Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 742


“Who carved out a statue of me?” exclaimed the dragon vine.

“Have some shame, Big Earthworm. That’s their fiend king.”

“But it resembles me down to the minute details,” argued the dragon vine, mimicking the statue’s pose exactly.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s you,” responded Mu Yu.

“There’s a no-flying law in the city. We need to report in and see if Grandpa Dragon Vine will grant you an audience,” Qiao Xue voiced, descending to the city.

“What would I be here for if he’s not going to grant me an audience?”

“Grandpa Green Dragon doesn’t like having his sleep disturbed regardless of who it is, which is why we need to wait until he is ready.”

“What a boss. I’m going to implement the same rule in the future,” muttered the dragon vine.

Besides the twenty-odd fiends on patrol at the entrance, the others also stared at Mu Yu. The lowest-ranking guards were Spirit Severing Realm Ninth Layer cultivators as this was the entrance to a sacred ground.

“Capture that sneaky human!” commanded a furry, Body Synthesis Realm Second Layer city guard, prompting all of the guards to block Mu Yu’s path off with their spears.

“He is with me and Ocean Fiend King’s guest. Please let us through.” explained, Qiao Xue.

“Qiao Xue, Ancestor Green Dragon made it clear that no humans are permitted entry into the imperial city,” replied the guard, trying to intimidate Mu Yu with his stare.

“I’m also human!” Qiao Xue snapped.

“We know you because you’re one of us, but he isn’t. This is our duty. Don’t make things hard for us.”

“Why don’t I remember Grandpa Green Dragon ever saying that? Are you falsifying an imperial edict?”

Only someone ignorant would believe the fabricated edict since no humans could possibly cross the bog, let alone the reach the palace.

“Qiao Xue, this is for the sake of the imperial city. I will lose my head if anything happens,” answered the guard, avoiding eye contact with Qiao Xue.

“What do we have to do to get in, then?”

“Simple: show us he has an invitation from Ancestor Yujiang.”

Mu Yu could tell the guard was deliberately heckling him.

“Let me go roar his face off. He’s also a bootleg dragon!” fumed the dragon vine.

“Relax. I bet there’s more to this,” Mu Yu opined, wary after witnessing Long Xingyun’s animosity toward the dragon vine. Moreover, he had no concrete information on what sort of fiend Green Dragon Fiend King really was.

“Mu Yu was the one who freed him,” Qiao Xue stressed.

“That is irrelevant. This if Green Dragon Kingdom, not Ocean Fiend King Kingdom.”

Irate, Qiao Xue swivelled around to Mu Yu. “Wait here for a moment. I’ll go see Grandpa Green Dragon.”


Qiao Xue shot the guard a glare as she entered the palace.

Mu Yu went and sat down on a rock.

“Human, did I allow you to sit? Get back on your feet!” the guard brayed.

“Even sitting is forbidden?”

“I held back because Qiao Xue was around. This is our territory, you lowly human. You’ll do as I say!”

“Cool story.”

“I said stand! Stand! I said, stand!” thundered the guard, throwing his large bear paws after his last warning.

Mu Yu effortlessly caught the guard’s arm. “I don’t like picking fights, and I don’t like people picking fights.”

“Pfft, cocky, are we?”

As the guard tried to muscle through Mu Yu’s grip, the latter activated a formation on his hand. Suddenly, the guard widened his eyes, then ordered, “Stop pestering him. Everyone back to your posts.”


None of the confused guards could explain what it was all about. Thus, they went back to their posts, wondering what the devil happened.

“Mu Yu, are we just going to take that? I want to plant his face in the ground,” erupted the dragon vine.

“Somebody ordered him to provoke me so that I’d hit them. There’s no way a mere city guard would risk his head trying to start with a fiend king’s guest unless there’s some cultural fad I’m unaware of. That would be the perfect excuse for the mastermind to frame me,” explained Mu Yu, Divine Soul Formation on his hand still active.

“I’ll back you up whoever it is. What would they do when I show up? I’m a true dragon.”

“They won’t go after you, but, as sure as the sun comes out after the moon goes down, they will come after me. You don’t have anyone backing you among the fiend race. We have yet to see Green Dragon Fiend King. There are also plenty of fiends who covet you. If an Ascension Realm fiend splits us apart, how long do you think you will last?”

Mouth gaping, the dragon raised a finger and pointed, closing its mouth.

Though some fiends had lost interest in Mu Yu and gone their own way, a feisty number kept staring.

“Why isn’t Xiong Zhong capturing him?” fumed a man in his thirties.

One of the servants with him whispered, “Shall we get him? Our superiors did give the order to capture him?”

“Looks like I have to personally finish the job, then.” The waxen fiend ambled up to Mu Yu, invading the latter’s personal space. “Filthy Human, you’re in my way.”

Mu Yu yawned.

“I would barf if a human licked my foot.”

North Shore Abyss’ Jade Wyrms’ notorious Body Synthesis Realm First Layer eel dragon, Jiao Xinghua, was the son of North Shore Abyss’ Jade Wyrms’ king’s favoured vassal, hence the basking in his father’s glory business.

“Xiaoshuai, you like eels?”

“Don’t they grow in latrines?”

“Nah, they’re crappy hybrid offspring of eels and wyrms.”

“I can hear, filthy human!”

“Go back to your latrine,” Mu Yu responded.

Jiao Xinghua summoned a dagger to his hand.

“I thought there was a no-fighting rule here.”

“That applies only to fiends!”

Jiao Xinghua thrust his dagger at Mu Yu.

“Should’ve told me sooner.”

Mu Yu pivoted around to Jiao Xinghua’s rear and then clipped the latter’s knee. By the time Jiao Xinghua spun around, grunting and preparing to threaten Mu Yu, Mu Yu served Jiao Xinghua’s forehead his shoe, letting the latter hug a wall. Because of the active formations installed on the walls, it was solid enough to make Jiao Xinghua cry as if he was a toddler.

“He assaulted a fiend! Arrest him!”

“No, kill him!” another bystander voiced.

“Xiong Zhong, you have a duty to arrest the human for assaulting a fellow fiend!” Jiao Xinghua’s servant helped him up and vociferated.


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