Almighty – Ch. 807

Meeting His Parents Again!

Yang Tian headed deeper inside. People whispered with each other when they saw the youth they had never seen before. Normal devil adepts wouldn’t enter the prison.

There were only roughly ten cells. Yang Tian eventually sighted an elder in a golden robe an emperor would wear. He also wore a purple and gold crown. He looked rather soulless. He speculated the elder was from Southern Divine Dynasty. The elder opened his eyes when he sensed the gaze on him. Using Voice Transmission, he queried, “You’re not a devil?”

“How did you tell?”

“This great one has cultivated for long enough to tell that much.” The elder smiled. “Are humans helping devils now, too?”

“That is not happening. I have other business here.” Yang Tian walked off.

That was enough for the elder to find Yang Tian interesting enough to chuckle.

Yang Tian’s parents felt uneasy.

Yang Xiao noticed his wife with her hands clasped. “Xin Yu, what’s the matter?”

“Ah, nothing. I just have a feeling something will happen today.”

Yang Xiao sighed. “Me, too. It’s been one or two years since Tian left. I wonder how the brothers are doing?”

“They’re okay… They’re okay…” Xin Yu told herself.

Yang Xiao looked up and was elated to see the person he and his wife had been yearning for day and night. Yang Tian looked around until he spotted Yang Xiao; Yang Tian froze. Yang Xiao asked, “Tian, is that you?”

Yang Xiao wondered, How is he able to just walk in here? Am I dreaming?

Xin Yu: “What are you saying, Brother Xiao?”

Xin Yu froze stiff when she saw Yang Tian. “Tian!”

Xin Yu began to weep.

“Father… Mother…”

Yang Tian raced up with his eyes all red. When he attempted to grab the bars, Yang Xiao said, “Don’t touch the bars.”

Yang Tian froze. He then grabbed the bars. His hands glowed golden. He scoffed at the energy resisting him. He used Rule Power. He pulled the bars. The bars creaked. Sparks jumped off the bars.

“Tian’s cultivation is amazing now. It’s only been a short time since we last met. You’re unreal.”

Xin Yu: “Let me see you, Tian.”

Xin Yu couldn’t express all her emotions when she caressed her son’s face. He and his brother were the reason she held on in the hell hole. She shed tears of joy.

Yang Xiao: “Great! Great! Great!”

“Mother, I will rescue you! I promise!” Yang Tian said in his raspy voice.

Xin Yu wiped her tears. “I believe you. Where is your brother?”

“Yeah, is Ba well?”

“He is fine. He has also reached Autarch Realm.”

Yang Xiao laughed: “Hahaha, great… great… How did you get in when it’s so heavily guarded? I didn’t hear any fighting?”

“I will tell you that later.”  Yang Tian was focused on breaking the bars. He thought, If only I had Elder Miracle Stone’s staff with me!

Yang Tian summoned Heaven Restoration Divine Cauldron. Zhou An contacted him. “Patriarch, you will likely hurt your parents if you use that cauldron to break the cage. It is too powerful.”

Yang Tian frowned. “What should I do, then, Elder?”

Zhou An sighed. “I’ve studied the cages all these years. Your parents’ cage is the toughest, and I now know why. You need immense might to break them out.”

The cages and cells were made using a mixture of countless materials.

Yang Tian clenched his fists and cursed, “Damn it!” because he came all the way there, only to be stuck in the end.

Xin Yu said, “Tian, don’t worry about us. I can die without regret having seen you.”

Yang Xiao: “Your mother is right. You’ll be in trouble if their adepts discover you’re here. Your cultivation may be impressive, but it’s not enough to take them on.”

Yang Tian smacked his head and summoned Xiaobai, who was playing with the children.

Yang Xiao: “Who is the kid?”

Yang Tian: “Xiaobai, bite it.”

Zhou An: “A Heaven Devourer descendent?! Impossible!”


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