiend beasts, I’ll sleep with you, okay?” suggested Qiao Xue, worried Xiaoshuai would cause trouble.

“What you say goes,” replied Xiaoshuai, giggling.

Sunshine Valley, Qiao Xue’s second residence besides her house in the imperial city, was located an hour away from the imperial city by air. It bore a striking resemblance to the narrow valley they passed through upon first entering Green Dragon Kingdom, except the waterfall came down via outside the exotic valley. Fiend children seemed to enjoy running across the wooden bridges, while adults were busy running their stores.

“Oh, if it isn’t Qiao Xue,” greeted a woman who adopted a confident and charming strut.

“Thank you for the welcome, Sister Mei Hu,” Qiao Xue brightly replied.

Hearing of her return, other fiends cheerfully welcomed Qiao Xue back, chatting as if they were family welcoming home a daughter who’d been away for some time. It was hard not to see why she preferred to consider herself one of them when they got along so closely.

“Qiao Xue, you’re… you’re no longer a virgin?!” noted Mei Hu, silencing everyone with her proclamation of surprise.

Everyone started checking out Qiao Xue, prompting her to chuckle awkwardly. She attempted to introduce, “Uh, h-”

“Your virginity was taken. Is he the human lover you yearned for day and night?” questioned Mei Hu, prompting everyone to look to Mu Yu with aggressive gazes.

Why am I not surprised? Mu Yu sarcastically thought to himself.


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